The Fine Young Capitalists' Game Jam

The Fine Young Capitalists' Game Jam

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The Fine Young Capitalists' Game Jam refers to a charity event launched by Matthew Rappard to assist five women game developers in creating video games to raise money for charity. The event gained prominence in August 2014 after it was revealed that indie game developer Zoe Quinn had attempted to sabotage the event.


On August 12th, 2014, an Indiegogo[3] campaign titled "The Fine Young Capitalists" was launched, which asked for support in promoting games designed by women to give the proceeds to charity.

On August 18, Redditor SillySladar claimed that Quinn intentionally sabotaged a female-centric game development event on the grounds that the idea was oppressive, possibly to promote her own event Rebel Jam (shown below, left).[1] On August 19th, The Fine Young Capitalists released a SoundCloud[2] recording containing their explanation as to what was going on and why they were doxxed.

Depression Quest dev claims harassment and misogyny. Facts come out showing she's lying ( 136 submitted 4 hours ago by MannoSlimmins ( d'A 。 Oh 4chan, please stop this literal rape 71 comments share all 71 comments sorted by: best▼ [-] Sillysladar 156 points 4 hours ago* She fucking doxxed me, ruined a production for women, refused to contact us and is currently taking money for a game jam with no start date, no location and no judges Okay here is my story We ran a group that literally said, "Any woman come up with an idea for a video game, we'll give you concept art so you can pitch your game, and we'll put all the pitches online. The internet will votes on the best one and we'll make that game and give the profits to charity. If you get a lot of interest online and want to make the game on your own, you can leave the contest at any time." Literally everyone that was in the top 5 didn't have programming experience so they couldn't make their game on their own She was like "Why do you expect woman to work for free to make games," we said well they get 8% of the money as royalties and they just have to give an idea, other people will make the game and the profits go to charity Doesn't matter, it's oppressive. She started a fucking twitter storm, crashed our website, got my personal information doxxed, got us banned from Twitter. We email reporter what up and their like "Duhhhh if Zoey says it oppressive it must be true. Maybe you should give her money for Rebel Jam which has no start date, location or any other information but totally isn't a scam." This happen at 3 major online publications. We literally said we'd pay her to consult on future projects and we'd close down the contest if she would explain to us what is exactly offensive No response, no response at all, unless a reporter contacted her and then she's the victim All this information is fucking online, the pitches are online, we did everything we said but no online journalist will publish the story Please vote, even if we don't raise enough money if show there is enough of a interest we can get the winner a grant to make their game. I am literally making no money on this contest, I just wanted to focus on something other then woman being oppressed I wanted to show that they made good games and everyone said "That not what women in games want to talk about."

On August 21st, YouTuber PressFartToContinue uploaded a video explaining the story behind how Quinn led a crusade against The Fine Young Capitalists game jam (shown below).

Notable Developments

Vivian James

On August 22nd, users on the /v/ (video games) board on 4chan began promoting The Fine Young Capitalists' Indiegogo page. After $5,000 had been raised, a user suggested they created a custom character to represent the image board. The character Vivian James was subsequently decided on by the collective and was received by The Fine Young Capitalists that same day.

TFYC Follow vs design and we are goingtose what we can @TFYCapitalists do to have the character appear in the chosen game 4:16 PM-22 Aug 2014 329 RETWEETS 457 FAVORITES

Indiegogo Hack

On August 24th, the campaign page on Indiegogo appeared to get closed and subsequently removed. It was rumored that the page got hacked and made to look as if were so. The Fine Young Capitalists subsequently shared this message on their Tumblr account,[9] and said that they would try to get the project repaired with the help of Indiegogo.

THIS CAMPAIGN HAS BEEN CLOSED StoryUpdates 3 Comments 217 Funders 1,556 You are an idiot! $25,466USD RAISED OF $65,000 GOAL you are an idiot 3996 O 34 days left This campaign started on Aug 12 and will close on September 26. 2014 (11:59pm PT) σ Fixed Funding @ CONTRIBUTE NOW SELECT A PERK 582 1.417 12 A sharet8EmbLinkowin $2,000 uso CAMPAIGN CLOSED: Women making video Games For Charity 9 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Gaming THIS CAMPAIGN HAS BEEN CLOSED Character Design Really want to design a character for a video game, but worried about being judged by our panel of experts? Skip the judges and have our talented concept artists work on your design, whether they like it or not! The final product will be a polished digital painting ready for mass production. Dear N/ Comes with all previous Perks We think it is abhorrent what you are doing to Zoe Quinn and other indie devs Indiegogo does not support hacking or other illegal activity that comes from your message board, We are shutting this fundraiser down before things get more out of hand. Note: Shipping and Handling to be billed separately O out of 5claimed Sincerely The Indiegogo Teamm Do you think this campaign contains pronibited content? Let us know

On August 26th, the page was restored and updated with a message explaining that Rappard's Indiegogo account had been compromised and thanking 4chan users for their generous donations. By that day, the page had received over $32,000 of its $65,000 goal.

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