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World Health Organization-Gates Foundation Hack

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The World Health Organization-Gates Foundation Hack refers to the unauthorized posting of nearly 25,000 email addresses and passwords of employees of the World Health Organization (W.H.O.), the Gates Foundation, the National Institute of Health, the Wuhan Institute of Virology and more. The digital attack, committed by unknown right-wing activists, have been spread on various extremist and terrorist channels on 4chan, Telegram and Twitter. The hack has been used to promote conspiracy theories about the coronavirus.


On April 21st, 2020, Twitter[1] user @17Karnage tweeted links to several Pastebin posts containing email addresses and passwords of employees at the World Health Organization, the World Bank, Wuhan Institute of Virology and more. Twitter has since deleted the tweet for violating the site's rules (shown below). They wrote, "Anons know what to do.. They have been hacked and exposed Make this go Viral ."

Karnage 369 @17Karnage Follow Anons know what to do.. They have been hacked and exposed Make this go Viral W.H.O World Bank. Wuhan Institute of Virology CDC NIH 11:55 PM - 20 Apr 2020 Karnage 369 @17Kanage - 7h Gates Foundation WHO Wuhan Institute of Virology

According to the Washington Post:[2]

The report by SITE, based in Bethesda, Md., said the largest group of alleged emails and passwords was from the NIH, with 9,938 found on lists posted online. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention had the second-highest number, with 6,857. The World Bank had 5,120. The list of WHO addresses and passwords totaled 2,732, according to SITE’s report.

Smaller numbers of entries were listed for the Gates Foundation, a private philanthropic group whose co-founder, Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, last week announced $150 million in new funding to combat the pandemic. Also targeted was the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Chinese research center in the city where the pandemic began that has been accused of a role in triggering the outbreak.


Victims response

The National Institute of Health issued a statement on the data dump. They said:

We are always working to ensure optimal cyber safety and security for NIH and take appropriate action to address threats or concerns. We do not comment on specific cybersecurity matters, as such information could be used to undertake malicious activities.

The Gates Foundation has denied experiencing a data breach:

We are monitoring the situation in line with our data security practices. We don’t currently have an indication of a data breach at the foundation.

However, the World Health Organization did confirm the leak. They said:

As a precaution, passwords have now been reset for the 457 users whose email addresses were exposed.

Online Reaction

The hack has since been used to promote conspiracy theories about the pandemic. That day, users on Twitter and 4chan began to spread unsubstantiated theories about the virus (examples below, left and right).

: Anonymous (ID: EpUksydJ ) E 04/21/20(Tue)02:47:12 No.254408747 >>254405094 # Neutralizing Antibodies in Patients with Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome-Associated Coronavirus Infection The Journal of Infectious Diseases, Volume 190, Issue 6, 15 September 2004, Pages 1119-1126, The paper is rather old, but that may mean this has been something worked on for the past 10+ years. >>254409300 # Anonymous (ID: EpUksydJ ) E 04/21/20(Tue)02:54:56 No.254409300 >>254408747%# >>254405094 # Interesting, one of the co-authors of the paper Deng Hongkui has worked on HIV extensively using CRISPR. Although it was to edit genes to give resistance to HIV. But that does mean he knows the virus well. Coincidentally he graduated from Wuhan University. Brandon Orselli @brandonorselli so the chan hack+leaks from WHO / Gates Foundation / Wuhan Lab are saying its a literal bioweapon, was spliced with HIV like the early rumors said, and China is 100% responsible for the pandemic. If proven true this will probably lead to war, at the vest least a total embargo 9:12 AM · Apr 21, 2020 · TweetDeck

That day, Redditor [3] Sprinklys posted an article from Vice [4] entitled "Neo-Nazis Are Spreading a List of Emails and Passwords for Gates Foundation and WHO Employees" on the /r/worldnews subreddit. The post received more than 7,800 points (87% upvoted) and 800 comments.

According to Vice, however, the information on the list may be "an aggregation of previously-hacked usernames and passwords that was compiled from previous data breaches of various companies."

Rita Katz of SITE Intelligence, the independent terrorism watchdog that first discovered the hack told VICE:

Far-right extremists’ distribution of allegedly hacked data by organizations like WHO and the Gates Foundation is fitting to how they’ve targeted medical organizations and personnel amid the pandemic. Whether out of accelerationist or conspiratorial-minded motivations, white supremacists and Neo-Nazis have called to vandalize hospitals, intentionally infect medical workers, and beyond.

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What will happen next:
Conspiracy theorists will read a few subject lines of emails or titles of studies and, through creative misinterpretation, claim various conspiracy theories are "proved" by documents they haven't actually bothered to read. They'll present snippets of the hacked documents as proof of all sorts of things even though the documents actually say the exact opposite. Far-right media groups will report these rumors as truth, and less right-wing sources will report the popularity of the rumors, which dumb people will interpret as confirmation. Actual skeptics will try to debunk the flood of nonsense appearing on facebook and youtube, but the rumors will persist for years, even though none of the supposed consequences ever come to pass. Then the next hack will occur and the cycle will repeat.


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