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It's Joever / We're Barack

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It's Joever is a reaction image and catchphrase of United States President Joe Biden lowering his head as if in resignation, captioned, "It's Joever," a portmanteau of "Joe Biden" and the "It's Over" meme. In the following years, a similar catchphrase and image combo known as We're Barack, a portmanteau of Barack Obama and the "We're Back" meme, also emerged alongside it. In 2023, both the image and the phrases achieved virality as reactions online.


On October 14th, 2020, shortly before the 2020 U.S. Presidential Election, an anonymous 4chan[1] user posted a Joe Biden version of the It's Over reaction image, captioned, "IT'S JOEVER," in /pol/ (shown below).


The photograph of Biden lowering his head was taken on March 12th, 2019, during his speech at a conference in Washington D.C.[6]

In the following months, the image was actively used on 4chan's /pol/[2][3] in threads discussing the election (examples shown below, left and right).

IT'S JOEVER Anonymous ID:pWby4ZX1 Sat 24 Oct 2020 18:21:47 No.284579032 Report hello gnupol, dumbledore's army (kek), american independent (formerly shareblue), how's it going? i hope you're doing well. here's a prediction for you it's joever IT'S JOEVER 58KiB, 700x607, 1604442393827.jpg View Same Google iqdb SauceNAO The knife wants to slit me Do you think you can help me? I know it's Joever And it never really began But in my heart it was so real Trace [2/1/2] Anonymous ID: NflAvgGb Tue 03 Nov 2020 22:41:50 No.287040333 View Reply Original Rep ort Quoted By: >>287041956 I know it's Joever - still I cling I don't know where else I can go Joever... Oh Janny, I can feel the soil falling over my head See, the sea wants to take me


The image did not achieve mainstream usage until September 2022, when it, alongside its alternative version captioned, "joewari da" (shown below, left), started gaining popularity on Twitter.[4] For example, on September 18th, Twitter[5] user @shamarke_a used the reaction image to comment on a news tweet about Joe Biden declaring the COVID-19 pandemic to be officially over. The reply (shown below, left) gained over 10 retweets and 330 likes (shown below, right).

IT'S JOEVER C JOEWARI DA Complex @Complex. Sep 18, 2022 COM PLEX Joe Biden declares COVID-19 pandemic is officially "over." S Joe Biden Says COVID-19 Pandemic Is Officially 'Over' In a new interview, Joe Biden said that it's his view that that the pandemic is over, despite the fact that the country still has a proble... 125 @shamarke_a Replying to @Complex t 1,920 11:13 PM. Sep 18, 2022 1,174 ارار ↑ IT'S JOEVER

The reaction gained more popularity in early 2023 through active use on Twitter.

We're Barack

In the spring and summer of 2023, users on Twitter started pairing the "It's Joever" image with an image of former President Barack Obama labeled "We're Barack." This was a punning reference to the It's So Over, We're So Back meme in which a declaration of it being "over" would be immediately followed by the declaration that "we're back."

A meme combining the two was posted on April 19th, 2023, on Twitter by user @sirDangel and watermarked (seen below, left).[7] The meme was also posted at the same time to Reddit's /r/ r/shitposting and /r/okbuddyretard. It gained over 2,200 upvotes in the latter subreddit, but was removed after five hours due to it not fitting the theme of the subreddit.[9]

A month later, user @SirDangel produced a template of just the Obama image with "We're Barack" after receiving requests to do so from followers (seen below, right).[8] At the time, @sirDangel also clarified that the meme was not political and was a play on the "It's So Over / We're So Back" meme.

Dangelman @sirDangel · Apr 19 The duality of a man. Inside you there are two presidents. It's so over or we're so back? #meme #joebiden #BarackObama #shitpost INSIDE YOU THERE ARE TWO PRESIDENTS IT'S JOEVER 5 17 5 @sirDangel WE'RE BARACK 13 1,323 ↑ Dangelman @sirDangel May 19 We're Barack template here Dangelman @sirDangel. May 19 We're Barack! Or it's Joever? I received many requests to make a separate template for my meme, so here it is. Had to remake it since I deleted the files. Just to be clear this is not a political image, it's a play on "It's over" and "We're back" #joebiden #barackobama #shitpost WE'RE BARACK O 27 1 : ₁82 ↑

Various Examples

Justin @jdabre11 - Dec 31, 2022 I guess Joe Biden officially ended the War on Terror National Defense Service Medal (NDSM) - AUTHORIZED CONFLICTS The table below lists the designated conflicts and associated inclusive dates authorized for award of the NDSM. The Military Departments are responsible for determining individual eligibility for the NDSM. Please refer individual eligibility questions to your respective Military Department. 7 Dozenals Conflict Korean War Vietnam Conflict Gulf War War on Terrorism t 60 @IvanTop97656822 Replying to @jdabre11 Inclusive Dates June 27, 1950 to July 27, 1954 January 1, 1961 to August 14, 1974 August 2, 1990 to November 30, 1995 September 11, 2001 to December 30, 2022 2:48 PM Dec 31, 2022 1,138 Views 267 il 66K ↑ IT'S JOEVER Cloudy (estrogen angel) @oncloud_e it's joever for me 50 PM 488 Followers Wednesday, January 18 Im sorry to bother but is someone rubbin their ass against your face in your pfp o you want to let now you've seen their message until you accept. message you? They won't Block or report 3:13 PM. Feb 1, 2023 364.4K Views : ... That Guy @HalfEatenRat Replying to @Kazoodingus 3:55 PM Feb 5, 2023 11.3K Views : IT'S JOEVER JOEWARI DA

Quote the Woz @Quotewoz thanks to twitter's official statement on this s--- i'm sorry it's joever IT'S JOEVER 9:52 PM. Feb 8, 2023 10.5K Views : Ahmed/The Ears/IG: BigBizTheGod @big_business_ Depleted Raptors roster just punked the Mavs, it's Joever. 7:35 PM . Nov 26, 2022 : SaltySealz (INFINITE'S STRONGEST SOLDIER) @Salty Sealz now it's truly joever for you [BIDEN ILLUSION] 4:30 PM. Feb 13, 2023 60.4K Views



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