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Kanye West's Sunday Service

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Kanye West's Sunday Service
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Tags: kanye west, sunday service, yandhi, dance, synthesizer, yeezy, church, choir, gospel,
Kanye West's Sunday Service


Kanye West's Sunday Service refers to a video of American musician Kanye West dancing and playing synthesizer while leading a weekly Sunday Service. On Instagram, the video was used for remixes, with original music usually replaced with other compositions.


On January 7th, 2019, American rapper Kanye West held the first weekly event dubbed Sunday Service. During the event, the rapper performed gospel versions of his own songs with fans, family and friends.[1]

On February 25th, 2019, West shared[2] a video from one such event held on the previous day.[3] In the footage, West is seen dancing while playing a synthesizer, with a choir, all dressed in white, dancing and singing in the background. The video gained over 266,000 views in five days and has since been taken down.


On the same day, Redditor[8] __faucet__ posted the video to /r/Kanye subreddit where it gained over 18,700 upvotes in five days.

On Instagram, the video saw active use in video remixes. On February 25th, Instagram[4] user simensez uploaded an edit in which they edited themselves playing a music pad next to the rapper. The post gained over 9,500 views in four days.

On February 27th, Instagram[5] user toucher_of_cancer uploaded an edit in which the music in the video was replaced by song "Break My Stride" by Matthew Wilder. The post received over 112,000 views in three days.

In the following days, more remixes of the video were posted on the platform, with notable edits posted by memedealer.dan[6] and cold_lasagna_.[7]

Easter Sunday Service at Coachella

On April 21st, 2019 the Coachella Twitter account tweeted, "Sunday Service is now streaming at http://yt.be/coachella" (shown below). The post features a clip of the service filmed through a fisheye lens. The tweet gained 2,300 likes and 625 retweets in a day. The whole live stream was filmed through a fisheye lens and featured Kanye West's new song, Kid Cudi, Chance the Rapper and DMX.

Although the who service is unavailable for streaming many YouTubers who were at the Sunday service uploaded clips of the performance. YouTuber, Angel Chavez uploaded a review of the performance (shown below, left). The video gained over 76,000 views in a day. TMZ also uploaded clips that day in a YouTube video entitled, "Kanye West's Sunday Service at Coachella a Star-Studded, Spiritual Show" (shown below, right). The video accumulated over 130,750 views and 1,700 likes in a day.

On April 21st, Twitter user @justmattbentley uploaded an edit with the Will Smith YouTube rewind intro to comment on the pinhole view (shown below). The video gained over 2,800 likes and 900 retweets in a day.

That same day, Twitter user @AssolutelyTrue[9] also commented on the pinhole view of the stream (shown below, left) which gained 400 likes in a day. Twitter user @rosseilertson[10] pointed out that the "kanye west sunday service stage at coachella" looks like Teletubbies scenery (shown below, right). The tweet gained over 900 likes and 200 retweets in a day.

Darling @AssolutelyTrue Just watching the service nbd #SundayService #Coachella@ 2:37 PM-21 Apr 2019 Ross Eilertson @rosseilertson kanye west sunday service stage at coachella BBC PICTURE ARCHIVES 12:45 PM - 21 Apr 2019

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Tags: kanye west, sunday service, yandhi, dance, synthesizer, yeezy, church, choir, gospel,

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