Luigi's Bulge

Luigi's Bulge

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Luigi's Bulge refers to the discussion about a screenshot of Luigi as he appears in Mario Tennis Aces in which he appears to have the protrusion of a penis visible in his shorts. The discussion was similar to that which followed the reveal of Mario's Nipples.


On March 8th, 2018, Nintendo uploaded a screenshot of Luigi from the upcoming Nintendo Switch game Mario Tennis Aces (shown below).[1]


On March 10th, 2018, Twitter user @cubeyrose posted a zoomed-in screenshot of Luigi's crotch, suggesting his shorts had a slight bulge from a penis, gaining over 2,100 retweets (shown below, left). On March 12th, Twitter user @fastjellyfish uploaded the shot saying "satoru iwata died so we could an HD photo of Luigi’s bulge," gaining 19 retweets and 65 likes (shown below, right).

yung vegetal Follow @cubeyrose hey nintendo, do you really have to make these renders so anatomically correct 9:20 PM-10 Mar 2018 sarah左 @fastjellyfish Follow satoru iwata died so we could an HD photo of Luigi's bulge

Meanwhile, a Tumblr post about the bulge by user @fortooate[2] gained over 15,000 notes, as he later responded to the post by mathematically calculating the size of Luigi's penis based on the screenshot (shown below).

300 px therefore 28 in 3.7 in (flaccid)

The popularity of that post was referenced on Twitter afterwards. A popular tweet by @comics212 stated that the difference between Twitter and Tumblr is that Twitter discussed the bulge with disgust whereas Tumblr users responded with fascination (shown below). The reactions were covered by Daily Dot[3] and Comicbook.[4]

Christopher Butcher @Comics212 Follow The difference between Tumblr and Twitter is that Twitter users are all upset about Luigi's d--- bulge because they're so f------ basic and Tumblr users are doing Algebra to figure out that it's roughly 3.7" flacid and they're so happy for him to have a d---.

Various Examples

Haruharu @HARUHARUpinku ( Follow ) I'm sorry does Luigi have a l bulge? real housewife of western sydney Follow ) ﹀ @kyliejenitals omg luigi's bulge voided @voidedーー Follow Replying to @GameTheoryRejct Game theory: How big is luigi's massive bulge? 11:30 AM-15 Mar 2018 Your Personal Squishicist Follow DrakkarVance 2017: Mario's n------ 2018: Luigi's bulge 2019: Bowser's ass Here's hoping... 12:37 PM-15 Mar 2018 Toad @thatunotoad Followv The fact people are tying to figure out Luigi's d--- size because of Mario Tennis Aces artwork proves how disgusting most of you are and that human race is a mistake 12:39 AM-15 Mar 2018 Jamey ®j_belin Follow Luigi has a bulge in the new Mario Tennis game, and the internet is losing its mind! See the ding-dong and fan reactions here" is a statement I had to read with my own eyes so now you all have to suffer too. 2:17 PM-15 Mar 2018

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