Jenny Death When

Jenny Death When

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Jenny Death When is a phrase used by fans of the band Death Grips when talking about the delayed release date of the second part of their final double album, The Powers That B. Jenny Death refers to the second portion of the record, which was released March 31st, 2015.


The first post with the phrase was made by an anonymous user on June 24th, 2014 of The Powers That B in the 4chan board /mu/ [1]. The user was responding to another anonymous post indicating "the ultimate comeback" of one of the favorite bands of the /mu/ forum.


The phrase spread as a forum response throughout r/DeathGrips[2], /mu/, and elsewhere the group's work is actively discussed, including by theneedledrop music critic Anthony Fantano [3], as well as popular music publications like Stereogum[4] and ConsequenceOfSound[5].


Fashion Week is an instrumental album released by Death Grips[6] January 4th, 2015. Each song title on Fashion Week ends in a letter, acrostically spelling JENNY DEATH WHEN. Forum fans interpreted this message to mean that Jenny Death would be released during the New York Fashion Week of winter 2015[7], however, no album appeared. It was announced on March 12th, 2015 that the Jenny Death record would be released the following Tuesday.

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A track from Jenny Death, titled "On GP" was released via the band's Facebook page[8] on March 13th, 2015. The album was finally leaked onto /mu/ on March 19, 2015.[9] The album received generally favorable reviews from critics, gaining a 73 on Metacritic.[10]

File: grips.png (212 KB, 400x400) Share Thread? Anonymous 03/19/15(Thu)16:16:45 No.5442123854421276225442149 54422465 54422557 54422824 254423226 2-2 You guys want Jenny Death? MEGA: >>D Anonymous 03/19/15(Thu) 16:19:19 No.54421276、 54421294 >54421238 (OP) Thanks, I was running low on RHCP compilations. >> O Anonymous 03/19/15(Thu)16:19:59 No.54421294 >54421276 Maybe you should actually check the link nignog. >> O Anonymous 03/19/15(Thu)16:26:52 No.54421402、 54421420

Note: The December 2012 spike in search popularity is due to the sudden death of Mexican pop star Jenni Rivera, and is unrelated to Jenny Death.

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