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Cockwaffle is a slang insult popularly used online to refer to a stupid person. It became notorious online following a Furry comic in which an animal character was eating a waffle in the shape of a penis, only to discover syrup, a clear metaphor for semen.


The comic that grew associated with "cock waffle" is dated June 8th, 2007. It was posted by Furaffinity user ~Deimion_J_ShadowWolf.[7][8] It was later uploaded to Furnation on August 6th, 2007[2] by foxi girl, then reposted on March 3rd, 2008 on a Rule 34 board.[3]

Ah luv Cockwaffle -mnmnmn- 小99: Syrup?.. 6/8/07 6


On September 16th, 2007, the definition of "cock waffle" was added to Urban Dictionary by user too-many-grouchy-people (shown below).[1] The definition notes that it is an example of a popular form of swearing that adds "waffle" to the ends of other swear words. It also includes a reference to the "cockwaffle" comic in the examples of how the word is used.

cock waffle A "cock waffle" has at two (or more) definitions. A) An insult, usually used when someone (or something) has been bad. Cock waffle is an example of toul language where the word "waffle" has been added after a rd to create a new foul language term. OR B) A waffle in the shape of a cock. A) I had almost finished when my cock waffle of a computer suddenly turned itself off. B) "I love u cockwaffle"

On May 25th, 2010, Funnyjunk user hellodavia reposted the comic, gaining 29 points.[5] On December 6th, 2011, Funnyjunk user Ragingcajun did the same, gaining over 220 points.[4] On June 8th, 2016, Twitter user @milkandcooki_[6] wished the comic a happy 9 year anniversary, gaining over 500 retweets (shown below). The comic has simultaneously grown notorious and inspired variations.

happy 9th anniversary, cockwaffle en Co ..Syrup.. 6/8/07

Various Examples

Ou wwnmnwn Uo Insulins O D Ah CocKwaffle. くし CLL CL C CLC n luv u

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