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Chuggaaconroy is the online handle of Emile Rodolfo Rosales-Birou, a YouTube user who specializes in doing Let's Play videos of Nintendo games.


On July 26th, 2006, Rosaeles-Birou launched his YouTube channel. Two years later, on March 16th, 2008, he published his first video "Super Smash Bros. Brawl Boss Very Hard Clear." Within 13 years, the video received more than 360,000 views (shown below).

The following week, he posted his first Let's Play video, "Earthbound – Part 1: Meteor." The post received more than 1.4 million views in less than 13 years (shown below, left). On August 9th, 2009, he published his most popular video to date: "Super Mario Sunshine – Episode 1." The post received more than 8.2 million views in less than 11 years (shown below, right).

2024 Sexual Harassment / Foot Fetish Allegations

The Chuggaaconroy Foot Fetish Allegations refers to sexual harassment allegations leveled against content creator Chuggaaconroy by content creator Lady Emily, aka GreatCheshire, claiming he tried to initiate erotic foot fetish roleplay with her and solicited foot fetish pictures from her while he was in a relationship. Lady Emily shared DMs of their interactions as evidence of the claims, in which Chuggaaconroy can be seen asking her repeatedly to model some shoes he sent her in the mail. The allegations resulted in reactions and memes on social media.

Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:22 PM And beautiful! So! I originally planned to go with black with a floral pattern, but they lacked it in your size. So l went with what I thought was most likely to go with any clothes. GreatCheshire 06/11/2023 4:23 PM Oooh Honestly great call because I love black hi tops but haven't had any in years and years Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:23 PM Hahaha, it's my personal favorite shoe. GreatCheshire 06/11/2023 4:27 PM it's a great shoe!! goes with everything! Chuggaaconroy 06/11/2023 4:53 PM Do I... get to see you in them? 5:17 + @Chuggaaconroy . Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:08 PM Hahaha, thank you. Trying to get a lot done. I want to finish the series or at least get close so I can travel to Scotland to see my significant other soon! GreatCheshire 09/16/2023 9:10 PM Oh cool!! I didn't realize she was in Scotland! Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:10 PM Yeah... pretty far, but we're thinking of immigration next year. Would you... like to pick up where we left off last night? Hahaha... It dropped off suddenly. Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 9:35 PM You tend to disappear! Chuggaaconroy 09/16/2023 11:01 PM Aww, gonna ping you once more September 17, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 3:40 PM Well, hello! Have a nice doctor's visit? 56 Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 6:47 PM Sorry to ping again, I just wanted to know Chuggaaconroy 09/17/2023 11:31 PM Damn, you're no fun.. Kidding, kidding! Just a little concerned. Message @Chuggaaconroy e Chuggaaconroy 10/26/2023 6:30 PM I missed you October 27, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/27/2023 5:45 PM Are you doing better? October 28, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/28/2023 7:44 PM Blaaaah October 30, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 10/30/2023 4:18 PM Blargen! Hello! November 1, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 11/01/2023 8:54 PM Hey! Hope I'm not piling it on, I just saw you were on. November 6, 2023 Chuggaaconroy 11/06/2023 11:06 PM


Steve is a Red Leaf Pikmin popularized in Chuggaaconroy's Pikmin LP. Steve became popular after attempting to carry a Fiery Blowhog back to base by himself, an act that requires at least 7 Pikmin. Steve has since become somewhat discredited, as Chugga didn't name any Pikmin Steve in his Pikmin 2 LP. Chugga has also implied that he is sick of Steve despite its popularity. Steve did, however, receive the honor of carrying the final treasure of the second game (clip below).

ProtonJon will occasionally use Steve as a means to torment Chugga, much like how the latter uses Move Faster Pokey to torment Jon.

It Doesn't Affect Misdreavous…

It Doesn't Affect Misdreavous… is a phrase coined by Pokémon Colosseum Let's Play when the enemy AI repeatedly targeted Chugga's Shadow Misdreavous Pokémon with attacks it was immune to (clip below, left). This happened so often that Chugga decided to make the Misdreavous an official part of his team, giving it the nickname Affection (For how often the enemy attacked it) and created a counter for how many times the event occurred. At the end of the LP, the counter had reached 31 (example below, right).

Chuggaaconroy Freakouts

Chuggaaconroy Freakouts refers to the popularity of the YouTuber's reactions to various occurrences in his streams. For example, in episode two of his Pokémon Crystal LP, he found the Pokémon Phanpy as he was about to cut the recording (clip below). This resulted in him screaming in a high pitched voice: "Oh my God! I found a Phanpy right before I was about to cut the recording!"

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