I sure hope you dont feed your garloid tap water
like this, they live longer and produce MUCH higher
quality milk when they aren't constantly being
pumped with flouride and shit
jews fear the clean water garloid farmer
what the fuck is that???


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Garloid refers to an image of a man filling a pig stomach with tap water, referred to without context as a "garloid" in a post to 4chan. Without context, it is hard to tell what is being filled with water. Posts about garloids along with the image became popular after a post to 4chan on October 31st, 2020, in which the poster warns garloid owners against feeding their garloids water, as it negatively affects the quality of the creature's milk.


On April 26th, 2012, Pete, the runner of a culinary WordPress[6] blog called "The Pete Is On" published a post titled, "Weird Crap I Cook: Ponce". The piece details Pete cooking ponce, a Cajun recipe that involves stuffing a pig stomach. At one point in the piece, Pete stitches a part of the stomach closed. He then fills the stomach with water to test how strong the stitches are, resulting in the garloid image (shown below).

This wasn't even close to fully inflated but it was huge. It looked like the hot air balloon that the most annoying character in movie history built in Waterworld. Anyone who has seen that movie just slapped their head in an, "Ohhh! Thank god he told me what that reminded me of, that was going to keep me up at night!" reaction

On October 31st, 2020, an anonymous user posted an image titled garloid.png to 4chan's /pol/ board. The post is no longer available. The image depicts a man holding a fleshy, veiny object under a kitchen sink, with the end of the garloid engulfing the tap as if it's drinking from it. Attached is a caption reading, "I sure hope you dont feed your garloid tap water like this, they live longer and produce MUCH higher quality milk when they aren't constantly being pumped with fluoride and shit. Jews fear the clean water garloid farmer." On the same day a screenshot of the post titled, "Anon deosn't even know what a garloid is LMFAOO" was uploaded to /r/4chan,[1] garnering over 250 upvotes and 34 comments in 19 days, most of which are trying to determine what a garloid is (shown below).

: Anonymous (ID: fyc7y7t1 ) [• 10/31/20(Sat)14:00:23 No.286020782 garloid.png 1.14 MB PNG I sure hope you dont feed your garloid tap water like this, they live longer and produce MUCH higher quality milk when they aren't constantly being pumped with flouride and s--- jews fear the clean water garloid farmer AnonymouS ID:iBFhzRZa Sat 31 Oct 2020 14:01:19 No.286020931 Quoted By: >>286021032 >>286021248 >>286021255 >>286021266 >>286021397 >>286021409 >>286021783 >>286021971 >>286022083 >>286022777 >>286022832 >>286023068 >>286024188 >>286026409 >>286026685 >>286026787 >>286027160 >>286028746 >>286028757 >>286028894 >>286030077 >>286020782 what the f--- is that???

Many commenters under the /r/4chan post troll those who ask what a garloid is, mocking them for not knowing and pretending to know themselves. This is a joke that persists in future garloid posts.


Following the original garloid post, 4chan users began making more cryptic posts about garloids. On November 1st, 2020, Urban Dictionary[2] user rxicheru posted a definition for garloid (based on a comment from the Reddit[5] thread) gaining over 50 thumbs-ups and the top definition spot (shown below).

garloid A biological construct with mammalian characteristics but organized like a plant. It produces a sweet, highly nutricious waste product referred to as "milk." Despite the name, the substance is not really a milk, though it is produced through similar mechanisms/structures. They have at least 0.67% human dna, which was a big controversy a few years ago. T heard that John started raising a Garloid. I hope he's using ethical methods to retrieve its milk by rxicheru November 01, 2020

On November 1st, another anonymous poster uploaded the image of the garloid to /pol/ along with the caption, "Biden would make this illegal." A screenshot of this post was re-uploaded to /r/4chan[3] on the same day (shown below, left). On November 13th, Imgur[4] user SharronCox uploaded an isolated image of the man feeding the garloid (shown below, right) titled, "Is it ok to feed my garloid from the tap? Or should I get a filter?" The post gained over 1,000 upvotes in 7 days.

: Anonymous (ID: (RT4975Y 11/01/20(Sun)14:25:41 No.286238747 garloid.jpg 149 KB JPG Biden would make this illegal : Anonymous (ID: nxwyPY)I 11/01/20(Sun)14:27:21 No.286239059 >>286238747 (OP) # Cute

On May 29th, 2021, Redditor u/camarang posted the original garloid image to /r/Cursed_images,[8] garnering over 6,000 upvotes in a month. On June 18th, Twitter[7] user @FlorkOfCows posted a drawing of a garloid without context, garnering over 1,200 likes in three days (shown below).


Various Examples

beck Checker Never use tap water necked some kind of sausage submerged in a pot idk idk : Anonymous 11/02/20(Mon)14:01:02 No.58210885 BBQ MAMA'S WALK In PIG OUT FX 1575380893410.jpg 163 KB JPG >>58210852 (OP) # what the f--- is a garloid are you trying to say garlic >>58210937 # >>58210941 # : Anonymous 11/02/20(Mon)14:04:38 No.58210941 >>58210885 # >2020 >Not using a garloid for post- workout gains MR. C-- 40 KB JPG NGMI

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