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The most popular template by Edward-Elric32

Sparkledogs are a type of dog that is colored erratically with random colors and crazy designs, sometimes accompanied by copious ammounts of accessories.


The first template relating to sparkledogs, and also believed to be the origin of sparkledogs, was a template uploaded by Coral-APTX on July 13, 2009. The template is here. This template had little more than instuctions and spaces to draw the said sparkledog (or sparkle anything, as the template was open).

This first template had moderately-high response, having 15 pages of comments, some being links to the completed templates, since it's upload as of October 17, 2010. A response is shown here:

While the first template was the start of sparkledogs, the template that made sparkledogs famous was the Edward-Elric32 template, which was uploaded on September 22, 2009. The original template is on the top of the page. Unlike its predisessor, this template had mor steps, a random drawing box, and even a set dog to color.

This time around, the response was enormous, the template reciveing (As of October 17, 2010) 90 pages of comments, most of them being links to their completed templates. This template is widely recognized as the biggest provider of sparkledogs on DeviantArt. Here is a completed sparkledog from this template:

The Lone Sparkledogs

As the popularity of both of the templates grew, a new form of sparkledogs appeared in non-template drawings from both DeviantArt and FurAffinity, a Furry art website. These sparkledogs were drawn in anyway with any color, now free from the templates. Some were anthropolmorphic and others were Non-anthro. An example of the lone drawings from DeviantArt are here:

Here's a FurAffinity work:

Pro and Anti Sparkledog

Around the time sparkledogs became famous, legions of deviants on DeviantArt hated these sparkledogs, calling them "uncreative" or "unnatural". A lot of deviants even went to the trouble of making anti-sparkledog stamps, which are DeviantArt specific artwork that looks like a stamp. An example of the stamps is here:

At the same time, pro-sparkledog deviants made stamps that portrayed thier love of sparkledogs or a general tolerence thereof. Here is a pro-sparkledog stamp:


A type of parody that anti-sparkledog people use is called "Snarking". Snarking is when an artist draws what looks like a sparkledog, but greatly cartoonizes/make the sparkledog gross or evil looking.

The origin of the term supposedly comes from the anti-sparkledog Livejounrnal account. The name the person in charge put down was "Sparkledog Snark", further lending to the theory that that was where the term originated. The Livejournal itself has 620 members and 537 watchers to this day.

An example of SparkleSnark art:

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