Forest Anon wojak meme character depicting a bearded man wearing a brown leather jacket and a hat with a mouse on top of it.

Forest Anon

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Forest Anon or Forestanon is a series of Wojak variations developed around a character who enjoys nature. The variants all share features such as long beards, green or white hats and small mice atop their heads. The Chad versions are also sometimes known as Mountain Chad or Hobo Chad.


"Forest Anon" is based on a real person, a 4chan poster on 4chan's /lit/ board (seen below), where he was a user himself before the website tightened restrictions on mobile IP addresses.[2] /lit/ members gave him the nickname Forest Anon on July 3rd, 2020, and encouraged him to upload on YouTube so they could continue following along as he updated them on his life in the woods.[3]

The Forest Anon meme began appearing on 4chan in 2021[1] and is a variant of the Wojak and Chad characters (shown below).

Anonymous Sat Nov 6 18:12:35 2021 No.19356484 File: 216 KB, 648x690, img_18261.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report] Quoted by: >>19356522 >>19356540 >>19356620 >>19357415 this is now a forestanon thread get /comfy/ and post em


As the memes started to grow in prominence on 4chan, they spread to other boards like /r9k/, /out/ /diy/, /adv/,[4] until eventually ending up on Instagram pages with over 26,000 followers on December 22nd, 2021.[5] Over time, the real life "forest anon" character became known for training feral mice that live inside his hut, bonding with the animals that live around him and rescuing wildlife he finds in various predicaments.[6]

Thus the meme variations based on him are usually associated with subjects like environmentalism, minimalism, primitivism, ecology, wholesomeness, the outdoors, nature, animals (specifically mice or other rodents), and suicide prevention due to a life-affirming video he made in response to a suicidal fan (seen below).[7]

1633229343969.png, 1MİB, 1080x853 Anonymous Mon 08 Nov 2021 00:52:56 No.66072169 View >>66071055 been watching him ever since he escaped the fire. ill never be able to go as extreme as living by myself on a f------ mountain like that but the video he made replying to the suicidal guy who reached out to him brought me comfort during a really bad month i was having. got inspired to take a few weeks off work because I had the overtime, and i planned to road trip across wyoming. always wanted to see yellowstone and grand teton. i f------ did it and it was the best thing i ever did for my mental health. i have bad anxiety and i could tell my parents were proud that i stepped outside my comfort zone and went through with it, because im usually working or just f------ around online all night. ever since the wyoming trip ive been hiking around sylvan lake which is a little bit south of my town andi never realized we had s--- like this. whole new appreciation for a lot of things I didnt give a f--- about before. [8]

Forest Anon was also investigated by the FBI for recommending anti-society literature to his viewers, and his file offers a profile analysis many have found humorous, going into lengthy detail describing him as a peaceful hermit living in the woods with pet rats.[9] As a result, the "forest anon" meme is sometimes used as a symbol of anti-statism, anarchism, innocence, and a way to mock authority and the American surveillance state.

# forestanon 1.5M views

Eventually the memes spread to TikTok, with users sharing an array of edits under the hashtag #forestanon. The "forestanon" hashtag has gained over 1.5 million views.[10]

Various Examples

Status: Closed (on 01/14/2021) This Assessment does not warrant further investigation at this time Violent Extremism anwell (Male, hite 3 inches 39 Ibs. ain well uyor uopuea Telephane iber Threat ta Life (U) Bramwell Sogram Management Obearved Time Zone. 1609266844982.png (139.7 KB) He liked living in nature, was happy, and enjoyed his life. 266N-LA-3301986 Serial 5 1036 (Rev. 10-16-2009) UNCLASSIFIED//LES- FEDERAL BUREAU OF INVESTIGATION Import Form Form Type: Date: 01/14/2021 FB Anonymous 05/05/18(Sat)15:45:20 No.45166513 If only you knew how different things could be. The Virgin Pandemic Weekend Warrior The Chad Forest Anon Sunscreen is spf 100+ (Over applies it) "It was a nice trail but too much poison ivy" Mountain hobo Not allergic to poison ivy Mosquitos and ticks give him panic attacks "I pulled a tick out of my armpit last night" Eats raw nettle Trekking poles Columbia Jacket $500 sleeping bag Too chad to filter his water Ruins your favorite spots by posting them on AllTrails app No trails because he's in the middle of f------ nowhere Rents Airbnbs Leaves no trace Only hikes well maintained trails Survives blizzards and heatwaves Parachute pants Has never used insect repellent Baby wipes Wears the same thermal underwear for years Refuses to hike without trail mix Won't hike if it's too hot Tattered clothes and suspenders Supplies are scavenged Burries food and supplies Leaves used toilet paper in the bushes Overpriced backpacking MRES

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