Gawker's Violentacrez Exposé Controversy

Gawker's Violentacrez Exposé Controversy

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Gawker's ViolentAcrez Exposé Controversy was an online feud that erupted between the publication's staff writer Adrian Chen and community members of Reddit in October 2012, after the former wrote and ran an expose about Michael Brutsch, a Redditor known as "ViolentAcrez" who ran and moderated several controversial subreddit forums including /r/Jailbait.


On October 10th, 2012, Redditor violentacrez, a veteran member of the community known for moderating more than 400 subreddits[1] including the banned /r/Jailbait, deleted his account after posting a now-removed goodbye thread[2] in his personal subreddit. Soon after, the link to his farewell message was shared in /r/SubredditDrama[3], where it received 620 points and nearly 500 comments. Around the same time, /r/violentacrez was taken over by several new users apparently affiliated with the Something Awful forums and /r/ShitRedditSays, reclaiming it as a place to smoke out users who post pedophilia-related commentary.

violentacrez subscribe 1,472 readers 0-74 users here now BY ORDER OF SOMETHING AWFUL: This sub has been re-dedicated to calling out the pedophiles and p--- apologists on reddit. Post in mensrights? Thats nice, benned. created by [deleted] a community for 3 years

Later that same day, Redditor POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS[4] submitted a self post[5] to /r/SubredditDrama alleging that violentacrez had been doxxed by Gawker writer Adrian Chen, who planned to reveal the user's personal information in an upcoming story after he had been added as a moderator to /r/CreepShots, a subreddit where users shared scandalous photos of women they had taken without the subject's knowledge or consent. In chat logs posted by POTATO_IN_MY_ANUS, violentacrez stated that he was concerned a Reddit administrator provided Chen with his real name and a personal photo. On October 5th, violentacrez offered to delete his account in exchange for Gawker to not publicly release his personal details, but it was declined.

-] from [deleted] sent 5 days ago There's a lot with my real name on it. permalink report block user mark unread reply ] to violentacrez sent 5 days ago If you were demodded from Creepshots, would that stop the article from being published? permalink reply C- from [deleted] sent 5 days ago I doubt it. Hell, I offered to delete my entire account, no go. permalink report block user mark unread reply

Notable Developments

/r/CreepShots Threatened

The same day, Redditor CreeperComforts[6] reportedly received a private message[7] (shown below) from a user named HelloJK stating that they knew the users' identity and he had 48 hours to shut down /r/CreepShots. This message came around the same time Jezebel[8] published an article about the Predditors[9] Tumblr blog, which launched in September 2012 to seek out public personal information about /r/CreepShots posters. Though the doxxing of violentacres and CreeperComforts were not explicitly related, the timing led many commenters[10] to believe these events were tied together. However, a /r/ShitRedditSays post titled "The Admins Sure Doxxed The Ball On This One[11] alludes to the subreddit being involved in finding CreeperComforts' identity.

- from sent 3 hours ago I'm going to have to bow to their requests. Sorry, not worth the trouble It's over. from HelloJK sent 4 hours ago Hello Please don't go to the trouble of denying your identity. We have archived a great deal of evidence to confirm it. Today you have a choice between two options. Option 1 *Shut down r/creepshots. *Unmod all the other moderators. *Delete every submission. *Delete your own creepshots from Imgur. *Leave only one post up: a public apology from you to the women of Toronto and to women in general for what you've been doing. The apology should acknowledge that r/creepshots is a vile subreddit because it normalizes perverted behavior. *After a day or so, make this account moderator. Make the subreddit private. Remove yourself and delete the CreeperComforts account. *Never post creepy pictures online again. *Just don't take creepy pictures anymore Option 2. Use your imagination We advise you to choose option 1. Clean up your mess, change your behaviour, and move on with your life. You have 48 hours to decide. permalink report block user mark unread reply

Linking Embargo on Gawker

In response to these two stories, Redditor karmanaut[17] suggested to the private DefaultMods subreddit[12] that all moderators temporarily ban links from Gawker network sites to persuade them away from personal attacks on moderators. Multiple subreddits[13] cooperated including /r/Politics[14], /r/MensRights[15], /r/WoW[16] (World of Warcraft), /r/Borderlands[17] and /r/Cinemagraphs[18], among others. On the other hand, /r/CircleJerk[19] banned any link that was not from the Gawker network. Adrian Chen responded by tweeting[20] that Reddit is banned from linking to his blog posts, threatening Digital Millennium Copyright Act takedowns. On October 11th, several news media sites picked up on the story including the Daily Dot[21], Politico[22], BetaBeat[23], the Atlantic Wire[24], the New Statesman[25] and New York Magazine.[26]

comments :Ban on Gawker Links v (self, defaultmods) 18 |submitted 10 hours ago by kann an aut search reddit You may have seen recently that Violentacrez deleted his account due to blackmail threats from this post was submitted on 10 Oct 2012 Adrian Chen over at Gawker. If you haven't seen it, there is more information here. Chen was fishing around reddit for VA's personal information and planning to publish a story with all of his info. As a mod who often makes controversial decisions, I am extremely concerned about the precedent that this would set. It would basically legitimize personal attacks against moderators. shortlink: http: //redd. it/119oyt I would like to restrict all posts from gawker (and affiliated sites) in hopes of persuading them to not to resort to such despicable tactics here is a list of their submissions to Reddit points (90% like it) 20 up votes 2 down votes]同]] If you would like to enlist your subreddit's help with this issue, please discuss it with your fellow moderators. Presenting a (mostly) united front is the only way to make them actually care about d the issue This would be fairly simple to accomplish by setting the automoderator to blacklist submissionsi from these sites; Deimorz would be the user to contact about setting up that bot Please let me know if I can help or convince you in any way uTOr access or ms karm a naut

Violentacrez Identity Revealed

On October 12th, Gawker[28] published an article titled "Unmasking Reddit's Violentacrez, The Biggest Troll on the Web" by staff writer Adrien Chen. The piece identified Violentacrez as Michael Brutsch (pictured below), a programmer for a financial services company in Texas. The article contained several quotes taken during a phone interview conducted by Chen, in which Brutsch revealed that he was living with a disabled wife with very little savings and that he was fearful of losing his job over the controversy.

On the following day, the viral content site BuzzFeed[29] published a post which included screen captures of Reddit admins and moderators conversing about banning Gawker and Jezebel articles revealing Violentacrez real name. After admins enacted a site-wide ban against the offending articles, Reddit manager Eric Martin sent BuzzFeed an email saying the ban was a mistake and had been removed. On October 15th, The Daily Dot[30] published an article reporting that Brutsch had been fired over the weekend from his programming position and was left with little savings and no health insurance for him and his disabled wife.

PayPal Donations for VIolentacrez

On October 12th, the Reddit account mbrutsch[32], later outed as violentacrez' "clean" account, shared a link to a game called Tea Break Escape to the Point and Click gaming subreddit.[33] In the comments, people began to derail the thread by discussing the controversy instead of the actual game.

In comments, Brutsch stated that he only had three weeks of pay left in the bank and could not afford health insurance to care for him and his disabled wife.[34] In response, members of /r/C1rclejerkers started a campaign titled "His Name Was Michael Brutsch,"[35] in reference to a line from the 1999 film Fight Club used to honor a fallen hero. Brutsch provided his PayPal email address[36] to receive donations from Redditors.

That day, he received at least $110 in donations.[37] A second donation thread[38] with Brutsch's personal information redacted was created in /r/C1rclejerkers so the link would not be removed if it was linked to in other places on Reddit. On the 16th, mbrutsch posted in /r/C1rclejerkers[39] to thank everyone who had donated to him, but did not disclose how much he had received.

News Media Coverage

Given the reputation of the two websites as influencers in the world of the Internet culture, the feud between Gawker's staff writers and the Reddit community was promptly picked up by major U.S. news outlets like the New York Times[42], The Guardian[40] and The Atlantic[41], as well as internet news and tech blogs The Huffington Post[43], BoingBoing[44] and Slate.[45] The news media coverage of the controversy also led to a wide range of varying opinions regarding key issues on digital rights, such as freedom of speech versus privacy and anonymity versus accountability. Slate's columnist Amanda Hess[45] defended Chen's expose for "bringing the Internet’s worst offenders back to reality; BoingBoing's Rob Beschizza[44] responded to criticisms against Gawker by questioning other bloggers' preference of "honest depravity over depravity masked as righteousness"; and The Atlantic's Rebecca Rosen[41] similarly challenged the criticisms by asserting that Brutsch had given no thought to his actions behind the veil of anonymity.

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