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Mr. Bean

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Mr. Bean
Category: Subculture Status: Submission Year: 1990 Origin: Rowan Atkinson, Richard Curtis Region:
Type: TV Show,
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Mr. Bean

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Mr. Bean is a British TV show created by Rowan Atkinson and Richard Curtis. The first episode was broadcast on January 1st, 1990


Rowan Atkinson developed Mr. Bean while studying for his master's degree in electrical engineering at The Queen's College, Oxford.
The name was decided after the TV pilot had been made, with a handful of other names being explored prior the production of the pilot. The character, stylistically, is a childish buffoon who brings unusual schemes to everyday tasks and rarely has any dialogue, relying upon physical comedy like early silent films did. This allowed the series to be easily distributed worldwide without any dubbing.


Mr. Bean has received numerous positive reviews, won several awards, and spun off as an animated series and two film adaptations.

Film adaptations


In 1997, was created the first adaptation called Bean. The movie follows Mr. Bean, an employee of the Royal National Gallery, and his bosses want to fire him because he sleeps at work all the time, but can't because the chairman of the gallery's board defends him. So instead, they send him to David Langley's home, where he'll be involved in several cases.

Mr. Bean's Holiday

10 years after the first movie, in 2007, is released the second Mr. Bean movie called Mr. Bean's Holiday. The movie is followed when Mr. Bean wins the first prize in a raffle: holiday in France for one week. Upon arriving in Paris, Mr. Bean asks a passenger to film him boarding the train. This passenger is a Russian director called Emil Duchesvsky, but Emil misses the train with his 10 years old Stepan, who stays with Mr. Bean. So the director decides to dennounce Mr. Bean to the police.

Mr. Bean Animated Series

On January 5, 2002, is created the cartoon serie of Mr. Bean.

If You Know What I Mean

If You Know What I Mean is a rage comic character and a Reaction Image based on a still of Mr. Bean used to point out sexual innuendo.

If Mr. Bean was…

If Mr. Bean was… consists of images of characters combined with the face of Mr. Bean.

The answer to every question in the universe

The answer to every question in the universe is a scene from the movie Bean of Mr. Bean saying the word "Magic". It is smiliar to the meme I have no idea!

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Tags: comedy, tv show, mr bean, rowan atkinson, british tv,

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