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Angry Luigi Greentexts refers to a quote tweet train of jokes and memes written in the style of Greentext Stories in which a person points out an obvious contradiction between the title and content of a piece of media, usually related to video games. The posts often feature a low-resolution JPEG of Luigi with an angry expression.


On March 16th, 2024, Twitter / X user @glitchxperidot[1] quote-tweeted a deleted account called @drowsy_exeac with a joke about a song called "Too Slow" that speeds up, complete with a low-resolution JPG of Luigi. The tweet gained over 480 retweets and 4,400 likes in four days, as well as 143 quote tweets (shown below).

G @glitchxperidot > Song is called Too Slow > It speeds up P This Post is from an account that no longer exists. Learn more

It's possible the first version of the meme was posted by @droswy_exeac on or before March 16th, 2024, but the original tweet has not been archived.


The tweet inspired several quote tweet chains jumping off it. Prominent examples include a March 17th, 2024, tweet by user @Settacutie[2] joking about Pizza Tower that gained over 2,300 retweets, 17,000 likes and 660 quote-tweets in three days (shown below, left), and a March 17th tweet by @No_Context_BC[3] about the game Battle Cats, gaining over 270 retweets, 3,600 likes and 50 quote-tweets in three days (shown below, right).

Setta @Settacutie > Game is called Pizza Tower > The tower is clearly made out of bricks No Context Battle Cats @No_Context_BC > Game is called Battle Cats > You battle literally everything except cats

Other high engagement examples include a March 18th tweet by Twitter user @AliceZakat[4] about Hollow Knight that gained over 1,300 retweets and 16,000 likes in three days (shown below, left), and a March 17th tweet by @_Ochacon24[5] about Five Nights at Freddy's that gained over 1,500 retweets and 18,000 likes in three days (shown below, right).

AliceZakat ⭑ @AliceZaKat >Game is called "Hollow Knight" >The knight is filled with orange juice Gabe @ Ochacon24 >Game is called 'Five Nights At Freddy's' >There's an 6th night

Various Examples

Miss Snowy @MissSnowy Owl >Game is called 'Honkai Impact 3rd' >The impact is depression and yuri PA : killdozerowner718 @killdozerowner >the game is "Lobotomy Corporation" >you dont get lobotomized : DizzyFizz @SwaggerSoda >Game is called Hello Neighbor >You don't say hello to the neighbor at all PA : baconpancake66 @baconpancake66 >game is called luigi's mansion 3 >takes place in a hotel Teedgee™ #CeaseFireNOW @TeedgeeOfficial >Game is called Untitled Goose Name >lt has a title ...

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