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"Le Reddit Army" is an ironic nickname for YouTube commenters who post intentionally inflammatory statements on the video-sharing site, often using roleplay accounts parodying various online stereotypes.


The earliest known reference to "le Reddit army" was in a post submitted by Redditor abenji on September 7th, 2012, which compared those who leave "reddit army" comments on YouTube to the Squeeze Toy Alien characters from the Toy Story films. Prior to being archived, the post gained over 1,900 votes (93% upvoted) on the /r/funny[10] subreddit. In the comments section, many speculated that 4chan users were posting the "le Reddit army" comments on YouTube in an attempt to embarrass Redditors.


In 2010, the French masculine singular definite article "le" became widely used on Reddit in rage comics. In 2011, 4chan users engaged in an online feud with 9gag users who referred to themselves as the "9gag army."


On September 27th, 2012, the Le-Reddit-Army[11] Reddit account was created. On December 30th, 2013, YouTuber SwampLabs uploaded a video titled "Le Reddit Army," featuring a slideshow of various subreddits and the site "9gag" repeated in the video description (shown below).

On June 10th, 2014, the r/RedditArmie[1] subreddit was created, which typically features screenshots of YouTube roleplay accounts mimicking various infamous Internet stereotypes, including self-proclaimed nice guys, atheists, fedora-wearers, feminists, meme enthusiasts, men's rights activists and Reddit evangelists.

L e Reddit Armie HQ REDDITARMIE hot 2 new rising controversial top gilded&promoted May Mays Applications YouTube Victories Reddit Victories WE MUST DESTROY 9GAGSWAGFAGs!!! SUBSCRIBET TO SMASH THE MEME STEALING MENACE. UPBOAT TODAY!

On September 3rd, the Berta Lovejoy[3] YouTube account was created, which leaves flamebait comments from the perspective of a feminist extremist on trending videos (shown below). On October 11th, Urban Dictionary[9] user KJFK submitted an entry for "le reddit army," defining the members as "Reddit trolls" who comment on links submitted to the /r/videos subreddit.

Berta Lovejoy 1 hour ago What a sickening video, music teacher, please set a positive example for these girls as they are the future of our society. "Rage Against The Machine" are famous for having lyrics that promote crime, especially the one in this video which is literally called "Killing in the Name" with constant references to murder. This band has also been known to promote anarchy and violence. This music teacher is raising a generation of violent females, it sickens me seeing this kind of sexist treatment of young females get so highly praised SE Berta Lovejoy, Feminist, Promoter Of Equality, Love, and Peace Reply. 52 ié

On November 12th, Redditor drumdiary released the "Hide Fedora" browser extension,[6] which automatically hides "le Reddit army" comments on YouTube. Several months later, the extension was featured in an article on The Daily Dot.[7] As of March 2015, the extension has over 67,000 users on Google Chrome and 7,600 users on Mozilla Firefox.

Hide Fedora Options Options Banned Profiles Banned Words Fedora removal method Hide (default) Show 'Report & Ban' button

Various Examples

Kaptain Kek 2 months ago (edited) Shared publicly As a moderator of r/science and and r/videos this is not the real reddit. Reddit is a place where people (like me) can have intellectual conversations about rich literature, fashion, the news, trending videos, the latest memes ect ect. It makes me sick that people are uploading biased videos about reddit and spreading the wrong message about our website. Reported. Joffrey Benedict 14 hours ago Redditor and professional meme analyst here. We should make this into an epic new le meme on Reddit. I'm sure Irladviceanimals would love to have this nice meme in its portfolio alongside Good Guy Glen and Insanity Dog. tips fedora - Joffrey Benedict, Reddit Gold user and elite atheist with an IQ of 116 Reply 74 6

Frederick von Rimfinger 36 minutes ago Redditor here, This is as phony as some God's blessing, and I implore you all to downvote this video like I did. True euphoria is achieved only through knowledge of the world via science, and never through cheap party tricks and illusions like levitating, turning water into wine, or rising from the dead after being crucified. Upships to the left if you're an atheist who knows how to think for himself! Frederick von Rimfinger, mod of Ir/atheism and thrice gilded Reddit user Larry Milkskin 16 minutes ago This 'man' can only be described as a weakling and a fool. He believes he is an alpha male just because he lifts weights and has had sex. In order to truly reach a peak physical appearance one must consume dairy, constantly. I myself drink a minimum of 7 bags of milk per hour. Look at me, perfection. This black man lacks the purity of a sparkling glass of white milk. Also, all men should wear a stylish fedora and grow a healthy beard. Reply . 4 ié タ!

kossxf(Reddit Gold user) 20 minutes ago (edited) Redditor here, and a thumbs up I give unto you! ("Reddit" is a website which features selfies with dogs, memes, movie posters, and enlightened discussion) Reply . 8 タ1 James Dickins 1 month ago As an anime fan, that sexy asian woman turns me on! Babe ive sent you some private messages pls respond and one day post to r/gonewild! Kind Regards, James Dickins, Ambassador Of Reddit. Reply 201 I

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RandomMan Moderator

in reply to Precious Roy

Wow what a disgusting meme. Its dankness is literally domestic towards true memers. It sickens me knowing that in today's memer society, this would have a meme entry on KnowYourMeme if the memer was a shitposter. Shame on KnowYourMeme for supporting memers getting #rekt.

RandomMan, Memer, Promotor of Dankness, Euphoria, and SWAG.

Precious Roy
Precious Roy Moderator

As a moderator of Know Your Meme, one of the premier meme documentation websites on the Internet, I can say with certainty that Le Reddit Armie is, in fact, a meme. I have seen this on at least five (5) different videos on the website YouTube, and as every true memer knows, many memes come from YouTube. I can confidently say that I await the day for this article to be confirmed by my fellow moderators.


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