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Vinesauce Vinny Sexual Misconduct Allegations

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Vinesauce Vinny Sexual Misconduct Allegations refers to four anonymous accusations of sexual manipulation and abuse of power against streamer Vinesauce Vinny towards his fans. Among the allegations is a claim that Vinny knowingly passed HPV to a fan and worked to keep his sexual encounters secret. While the allegations spread on social media, some found discrepancies in the allegations which led to some doubt of their validity. Vinny denied the allegations in a stream and said he is looking into legal counsel. Defenders of Vinny started the "#IStandWithVinny" hashtag to voice their belief in Vinny's innocence.


On April 2nd, 2021, Twitter account @VS_experiences[1] launched with a post linking to a 39-page Google Document[2] featuring four stories of alleged sexual experiences with Vinesauce Vinny. The stories detail four allegations of how Vinny messaged fans on social media, initiated sexual encounters, and behaved manipulatively in order to keep the relationships secret. One accuser details how Vinny knowingly initiated unprotected sex with her and gave her HPV. The Google Document contains an audio recording allegedly of Vinny talking to the accuser about their sexual relationship.

VS Experiences @VS_Experiences ... Vinny Vinesauce has been engaging sexually with his fan base and making them stay silent about it for years in order to protect his reputation. The following contains 4 statements with screenshots and an audio recording: Person #1's Statement with Vinny Vinesauce. I want to preface this by saying that this sta on who was or currently is involved with him sexually. In this stater is that were exchanged, snapchat communications, the two separa p recording of our final conversation, the STD he gave me, the way s long term silencing tactics, and my final thoughts and further exp experience I had, it's necessary to read every part and listen t Statement Person #1's Statement This is my experience with Vinny Vinesauce. I want to preface this by saying that this .. Intro S ne uploads of Vinny's streams on youtube in 2016. Eventually I sti t. The first time I met Vinny in person was at a convention in 2017. was over a decade older than me. I first emailed him in early 2018. reer in the same sort of fields he has experience in, It became mut only a few exchanges. He then suggested we talk on snapchat. onvention several months after our online exchanges in 2018. O 3:36 PM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App


After the tweet was posted, it was retweeted by several notable content creators, including @LordMandalore and @GeeFrodo. This was suspicious, as the @VS_experiences account was brand new, which caused people to assume those retweeting the story were related to the allegations in some way. Both @LordMandalore[3] and @GeeFrodo[4] ultimately removed their retweets and posted statements admitting they retweeted it because an anonymous friend asked them to.

Mandalore ... @Lord_Mandalore I know the last day or so has seemed out of the blue for me, so I wrote up what happened on my end. TL;DR: I'm an idiot who shouldn't have retweeted anything without better insight and I'm sorry for any inadvertent damage I did. ich streams in general, but Vinny was one I would see on and off ents or messages publicly displayed on his playthroughs of slavja friend told me the full situation with one of the victims, along with are proving one of the more harrowing claims about disease. I list I since he told me it was from a laptop microphone recording a pho ent state) but it did sound like him. It was only a brief segment, ma added up with what he told me. I was informed they had about two was going to be edited for brevity and to protect the privacy of the extremely discreet with this information, and was shown logs that p ened as blackmail or released without waming so nothing could be Retweeting VS_Experiences I figure I should clear the air completely about the Vinesauce doc retweet in a way 280 characters can't .. l sounded f------ terrible. rs worse, there was some kind of timing situation now involved. My en an on-going thing being put together for months, but things we e to other allegations against someone from GameGrumps starting be implicated by this evidence. I saw that stuff initially emerging b up with it because it's GameGrumps. S iri would ul to the victims and spread awareness of it. Here was my thot willing to retweet the information when it came forw 10:59 PM · Apr 3, 2021 · Twitter Web App

In the accusation, Person #4 says she contacted someone Vinny was talking to, potentially romantically, to warn her of his behavior. Twitter user @actuallylichpit[5] claimed to have been this person and argued that Person #4's account of the situation was inaccurate.

lichpit @actuallylichpit ... Hi, I'm the woman that Person #4 got a DM from and then claims I blocked her. That's not what happened and I literally screenshot every single tweet of our exchange because I felt emotionally manipulated by her. VS_Experiences @VS_Experiences · Apr 2 Vinny Vinesauce has been engaging sexually with his fan base and making them stay silent about it for years in order to protect his reputation. The following contains 4 statements with screenshots and an audio recording: 10:12 PM · Apr 2, 2021 · Twitter Web App

On April 4th, 2021, Vinny streamed a pre-recorded statement about the allegations, denying them and saying they misrepresented him. He stated he believed the accusers are attempting to harm him and his career. He further stated he was going to look into legal counsel about how to move forward (shown below).

Vinny's statement led to the hashtag #IStandWithVinny[6] to trend, as people rallied to his defense, with users sharing fan art alongside the hashtag (examples[7][8] shown below).

* lopchoco redemption arc @lopchoco_ ... gonna post some vin art that i'm proud of + it's supportive. these r kinda old obvs #vinesauce #IStandWithVinny HAPPY BEST FRIEND DAY VINE! HAPPY 2021, BOOTI! YEOW! MY BFF VIN Aw, you're welcome, chat. CHAT Thanks for ming, strea Vinny! '2) lopchoco 12:11 PM · Apr 4, 2021 · Twitter for Android Мax @fromthestars98 im bringing this back because i think we all need it right now #IStandWithVinny #vinesauce Маx @fromthestars98 · Jun 6, 2020 in this house we love and support vinny vinesauce

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This feels like proof that even when someone tries to astroturf a harassment accusation campaign that it only works if there's any degree of truth to the situation. Nobody bought this. From what I saw browsing the hashtag even early on, there only seemed to be a small group of people who believed the bullshit claims.

This seems more like a cautionary tale about how insular the youtuber community is, where one person who knows a bunch of people and who is decently trusted can tell them to tweet something obviously factually inaccurate without people pushing back until it hits the public.

Plenty of the people who signal boosted this have tweeted out that they were told to do so by a close friend, which tells me that someone in the community wanted to take out Vinny

Armchair Psychologist
Armchair Psychologist

"Accusations of sexual manipulation and abuse of power towards a popular content creator on twitter"

Mhhh where did i hear this story before… oh wait, every fucking week lately


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