Sister sitting on the counter watching her brother drink Folgers coffee

Folgers "Brother and Sister" Commercial

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The Folgers "Brother and Sister" Commercial is a holiday-themed television commercial for Folgers coffee. In the commercial, a brother returns to America from a long trip to West Africa and early in the morning, arrives at his family's house, where he is greeted by his sister. The commercial has grown infamous because of what many perceive as sexual tension between the brother and sister, and has inspired numerous parodies and fanfiction.


The commercial is an updated version of a long-running Folgers commercial that first ran in 1982 in which a man named "Peter" comes home and his greeted by his litte sister, who is a toddler.

The updated version in which the brother and sister are closer in age first ran during the holiday season in 2009. As of December 14th, 2016, the unedited commercial has over 1.2 million views on YouTube (the video has since been deleted, shown below is a re-upload from a different channel).


Viewers instantly noticed the sexual tension between the brother and sister in the 2009 commercial. The earliest known post to make this observation was posted December 16th, 2009 by the blog Cleveland's a Plum.[1] On January 10th, YouTuber Paul Prato posted an edit of the commercial in which the stare between the brother and sister is extended to convey heightened sexual tension before their parents enter the kitchen. His video, shown below, has over 276,000 views.

On March 5th, 2012, Funny Or Die[2] posted an edit to the commercial by sketch comedy group Pilotsketch in which the only change is a two-second additional shot that shows one of the siblings' hands grazing the other's crotch (YouTube embed shown below).

Later that year, the commercial's infamy began quickly spreading on Tumblr and Twitter after user of both sites JayGabler[3] posted a screenshot of a tweet by Nicole James to his Tumblr that read "Nothing gets me in the holiday mood like that incest/Folgers commercial." JayGabler's post, which linked to the original ad, has gained over 222,000 notes.

Nicole James @thatwhitebitch Nothing gets me in the holiday mood like that i-----/Folgers commercial

The spread of JayGabler's post drew the attention The Daily Dot[4], who covered internet users' incestuous reading of the commercial. From 2012 on, the commercial's infamy has been regularly covered during the holiday season. Buzzfeed[5] covered it in 2014, and Uproxx,[6] Adweek[12] and Bustle[7] covered it in 2015. Vanity Fair[8] interviewed the brother in 2015, and discovered he had no idea at the time that the commercial had incestuous undertones, but realized later and enjoyed the internet's response to it.


The commercial has inspired several fanfiction stories in which the brother and sister have sex. Gawker[9] covered the fanfictions in 2012. As of December 14th, 2016, fanfiction site archiveofourown[10] has 19 stories under the "Folgers 'Home for the Holidays' Commercial" category. The most popular, "A Home for All Seasons" by orphan_account,[11] has over 33,000 hits.

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“I can explain…” he stammered, but was cut off by the visceral scream from his mother as she began sobbing into her bathrobe. His father erupted, white morning spittle shooting from the corners of his mouth.

“NO SON OF MINE IS GONNA DRINK FUCKING FOLGERS COFFEE!” He belted his son in the face, knocking the boy unconscious. “THIS IS A PEETS COFFEE HOUSE!”

Drink Peets Coffee."

- Big Money Salvia, 2016

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"His eyes moved to the red ribbon she had planted on his right pectoral muscle. He saw something in her eyes when she touched him. A recognition of firmness. After all, he was toned to perfection from weeks of rebuilding a church in Rokoray, along the northern banks of the Great Scarcies River. He had met a woman there who reminded him of his sister. He cared for her, taught her a fledgling example of English, had even found himself feeling love for her. That was not a sisterly love however. Then again… was this?

He began to open his mouth. Any moment his parents would walk downstairs. The look on her face said they were on the same channel. Everything he had just thought, she heard it. He spoke.

“Listen, when mom and dad go out to say hi to the Gelsons next door tonight, let’s hang back, go upstairs and fuck the shit out of each other.”

“What?” She answered, bewildered.

“C’mon let's do it. Let’s fuck. Haven’t we always wanted this?” He reached out to reassure her, but she pulled away, fear in her eyes. “Whoa whoa. Uh no I’m just happy you’re home from Africa. What the hell are you talking about wanting to fuck me? Are you seriou--” And like a blade being hammered on the anvil, his father’s voice rang out from behind him: “WHAT IN SAM HILL IS GOING ON HERE?”


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