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Jive Filters

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Jive Filters are applications that translate plain English into parodies of various forms of African American Vernacular English and slang associated with hip hop music.


On October 22nd, 1986, the earliest known jive filter script was submitted to the net.sources USENET group by member Adams Douglas.[3]


In 1996, computer scientist John Chambers published a filter application which translates English into "jive," "Swedish chef," "valspeak" and "Pig Latin."[8] In 1998, the entertainment site RinkWorks released the Dialectizer[7] web application, which converts text on web pages into a variety of dialects, including "redneck," "jive," "cockney" and "moron."

The Dialectizer Convert English text to any of several comic dialects. The Dialectizer takes text or other web pages and instantly creates parodies ofthem! Try it out by selecting a dialect, then entering a URL or English text below. Ifyou have questions about what The Dialectizer does or how it does it, please see the "Information" section toward the bottom of this page Dialectize a Web Page Dialectize Text Dialect: Redneck Dialect: Redneck Please enter a URL: http:ll Text: Dialectize! Use these hot links to browse RinkWorks in Redneck. Jive. Cockney. Elmer Fudd Swedish Chef. Moron Pig Latin, ex Hackei Dialectize!

In 2000, a Java translator which converts English into slang used by the satirical character Ali G (portrayed by Sacha Baron Cohen) was released (shown below, left).[9] In 2005, developer John Beatty created the website Gizoogle,[4] which converts text within a website into faux slang associated with the gangsta rapper Snoop Dogg (shown below, right).

D a ALI G Translator Type the text to translate NEW! Da Ali G Translator- WAP Version Point your phone at: mackers.com/wap/alig The above version needs da java, if you do not posess da java, please go to Netscape Online. Ali Q, innit. If you want to learn how to talk like Ali G then buy his new video, Ali G. Innit and save 2 squid. If yous would like to give me a big shout out, hemail me at alig@mackers.com. Gizoogle Dis Shiznit Gizoogle Da News #gizo ogle-Fo' all y'all blotches who wanna find shiznit!

In February 2011, Da Ebonics Page launched an "Ebonics Translator" web application. On April 4th, a mobile version of the web app titled "Pimp Translator" was released on the Android market.[5] On February 17th, 2013, Trollpasta Wiki[10] member Numbuh400 created a page featuring a Gizoogle translation of the creepypasta story Squidward's Suicide. Several other Gizoogle versions of creepypastas were subsequently uploaded to the site.[11] On May 22nd, a "Jive Filter" extension for the Chrome web browser was released.[6]

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