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Hi, My Name Is Reggie

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Hi, My Name Is Reggie refers to an animated, pornographic video in which a male mouse dressed in feminine clothing discusses his sexuality interspersed with clips of the mouse having sex. The video inspired the creation of remixes wherein the pornographic clips were replaced with clips from other pieces of media.


On April 20th, 2018, artist @Whygena_draws[1] posted a video in which their character Reggie introduces himself, discussing how much he likes guys. The video is interspersed with animated clips of him having homosexual sex. It gained over 649 retweets and 2,000 likes (shown below).

Whygena Draws Whygena_Draws Follow)v And here is the finished video! To be honest I'm not super proud of the sound design. There's a lot I could change. But you got to start somewhere l suppose! If you want to see more projects like this in the future, consider become a Patron! 0:01 /0.50 33K views


In the responses to the post, other Twitter users began remixing the clip, replacing the pornographic scenes with clips from other media. For example, user SCP1033RBLX responded by replacing the pornographic scenes with clips from Michael Jackson videos (shown below, top). User @Mr_zapps responded with a remix with clips from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure (shown below, bottom).

Remixes appeared on YouTube as well. One of the more popular parodies remixed the clip with lines from Jontron. It was posted by Misell Pirskatti on May 21st, 2018 (shown below, left). Another remix was posted by obscurVEVO on September 2nd, 2018 (shown below, right).

Tagging Controversy

On e926, a site which hosts much Furry artwork, the character has caused some controversy and anger at the site's moderators, as the character is quickly labeled and tagged female despite the character being male and in female clothing. The continued mislabeling led Whygena to create a GIF in which Reggie says he doesn't mind being called a girl even though those who do so are completely wrong (shown below).

@Whygena Draws

Commented responses to that post directed anger at the site's moderators who seemed unwilling to acknowledge the character's stated gender (examples shown below).

Nevan Member 2 days ago I genuinely don't understand the raging boner mods have had for locking Reggie as female on any image he's not explicitly shown to be male in, even if the text IN THE SUBMISSION directly states he is not female This doesn't rule enforcement, it's splitting hairs to a ridiculous degree. ↑30 Rina Raindrop Member 2 days ago e621 moderation in the last few years is a joke. I will get a strike for this comment but I'll make it anyway cause it needs to be said what a downward spiral its been on the fact these posts continue to be tagged female and even LOCKED to female despite literally their own rules falling in line with this being a male is a statement to that. from a transperson. t 25

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[1] Twitter – @Whygena_draws

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This article needs some sarcastic commentary. Like the first bit. "Hi, My Name Is Reggie refers to an animated porn video in which a male mouse dressed in drag discusses his sexuality interspersed with clips of the mouse going at it like in the Discovery Channel. In other words: A Mouse Trap. Yep, it's a trap meme (remember: Traps are gay)."


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