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Japan Age Of Consent Increase

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Japan Age Of Consent Increase refers to the change in Japan's age of consent laws federally from 13 years old to 16 years old, a change to a law that has existed for over 100 years, in February 2023. This change, done as part of a nationwide change to sex crimes definitions and perception, was first seen as more symbolic than pragmatic by many, with Japan's age of consent being a somewhat common meme within the Lolicon community and anime communities as a whole. Following the announcement of the law change, memes, takes and various reactions to it became widespread around the internet in early 2023.


On February 17th, 2023, it was announced via @TheJapanTimes that a panel at Japan's Justice Ministry proposed the change, due in part to Japan being one of the lowest age of consent countries in the world and them trying to overhaul their views on sex crime legislation.

Almost immediately after media coverage began reporting on the increased age from 13 to 16, memes and reactions started to spread around social media platforms, with one of the most common early reactions being that Libertarians were crying over the news, such as the reaction by Twitter user @_sn_n[1] on February 17th receiving over 1,000 likes in two days (shown below).

Sean @_sn_n- Feb 17 Bad day for libertarians Japan will raise age of consent from 13 - among the world's lowest - to 16 and criminalise voyeurism under plans to overhaul sex crime laws 16 t 50 946 ılı 30K ↑ ⠀

Online Reactions

As the weekend went on, more people became aware of the revised law and then proceeded to make memes about the change, with a large amount of the reactions and memes being split into one of two categories: Those who were saying the action is performative (as Japan's individual prefectures all had laws that had a raised age of consent) and those who were clowning on anime and lolicon fans for this being perceived as emotional damage for them.

For example, Twitter user @veemohere[2] tweeted out a Joever meme with the caption that weebs just lost the timeless defense of lolicon images being that Japan's age of consent at 13 normalizes them, garnering nearly 60 likes in 24 hours (shown below).

Another common sentiment and theme that became prominent online following the news were people creating caricatures of weeb lolicons (affectionately named something with cunny in the name) acting as though it was the end of the world that the age of consent law was changed despite it having almost no real effect to their life. This is seen in the screenshot uploaded by user @SpectralAurora_[3] in which the Twitter account @loliconepstein is distressed over the news (shown below).

The Raiko Guy(FE Engage Arc)... · 39m : Waiting for all the shameless pedos that go by "Hitlercunny 419" to absolutely lose it over this Online Daily Mail Online @MailOnli... · 1d Japan will raise age of consent from 13 - among the world's lowest - to 16 trib.al/ ueRKVHS 1 27 Show this thread 11 Da ooner @loliconepstein 40m It's over go

Various Reactions

Göme Chompski @Gome_Chompski - Feb 19 lolicons removing their anime pfps because Japan has a somewhat reasonable age of consent now: ⠀ RamRamPam @Ram_Pam_Pam8 - Feb 19 Replying to @Bluxious1 "Sir, the age of consent in Japan has been raised to 16" RE NA Сам 13 - 18 Blesker @Punished Bowie 14h @catboyrapist Replying to The age of consent has been risen to 16. Japan has fallen OWARI DA * Meeplord2017 Japan: *Raises the age of consent* Incels online: @Lord2017Meep.Feb 19 *** Princess Eve/Jenny (Commissions 3/5) @DarkerJenny_ keep in mind, that each individual region of japan had the age of consent at around 18. 13 was just the lowest they were allowed to set it. this IS a big step forward though, and good on them for it Daily Mail Online @MailOnline. Feb 17 Japan will raise age of consent from 13 - among the world's lowest - to 16 trib.al/ueRKvHS 7:58 PM. Feb 18, 2023 1,203 Views ⠀ 1 Retweet 25 Likes Colonel Otaku Gatekeeper.... 6h : A performative action to appease Western Colonialists who've been nagging Japan about it for the last 16 Years so Japan was like "F*** it most prefectures have it to 16 anyway so let's raise the age of consent to 16 to shut up these Western whiners 11 P * NEW: Japan is set to finally raise the age | of consent from 13 to 16 !! ちゃ カツ丼・とんかつ Pubity ✓ @PubityIG 3:16 PM. Feb 18, 2023 258.4K Views 74 Retweets 353 Quote Tweets 12 1728 27 167 1,342 Likes ₁6,502

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External References

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The prefectural laws bump it up to 16-18 anyway, so things won't change much.

The article already mentions the prefectural laws. I should learn to read. Anyway, this was bound to happen. The criminalization of voyeurism is just common sense, though.


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