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Forum Weapons

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Forum Weapons refers to a loose series of online videos clips and edits, posted to forums, image boards, and comment threads. The videos, usually short in length, are meant to portraying a specific emotion in response to something that has been said, similar to that of Reaction Images. These videos are often labelled with the name Forum Weapon in their titles.


While the exact origin of the practice is uncertain, the practice became regular as video upload services like YouTube became available, along with their provided simplified embed codes. One of the earliest popular examples of a forum video was Shut The Fuck Up which was uploaded by Youtube user Jetsetlemming on August 18th, 2007. Within 7 years, the video has gathered more than 1.4 million views.

One of the earliest known videos labeled with the title "Forum Weapon" was uploaded by Youtube user Bound4Earth titled Ultimate Insult (Academic Decathlon)[Forum Weapon] (the title was later changed to "You're going to get raped (Trigger Warning)" on November 26th, 2009. Within 5 years, the video has gathered over 5.9 million views.


Over the years, many variations of forum weapon videos were uploaded to Youtube[1]. On March 1st, 2011, Youtube user Conflagrated uploaded a forum weapon video which depicts an alternate variation of Lol, internet. Within 4 years, the video received more than 35,000 views. On August 1st, 2011, Youtube user This is the Vid zone uploaded a Forum Weapon video which depicts an animated variation of Tony Kornheiser’s ‘Why’. As of May 2015, the video has gathered over 47,000 views.

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Shut the Fuck up!

Shut The Fuck Up! refers to a clip taken from Penn and Teller’s ‘Bullshit! documentary series where Penn yells out. The clip has since spawn remixes.


Ultimate Insult Man

Ultimate Insult Man refers to a video clip featuring a game show host viciously berating a contestant for answering a question incorrectly. The scene was taken from the 1995 movie Billy Madison.


The Answer to Every Question in the Universe

The Answer to Every Question in the Universe refers to a clip from the British TV series Mr. Bean where Mr. Bean would reply by saying "Magic" followed by a couple of snorts.

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