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#TonyTigerGate was the hashtag name given to a scandal surrounding the massive block of Twitter users who identify as furries by @RealTonyTiger, the official Twitter account for Tony the Tiger brand of Kellogg's breakfast cereal, in response to a flood of lewd and lascivious demands tweeted at the corporate account by members of the furry fandom. Although the raid already gained traction in November 2015, the blocking began months later in January 2016.


The Twitter account for Tony the Tiger[1] was launched on July 30th, 2013, but didn't post its first tweet until September 18th of that year which simply read "Hello Twitter."[2] Since then, the account has tweeted hundreds of messages in character of Tony the Tiger, including many promotional posts about Kellogg's Frosted Flakes-brand cereal and enthusiastic statements about sports seasons. The mascot character itself is officially known as Tony Jr., the second generation Tony the Tiger and son of the first Tony.[3]


Notable Developments

As early as in July 2014, Twitter users already began sending lewd messages at @RealTonyTiger (shown below).

snake with party hat @xandreadiaazz Follow Send d--- pics @realtonytiger 10:18 PM- 24 Aug 2015 わ蚜19·13 Follow iCarl.y @RadioactiveMoth can we a get a nude 4 all the furries out there? @realtonytiger 1:10 AM-25 Jul 2014

On November 4th, 2015, Gawker first picked up on the noticeable influx of furries tweeting lewd and lascivious demands at Tony the Tiger's account, several of which were highlighted in an article titled "Tony the Tiger Can't Tweet Without Furries Begging Him for Sex."[4] The official tweet[5] created alongside the article was also posted on the r/justneckbeardthings subreddit,[6] where it managed to get over 300 upvotes in the following few months. The next day, several other news sites also ran similar articles focused on the tweets, including Bustle,[7] Death And Taxes[8] and The Daily Dot.[9]

pleas... no spook me @atty_boy Mar 31 "@realtonytiger: Can't wait for tomorrow. #AprilFoolsDay ,, I hope I get pranked by Tony or 5 barroo @averycutedog Mar 31 atty boy i hope i get spanked by tony View other replies Overflowing Trash @TheNeonFox Mar 31 @averycutedog @atty_boy I hope Tony ties me up Carl y @Radioactive Moth * Follow can we a get a nude 4 all the furries out there? @realtonytiger 7:10 PM-24 Jul 2014 Reply to @RadioactiveMoth @realtonytiger

On January 26th, 2016, @RealTonyTiger began blocking a substantial number of its followers considered to be furries, though little distinction was made between those who actually tweeted inappropriate messages at the account and other followers who simply identify themselves as part of the subculture. Furries and supporters of @realtonytiger subsequently shared their reactions on the #TonyTigerGate hashtag.[14]

Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger You are blocked from following @realtonytiger and viewing @realtonytiger's Tweets. Learn more RAWRlie on the MTA @KinielCat Follow I don't even think I've ever tweeted at @realtonytiger, did they just go and block all furries? XD 7:36 PM - 26 Jan 2016 TonFlea the Tiger. @Flea 26 Jan I'm still not blocked by @realtonytiger. #Blessed TonFlea the Tiger. @Flea Follow OH MY GOD @realtonytiger pic.twitter.com/JbGfhJVdYj 7:57 PM- 26 Jan 2016 Tony the Tiger @realtonytiger You are blocked from tollowing Grealtonytiger and viewing Grealtonytiger's Tweets. Lean

Following the blocks by @realtonytiger, several furries started looking for a new Twitter account to follow. Initially they went to the official Twitter account for Pizza Hut, @pizzahut, after it coincidentally created a tweet featuring the word "knot",[14] which also refers to a canine's penis[15] and is used in the furry fandom as a slang term for an erection. Several other food chains were also targeted, most notably Applebee's who reacted positively towards the furries.

Pizza Hut @pizzahut Follow NO FLA THE Applebee's @Applebees Aldohusky @CasualFennec We're having an amazing time because we've got you amazing furries to talk to. ~ARA 9:34 pm 27 Jan 16 11 RETWEETS 26 LIKES

Chester Cheetah's Response

Later that day, other furries stumbled accross the official Twitter account of Chester Cheetah, the official mascot for Cheetos brand snacks, and respectively asked him to be their "daddy".[17] Suprisingly to many, the Twitter account replied positively, after which many furries started following the account and sending tweets to it.

CasualFencuck @CasualFennec 1h But what would @ChesterCheetah think of being called Daddy by his adoring fans??? L3 0 2 Witchy Cats @WitchyCats 1h @CasualFennec @ChesterCheetah Cast out from our homedad, we wander, in search of a new life, in search of a new Daddy Chester Cheetah @ChesterCheetah Follow @WitchyCats @CasualFennec I welcome all fans to my twitter feed. Scales, feathers, or fur, if you enjoy my tweets then welcome! RETWEETS LIKES 51 2:46 PM-26 Jan 2016 27 Majira Strawberry @tallfuzzball 3h ChesterCheetah you're so flaming hot 6 13 Chester Cheetah ChesterCheetah 3h @talifuzzball Oh. I know I am but I always appreciate the compliment.逃 131661 Sky TheWolf @SkyTheWolf5-3h @ChesterCheetah @tallfuzzball Majira got noticed by senpai @le 忒. Chester Cheetah @ChesterCheetah 3h @SkyTheWolf5 *notices you too* LIKES 14 8:49 PM -26 Jan 2016 Details Hide conversation Reply to @ChesterCheetah @SkyTheWolf5 Sky TheWolf @SkyTheWolf5 3h @ChesterCheetahoi 23

Kellog's Official Response

On January 27th, Kellog’s provided BuzzFeed[19] with a statement about the blocking of all the furries:

“As a company grounded in the values of integrity and respect, we recognize people’s right to creative expression, but we reserve the right to block individuals who post offensive content.”

News Media Coverage

As many furries took their reaction to the massive block on Twitter, several news sites published articles about the blocks and Twitter users' reactions, including Gawker,[10] Metro UK[11] and Huffington Post.[12] The welcoming by @ChesterCheetah was also subsequently documented by various news sites, including Paper Magazine,[13] Uproxx[18] and Buzzfeed.[19]

Various Examples

"llémy僠长,.lligje re @realtonytiger Great #collegebasketball championships today. Now, on to the #bigdance. pic.twitter.com/Ceq69qRE93 14 Mar heterophobia @PapyrusFucker Follow @realtonytiger fist me tony i love you 5:02 PM-14 Mar 2015 わ蚜41·60 14 Feb @realtonytiger Roses are red. Tigers are orange... Uh oh. This isn't going to end well. #RhymeHelp pictwitter.com/XXUWJSqJ5w Panda, please. @rjtremor Follow @realtonytiger You, sir, are a glutton for punishment. I won't deny your ability to cause swooning, but #run #thefurresa recom ingforyou 6:09 PM-14 Feb 2015 Fox Crimson @FoxCrimson Follow @realtonytiger Tony...I need more Vitamin 'D' in my Frosted Flakes. Can you come over and give me some 'milk'? 3 2:33 AM-5 Nov 2015 dirtygfconfessions @dgfc_official Follow @realtonytiger i want your tiger piss all over me 5:29 AM-5 Nov 2015 わ蚜丨. Rylee @StarFlatinum Imagine like 4 Nov You run the Tony the Tiger account And every day you have to sit through furries asking for nudes T-E-S-L-0.5x A TeslaSuxx Follow @OhayouShiina one day @realtonytiger will snap and send us all pictures of that tiger d---. It's gonna be grrrrreat 5:19 AM-5 Nov 2015 Tony the Tiger@realtonytiger Jan 25 Is there any better way to describe my #FrostedFlakes? #fillinyourGRRREAT NECTAR OF THE-GODS GR-R-REAT! FROSTED FLAKES 0:01 23 6 17 Dixon Cider @Phor_dingo Follow @realtonytiger frost my cakes daddy RETWEETS LIKES 5 34 11:00 AM-26 Jan 2016

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A cartoon tiger cereal mascot with his own social media account is tracking down furries for the sole purpose of blocking them, while a cartoon cheetah cheese curls mascot with his own social media account is taking advantage of the situation to gain more followers.


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