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Jissouseki (Japanese: 実装石; lit. "Installation Stone"), sometimes called "Jissou" for short, is a creature derived from Suiseiseki, one of the main characters in Japanese manga and anime Rozen Maiden. This creature has grown its own creepy and retarded personality throughout horrific creations by some demonish users in the Japanese anonymous imageboard community Futaba Channel (2chan) since the end of 2004.


This meme began from a poorly-drawn fan illustration for Suiseiseki which was posted to Futaba by an anonymous user circa Autumn of 2004 (Shown below, left). Due to tis funny look, this character quickly became popular in Futaba's threads related to Rozen Maiden which first TV anime series were gaining much popularity amongst the users, and it was originally given a nickname "Half-remembered Suiseiseki" (うろ覚え翠星石, Uro-oboe Suiseiseki). Then, the name "Jissouseki" was given to this character after that illustration was used in the "What operations installed" panel in a Suiseiseki version of the Tree Swing Cartoon Parody (shown below, right), which name is a compound word of Suiseiseki and "Jissou" (実装), a Japanese translation of "Install". According to Jissouseki wiki, this Suiseiseki version was posted on December 30th, 2004.

How the customer How the Project explained it How the Analyst How the Programmer How the Business wrote it Leader understood it designed it Consultant described it 回 How the customer was billed What the customer How the project was documented What operations installed How it was supprdreally needed


In the early days, Jissouseki was utilized as a cute mascot in Rozen Maiden fanfiction against a backdrop of large popularity of the anime. However, it gradually forced to lead a checkered life by some people who are fond of mercilessly abusing fictional characters in their weird short novels and illustrations which draw the mascot like a creepy & incapacious creature that eats its own feces and increase like maggots. In addition, Jissouseki became to a trolling tool because those "weird creature" creations were particularly loved by the trolls, and it had been continually used over the next several years even after the enthusiasm for the anime was gone from the imageboard community.

By these weird practices, Jissouseki has established its own strange and surrealistic world which has no relationship to Suiseiseki anymore. A huge amount of Jissouseki creations is hosted in multiple private archives and wiki pages for Jissouseki supported by Futaba users, and Jissouseki doujin comic books has continued being released at an annual fan-convention dedicated to Futaba since 2007. Also, Jissouseki creations have been posted to the outside of Futaba since after YouTube[1], niconico[2][3] and pixiv[4] were launched in late 2000s. Moreover, Jissouseki illustrations are also found on DeviantArt[5] though its amount is a few.

Jissouseki's article are submitted to Japanese online encyclopedias/glossaries[6][7][8] and Encyclopedia Dramatica[9] in English.

Various Examples


Larval Jissouseki is literally called ""Maggot Jissou" (蛆実装, Uji Jissou).[10]

レ7 La レ2 亏孝し 0 レ



Jissoujin (実装人) is a subgenre of Jissouseki fandom which derived from Jissouseki abuse creations hosted in a private archive. Its main character, Jissoujin, is a human-shaped intelligent life which evolved from that maggot-like Jissouseki and has built a civilization on the earth after all animals annihilated and the human race abandoned the planet. Different from Jissouseki works, depiction in Jissoujin creations is rarely gruesome except for that of the original Jissouseki. Jissoujin archives are hosted by Futaba users as well, and many hundreds of illustrations are also uploaded to the online illustrators community.[11]

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Aah, memories of my past when I was wondering the internet and I came across a couple of this comics of this creature. I had no idea what the fuck was going on. Now that I'm older… I still don't know what the fuck is going on, but that can't be healthy.


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