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If You're From This Area, Shut The Fuck Up

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If You're From This Area, Shut The Fuck Up refers to an image macro and reaction image of a world map circulating North America and European countries with the overlay text "If you're from this area, shut the fuck up." The meme gained popularity in late February 2021 as a way to mock people from Europe or North America on social media, arguing that they shouldn't engage in the conversation at hand, often used in geopolitical debates.


On October 22nd, 2020, the Facebook[1] meme page Wacky memes for wiseguys posted the first meme featuring a world map in which North American and European countries are circled, accompanied by the caption "If you're from this area, shut the fuck up." The post received 102 likes and 47 shares in three years (seen below).

IF YOU'RE FROM THIS AREA Jan Mayen (Norway) Beaufort Sea Alaska (USA) Gulf of Alaska NORTH PANC OCEAN Tropic of Cancer Arctic Circle Hawali Islands (U.S.) ropic of Capricorn Canada United States of America Hudson Bay Mexic GY El Salvador The Bahar Cuba Jamaica Guatemala Honduras Nicaragua. Costa Rica Easter (Chile) Labrador Sea Berala Dominican Rep. Puerto Rico (US) 50035. Grenada Venezuel St. Kitts & Nevis Antigua and Barbuda NORTH ATLANTIC Andorra- Portugal CEAN Calary pande (Spain) Cominica -St. Lucia Barbados Trinidad & Tobago Suriname Iceland Faroe Islands Sweden (Denmark) Finla Cabo Verde Paraguay UUP Ireland Western Sahara Norway United Kingdom Net Den Sea The Gambia- Trindade (Brazil) Prime Norwegian San Marino, Monaco Spain Sierra Leone France 29 OCCO SOUTH Vatican Tunisi Burkina Faso 26 Estonia Latvia Lithuania bland Belarus Germ Ukraine Algeria Mauritania Mali Niger Senegal St Helena (U.K.) Italy 9. 12 Libya Barents Sea Novaya Zemly Israel Romania Georgia Bulgaria Egypt Sudan eece Turkey n -Sea 17 Iraq Chad SHUT THE F--- Nigeria Central South Mrican Sudan Ethioplas Polynesia Bolivia Namibia -Black Sea Azerbai Turki Armenia Iran Jordan Kuwa Qat Saudi UAI Arabia Caspian Se Eriti Zimbabwe Bahrain Botswana South Lesotho Africa Yemen Madagasca Mozambique Res eSwatini Seych


A year later, the meme was uploaded on Twitter and started to be used as a reaction image in response to geopolitical content. For example, Twitter[2] user @CryptoHubKE shared the meme in a thread about the U.S. government's support of El Salvador to reduce the proliferation of gangs. The image was posted on April 11th, 2022, as a response to the United States' involvement in other countries' affairs. The post garnered 103 likes and 11 retweets in a year (seen below).

Another case of the meme being used was posted on January 20th, 2022, by Twitter[3] user @takemeout. The creator posted the image macro in response to a quote from the President of the United States Joe Biden in which he says "Everything south of the Mexican border is America’s front yard.” The post received 130 likes and 11 retweets in a year (seen below).

Various Examples

PACIFIC ARCTIC OCEAN IF YOU'RE FROM THIS AREA United States of America. Canada United States of America Mexico Honduras Guatemala Nicaragua Costa Rica Greenland ATLANTIC Ven. Guyana Panama Colombin P Ecuador S Suriname 4 Colombia OCEAN Iceland French Guiana Uruguay United Kingdom Denmark Ireland Neth. Ho Portugal Morocco, Western Sahara Norway Senegal Guinea-Bissau Sierra Leone Spain Italy Sweden Pol. Ger Nigeria Cam Latvia Algeria Libya Mauritania Mali Niger Chad Estonia Finland Belarus Ukraine Ron Liberia Togo Cote d Ivoire Gabon T/ Bulgaria Greece CAR Turkey Tunisia Lebanon Syfia srael Egypt Sudan Eritrea ARCTIC OCEAN Ethiopia mango Uganda Cal of m. Rep Africa Georgia mbia Azer Turk Kazakhstan Iran Iraq Jordan Kuwait Saudi UAE Arabia Oman Yerhen Dibout Somalia Uzb Alg Pakistan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan India Bangl Russia Nepal Bhutan MO Sri Lanka Mongolia China Laos Thailand Camboda Korea S Korea Japan Malaysia Taiwan Metnam Philippines Papua SHUT THE F--- UP PACIFIC OCEAN ifunny.co IF YOU'RE FROM THIS AREA SHUT THE F--- UP FORD IF YOU'RE FROM THIS AREA SHUT THE F--- UP IF YOU'RE FROM THIS AREA SHUT THE F--- UP

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External References

[1] Facebook – Wacky memes for wiseguys

[2] Twitter – @CryptoHubKE

[3] Twitter – @takemeout

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Not after seeing the utter uselessness of much of the rest of the world on the war in Ukraine (at best).

I've had enough stupid hot takes from international sources who've made it quite clear that the problem for them isn't imperialism, just that they were on the receiving end.


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