Interior Monologue Captioning

Interior Monologue Captioning

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Interior Monologue Captioning is a practice which involves placing randomly dispersed text on top of an image to represent what the subject is thinking or feeling, typically using the Comic Sans font.


The exact origin is currently unknown. On August 17th, 2011, the 4gifs Tumblr[4] published a black-and-white photograph of a young girl holding a telephone with the caption "Tyrone I told yo black ass not to call me no mo wass wrong wit u nigga" written in the Comic Sans font (shown below). Within the next fifteen months, the post received over 21,900 notes.



Sweet Bro and Hella Jeff[3] is a webcomic about the two roommates and the surreal and nonsensical adventures they have. Launched by Homestuck creator Andrew Hussie on July 3rd, 2009, the comic often contain many similarities to interior monologue captions, using multi-colored Comic Sans font and intentionally misspelled words.

AGAIN with the . socks wit you and SOCKS MAN no dude it even


On December 7th, 2011, the balongreyjoy Tumblr[5] blog posted two image macros featuring actor Elijah Wood with interior monologue captions written in the Comic Sans font (shown below). Within the next year, the post received over 32,300 notes.

hat why is he looking at me is that a camera wat wat is he dong wa WAT IS GONG ON? maybe if i Just look rly angry he'll go away angry w-- W-- IS THIS angst うううう IS THIS PUPPY DEAD am i dreami dead??? DID I KILL THIS PUPPY????

On November 6th, the societyinmypants Tumblr[6] blog published a photograph of United States President Barack Obama talking on a cell phone with multi-colored interior monologue captions written in Comic Sans. Within one month, the post received over 22,900 notes.

how u doin murica here i c-- michelle gettin laid tonite fo mo years das right bitches u tried being president? das cute

Notable Examples

listening to death metal mg smoke weed ev wub wub wub drop, the bass skrillex ro oh yeah this s---- great wat u doin? ta think this otherfucki is a game in cut u/hoe lunch detention4 LI pda 09 owe omg so ew inorprpriteh publik affction ysply of da so sad : '( why america america u bitch romney would have saved us eating this pie because obama going to get fat but no1 carez f-- u obama!!! how u doin murica here i c-- michelle gettin laid tonite fo mo years das right bitches u tried being president? das cute

Shiba Confessions

The "Shiba Confessions" Tumblr[7] blog, launched on July 7th, 2012, features image macros of Shiba Inu dogs with captions written in the typical interior monologue captioning fashion with the Comic Sans font (shown below). The first post submitted to the site indicated that Shiba confessions would be "a chance to put funny text in Comic Sans over unrelated pictures of Shibas."[8]

look drive WOW I drive fun drive beep beep borned n 1999 F-- the 2000s lol 90's is where its at bitch rebolg ifu miss the amanda showw 90s kid rite here Wow movee stan such truasre we must eat the declaration of independence wow

On August 5th, 2012, YouTuber thelittlesealy uploaded a video titled "Touching Shiba Confessions," featuring a slideshow of Shiba Inu photographs and Shiba confessions image macros (shown below).

On September 27th, the viral content site BuzzFeed[10] published a post highlighting several notable examples from the Tumblr. On November 29th, the /r/shibe[9] subreddit was created, where Redditors submit and vote on notable Shiba Confessions image macros. Within seven months, the subreddit gained over 5,800 subscribers.

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