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Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa

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Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa
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Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa


Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa is an expression referencing the Hindi word "gum" ("sadness" in English), meaning "forget sadness, have fun" associated with the website On Reddit, the site and slogan inspired the creation of the rival communities /r/gumcels and /r/funwaa, and is frequently referenced as an in-joke on /r/ComedyCemetary.


On March 19th, 2015, the domain for the internet humor site[5] was registered, which features the slogan "Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa" on the site logo (shown below).

Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa


On September 21st, 2017, a page for Gumwaa was created on the Be Like Bro Wiki.[6] On August 16th, the subreddit /r/Funwaa[2] was created. On October 9th, the rival subreddit /r/Gumcels[3] was launchedm which often uses the character Waluigi as a mascot. On October 12th, Redditor WhosCountin submitted a Virgin vs. Chad image depicting as a virgin and as Chad Thundercock (shown below).

Oc Husband and wife were having dinner in a fancy restaurant Forget Funwaa Have Gumwaa Forget Gumwaa Have Funwaa Head craned forward Teacher to Doctor's Daughter Your Grades Are Terrible! I Shell Send For Your Father.! Sometimes uses heaphones Looks below parallel to escape potential conversation or mitigate agoraphobic symptoms Avoids eye contact, and looks away immediately Back slouched if accidental contact Perceives every oncoming face in his periphery as "looking at him Too polite, gives too much space for oncoming traffic Son: Daddy, I got a 100 marks in school todav! But secretly hates people who walk when side-by side Stiff, straight arms 2nd Guy-U Marry My Sis I Will Marry Ur Sis...! Struggles to find Little arm movement comfortable hand form Might be too tense and rigid Patlent: Doctor! You have got to help me! Nobody ever stens to me His husband wakes up and jumps out the window! Bonus Clothing is all neutral coloured Wears running shoes Only wears black coats Stands with a weird posture Is insecure about how he walks Walking pace/form lacks fluidity because he struggles to autowalk analogous to always manually breathing Walks too fast Compulsively needs to pass anyone walking slightly slower than him WIfe: Honey.. You say prayer before eating at home Last Two Benches r Very Demanded Bcz its SLEEPER COACH Chintu: Radlo Label Shows Made in Japan but Radio Says This Is all India Radio" Long strides Teacher Tell me the name of any Microsoft Product?

On October 20th, Redditor SuperCykelaunched the /r/Funcels[4] subreddit. On November 14th, a page for "Funwaa-Gumwaa war" was created on the Be Like Bro Wiki,[7] which included a photoshopped picture of emojis and the logo battling Waluigi and a "" logo (shown below).

Forget Gumwaa Have funwaa Oye Hoye!

On November 22nd, Redditor Ipingpong1 submitted a joke post about and "net neutrality": to /r/ComedyCemetary,[1] where it gathered upwards of 72,000 points (87% upvoted) and 250 comments prior to being archived.

Various Examples

Santa Banta Pappu Wife This Summer Prepare to Forget All About Gumwaa Funwaa FUNWAA PICTURES PRESENTS A SANTA PRODUCTION FILM BY WALUIGI SANTA GIRLFRIEND "FUNWAA" muBY SHIV JI DCSiCWERE BI HARDEY LALOO PODULERER TEACHER SCRENPLAV HUSBANDCTED U/MIMIHAMBURGER MUSIC Summer 2018 Do you want a president owned by big corporations? No? VOTE FOR A MAN OF THE PEOPLE VOTE WALUIGI 2020 I'M WAAA I'm a in the streets Gumwaa Bnta n the sheets Funwaa Forget Gumwaa Hn an aa

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