It's Magic. I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit.

It's Magic. I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit.

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"It's Magic. I Ain't Gotta Explain Shit" is an expression associated with a reaction image used in response to a request for an explanation. Variations of the phrase are often posted online as well, using the phrasal template "It's X. I ain't gotta explain shit."


The earliest known archived usage of the phrase can be dated back to August 7th, 2008[4]. The picture, which was the basis for the original image macro, depicts the character Dungeon Master from the Dungeons & Dragons animated TV series, which aired in 1983-1985. The earliest archived use as a reaction image can be found in a post on 4chan's /a/ board made on December 21st, 2008.[1]



In May 2009, the phrase continued to be used on various 4chan boards even without the associated image macro[3]. On July 29th, 2012, Redditor 4alex6 posted a derivative image macro to the /r/atheism subreddit, featuring the former Pope of the Catholic Church, Benedict XIV. In over 3 years, the post got over 1244 upvotes[2].


The original image macro has also inspired the creation of many other derivatives, featuring characters from such franchises as My Little Pony, DC Comics, Pokemon, and more.

Various Examples

IT'S SPEEDFORCE. I AIN'T GOTTA EXPLAIN S--- It's Pokémon. I ain't gotta explain s---. IDON'T CARE IFITS MAGIC YOUSTILL GOTTA EXPLAIN S--- It's magic. I ain't gotta explain t---.

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