Geki Oko Punpun Maru

Geki Oko Punpun Maru

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Angry Really Angry Very Angry Punpun Boy Very Angristic Finaleality Punpun Dream Angry Fire Burst Come Fire Infernooooh


Geki Oko Punpun Maru (Japanese: 激おこぷんぷん丸 or 激おこプンプン丸) is a neologism meaning "Very Angry", which was coined by Japanese Gyaru.[1]

In the spring of 2013, Japanese internet users had been creating parody photo collages, illustrations and 8-bit style video games by getting inspiration from this laughable but impressive expression.


Japanese Gyaru had been using "Oko", a shortened form of a verb "Okoru" (Get Angry), since around 2011. And this word had been ranked in the 6th place in 2011 Gal's vogue word award held by a Japanese fashion research service Gal Reseach Press.[2] However, ordinary Japanese people hadn't noticed neither this term nor its derivative "Geki Oko Punpun Maru" till the beginning of 2013. It finally began spreading whole of the web by one tweet by Twitter user™ (@yuto_com_tm) on March 2nd, 2013.[3] That was a list of six stages of anger in Gyaru words (shown below).


Gal words of anger:
Weak: Oko (Angry)
Normal: Maji Oko (Really Angry)
Stronger: Geki Oko Punpun Maru (Very Angry Punpun Boy)
Strongest: Muka Chakka Fire (Angry Fire Burst)
Explosion: Kam-chakka Infernooooooh (Come Fire Inferno)
God: Geki Oko-stic Finaleality Punpun Dream (Very Agnristic Finaleality Punpun Dream)


  • "Oko" and "Muka" are a shortened form of verbs "Okoru" (Get Angry) and "Mukatsuku" (Get Annoyed). Both of them sound mild and cute.
  • "Punpun" is a comical onomatopoeia of anger expressing like steam coming out from one's head. It is mainly used expressing anger of children or young girls.
  • "-Maru" suffix is for formatting terms to classic personal names (eg. Orochimaru in Naruto, Sesshomaru in Inuyasha, Shameimaru in Touhou Project, etc…).


The ridiculously incoherent sense of language of this Gyaru's wordplay fascinated many Japanese internet users. In particular, the 3rd-stage word "Geki Oko Punpun Maru" soon went viral because it had so nice ring to it. This tweet had earned near 20,000 retweets and 10,000 favorites within its first two months. And Its online popularity was covered by several online news media[4][5] as well as a Japanese morning news show on April 4th, 2013 (shown below).

ま扫 最新高校生부(アル𥳁 クイ ) おこ まじおこ 激おこぷんぷん3 YA 穷着火 アイアー カム着火 インフェルノーオオオオオオウ 激おこスデイヅ。 ファイナリアリテ ぶんぶんドリー SHA

Moreover, it didn't end in a mere vogue word, but derived to other online creations by people's playful mind.

Six Stages of Anger Parodies

The Gyaru's laughable six stages of anger in the tweet firstly caused a photo collage fad of reproducing its ridiculous changes in the same manner of Tree Swing Cartoon Parodies. Naver matome Archives have dozens of photos collages by Twitter users.[6]

On the other hand, online illustrators communities also reacted to this meme's bandwagon by their favorite template-based illustration method like Expression Meme. Several blank templates were posted to both pixiv and niconico Seiga. Both sites have more than 200 illustrations tagged as "Geki Oko Punpun Maru", "Six Stages of Anger" (怒りの六段活用) or "Six Geki Oko Variations" (激おこ六段活用) in total.[7][8]

Video Game

Another creative movement came from the name of "Geki Oko Punpun Maru", which has quite nostalgic note reminding middle-aged people of classic NES games like Ninja JaJaMaru-kun[9] or Kaiketsu Yanchamaru.[10] The movemnt was ignited by title screen image of NES game "Geki Oko Punpun Maru", which was set up that it was released in 1985. This image was posted by a Twitter user Hiromu (@hiromgogo) on April 12th, 2013 (shown below).[11]

In addition to this tweet, since a Japanese video game composer Manabu Namiki[12] and chiptune musician Professor Sakamoto made songs in this imaginary video game[13][14], people started the pletend play of recalling memories and digging out archives of this game that they had really played in 1980s.

Title Theme by Manabu Namiki

Stage 1 BGM by Professor Sakamoto

These milestones triggered creative chain reaction among amatuer/professional creators. They had continually uploaded source many materials of this game to Nico Nico Douga[15] and Soundcloud.[16] Then, it finally reached to the release of playable "Geki Oko Punpun Maru" game for Windows/iOS/Android, which is consisting by consolidating those individual creations and comments from viewers.[17] Of course, the developer said "It's very happy that we've got an opportunity to port this 1985 video game.".

This creator's completely unexpected but happy collaboration via social networks was reported by Japanese online news sites[18][19][20] as well as Twainanese online otaku news site 宅宅新聞.[21]

Notable Examples

Photo Collages

おこ まじおこ 激おこブンブン丸 カム着火インフェルノオオウ げきねスティックファイナリ アリティぷんぷ リーム ムカ着火ファイヤー おこ まじおこ 激おこぷんぷん丸 -r カム着火 仪71M材材棜 げきオコスティック ファイナリアリティ ぶんぶんドリーム ムカ着火ファイアー おこ 激おこ 激おこふんふん丸 ムカ着火ファイアー カム着火インフェルノオオオオオオウ激おこ꺼ックファイナリテ俅んぶんドリーム
激おこぷんぷん丸 uain. 氵敫おこ おこ 激おこスティックファイ ナリアリティ ぷんぷんドリーム カム着火インフェルノ ムカ着火ファイヤ おこ まじおこ 激おこぷんぷん丸 ムカ着火ファイヤー カム着火インフェルノ材材材ウげきオコスティック ファイナリアリティ ぷんぷんドリーム ルル まじルル 激ルルぜろぜろ丸 ルル着火インフェル ノオオオオオオオオ 激ルルスティック ファイナリアリティ につぼんぼんドリーム ルル着火ファイヤー


星のカービィ★80の6段活用 ぶくー ぶくく ム ファイナりアりティ カア 孫悟飯 怒りの6段活用!! おこ まじおこ 激おこプンプン丸 カム着火インフェルノ オオオオオオウ ムカ着火ファイヤー 激おこスティック ファイナリアリティ ぶん ぶんドリーム 怒りの6段活用 お7 まじおこ 11激おこぶんぶん丸 しかん小 ムカ着火ファイヤー| | おこスティックファイナリアリティぶん カム着火インフェルノ-オオオオオオウ
激おこ六段活用 おこ 激おこ !激おこブンブン丸 | ムカ着火7p仰ー カ6着火MdU-tttt杓ㄧ激おこスティックファイナ97リテ ぷんドリ-A 激おこ六段活用 おこ 激おこ 激おこブンブン丸 ムカ着火7p仰- |&着火Mdl/mt/t杓激おこスティックファイナ97リテ ぷんぷんドリーム 激おこ六段活用 激おこブンブン丸 /も止と、 おこ 激おこ ふふふ。... まったく人を イライラさせるのが うまいやつらだ っこ ナの っ ら ん ぞ が ムカ着火ファイヤー 1カ6着火仁 게し/mtrith| 激おこステ49227伃97リテjahShFリーA

Video Games

Song Collection

Art works

激 怒 ぶんぶん丸 JK-02 TM ぷんぷん丸を タッチ操作で動かして 悪さをするヤツに おこ9を当てよう! 続けて当てると コンボが発生して 得点がアップするぞ! 3 ァミリー ンピュータ.. ゲーム必勝法シリーズ 9.5 全ステージ完ペキ攻略法紹介! ★激おこモード(み裏ワザ 隠れキャラ!! ヤの大百科別 ソイブンシャの大百科別冊
Box Art, Instruction Card and Guidebook Cover

Other Versions

On April 21st, 2013, A NND user Masuchiru (ますちる) released a side-scrolling game version which actualized many of fake memories for this video game posted by Twitter users.[22] Additionally, A web page dedicated to Sega's game consoles, FUTURE DRIVER, released the Sega MarkIII/Master System edition on December of that year.[23]

Left: Side-scrolling Edition | Right: Master System Vesrion

Search Interest

External References

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