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Trans Luigi

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Trans Luigi refers to a fan theory that Nintendo character Luigi is transgender. The theory is fueled by several instances in Nintendo lore in which Luigi seems eager to take on female identity and picked up steam after Nintendo explicitly said that the Super Crown item in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe could only be used with Toadette, adding "Sorry Luigi!" to the item's description.


On January 4th, 2019, ResetEra forums member JB2448 submitted a thread titled "It's canon that only Toadette can use the Super Crown," which contained a screenshot from the official New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe website stating "Sorry Luigi – only Toadette can use this item!" (shown below).

SUPEn MARIO BROS.U DELUXE. SUPER-SIZED ADVENTURE CHARACTERS GAME MODES BUY NOW » Mushrooms and more . Give Mario and friends a boost with these popular power-ups. ew ew SUPER CROWNh When Toadette finds one of these, she can transform into the super-powered Peachette. (Sorry Luigi-only


The reference to Luigi in the New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe fueled fan theories that Luigi is trans. That day, several tweets were posted lending credence to the theory. For example, Twitter user @joffeorama posted several popular tweets that stated Nintendo's apparent joke about Luigi made it canon that they "low-key" dropped that "Luigi wants to transition"[1] (shown below, left). User @kob_critic posted fan art of Luigi in front of a Trans Lesbian Pride Flag (shown below, right).

Michaela Joffe @joffeorama Follow Everyone is focusing in toadette's exclusivity with the super crown and not nintendo low-key dropping that luigi wants to transition 4:24 PM-4 Jan 2019 498 Retweets 1,952 Likes 22 498 2.0K Tweet your reply Michaela Joffe @joffeorama Jan 4 Luigi is a girl and l am here for her. 6 t 70 916 Michaela Joffe @joffeorama Jan 4 Sorry brands, you cant make jokes like that anymore because we're just going to intentionally take them sincerely. She's ours now Kayla @kob_critic Follow Trans Lesbian Luigi pride flag Translate Tweet 6:25 PM -6 Jan 2019

Other Twitter users noted that this was not the first time in Nintendo lore that Nintendo had made reference to Luigi being interested in acting more feminine. User @TheTasteofALiar[2] pointed to several images from Nintendo's canon which illustrated the point: that Luigi is the Queen piece in Mario Chess; a comic still of Luigi saying he enjoyed wearing Princess Peach's clothes; and a portion of Mario and Luigi SuperStar Saga where Luigi dresses as Peach to trick Bowletta. Daily Dot[3] also pointed out that the Mama Luigi meme spawned from the Super Mario World television series added to Luigi's history of being open to gender fluidity.

Supper Mario Broth @MarioBrothBlog Despite containing both a Princess Peach and a Princess Daisy piece, the licensed Super Mario Chess set does not designate either of them as a Queen piece, making them both Bishops. Instead, Luigi is chosen to be the Queen piece. rces: user " ebay.comfitmれ22806211487; ebay, com user'bitrey", ebay.comitm,132345710 8/15/18, 11:21 AM О.К., LUIGI GIVE ME BACK MY GOWN. I DONT KNOW... I'M BEGINNING TO LIKE IT. 3 GAME BOYADVANCE

In response to the dialogue, some users pointed out that the examples used to support the "Trans Luigi" theory only proved that Luigi was okay with cross dressing and may not be trans.[3][4]

Various Examples

Sharon/Cicabe @Cicabeot1 Follow Luigi is a trans woman. miggs66wmiggsboson What if...Luigi DIDN'T stick to his duds? @MarioBrothBlog Translate Tweet traaaaaaannnnnnnnnns @traaaaaaannnnns Follow When Nintendo tries to cancel Bowsette but now people have decided that both Bowsette and Luigi are trans girls 0. IF YOU WANT TO, YOU DON'T NEED A POWER-LIP TO BE A GIRL Holly 'Holly Deer' Deer @hOllydeer Follow cant believe people are citing this as "nintendo contirms bowsette will never happen" and not "nintendo confirms Luigi is trans" popular power-ups. blue @bluepictur Let. Luigi. Wear. The. Crown. Let. Luigi. Wear. The. Crown. Let. Luigi. Wear. The. Crown. Let. Luigi. Wear. The. Crown. SUPER CROWN When Toadette finds one of these, she Show this thread 8:52 PM-4 Jan 2019 from Mansfield, OH Candy-kat! @katvespa Follow Nintendo: HIGH KEY implies that Luigi wants to transition cishets: aww so this means that l actually CANT f--- bowser? 9 3:26 AM-6 Jan 2019 Michaela Joffe @joffeorama Follow Extra Life What do you think, Gina? 7:18 PM -5 Jan 2019

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