Exploding Knees

Exploding Knees

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Exploding Knees is a photoshopped advertisement which depicts a young boy playing with a wireless Nintendo joystick and explosions erupting from his knee caps.


According to the tech news blog Geekosystem,[4] a Nintendo apparel ad was run by the company Homer's in 1994, featuring a young boy wearing a Super Mario hat and a Nintendo sweater while playing with a wireless joystick (shown below, left). On August 9th, 2007, a photoshopped version of the Nintendo advertisement was posted to a thread in the /b/ (random board) on 4chan,[9] which included explosions superimposed over the child's knees with the caption "Exploding Knees" (shown below, right).

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On January 24th, 2010, YouTuber xXUltraSushiXx uploaded a video featuring the exploding knees image macro, accompanied by a looped audio file of a text-to-speech voice narrating "Maik is pro in Sonic games, but just because he's gay" for 10 minutes (shown below).

On August 4th, 2011, DeviantArtist[2] Valenmere uploaded an illustration titled "Exploding Knees," featuring several renditions of the Nintendo ad (shown below, left). On September 5th, a Facebook[10] page titled "Help Raise Awareness of Exploding Knee's Syndrome" was launched. On November 30th, a T-shirt with the Exploding Knees image macro printed on the front was put up for sale on the online retailer Red Bubble[3] (shown below, middle). On December 5th, Canvas[7] user darkexecutor posted a photoshopped image of professional golfer Tiger Woods with exploding knees (shown below, right).


On April 6th, 2012, the Internet news blog Unreality Mag[5] highlighted the original 1994 ad, which was subsequently reblogged by the tech news sites Geekosystem[4] and Geeks Are Sexy[6] within the next week. On October 1st, an anonymous 4chan[8] user mentioned exploding knees while listing several of the imageboard's older memes.

Anonymous (ID: ZVpUYn5X) 10/01/12(Mon)00:56:50 No.428138102 I remember the days before questioning if every female had a penis. I remember forced anon the first time. Ya bastard. I remember slager and boxxy, exploding knees and polar bears eating apples. Moot, College leaves me little time to hang out with your lovely board anymore.

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