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#MasculinitySoFragile is a Twitter hashtag used to call out and mock stereotypical male behaviors that align with the feminist concept of "toxic masculinity," which asserts that certain attributes of the Western machismo archetype can be self-detrimental to those who embrace them.


Starting on December 2nd, 2013, Twitter user @puppydogexpress[10] posted several tweets with the hashtag #MascunilinitySoFragile, which contained jokes referring to the word masculinity as if it were a frail human being (shown below).

Puppyboy Follow @puppydogexpress #MasculinitySoFragile it needs a sponge bath 4:16 PM 2 Dec 2013 Puppyboy @puppydogexpress Follow #MasculinitySoFragile it needs to be buffed and polished once a day 4:25 PM 2 Dec 2013 Puppyboy @puppydogexpress Follow #MasculinitySoFragile it needs to take calcium supplements each morning 12:53 AM -3 Dec 2013 わ 다2 ★8

For nearly two years, the hashtag was seldom used. On June 16th, 2015, BuzzFeed[1] published a listicle featuring tweets mocking the target demographic for products and advertisements featuring stereotypically macho packaging, brand names and slogans (shown below).

HOW TO STYLE A MASCULINE BED READ & SHO KennTMR @k3nnr FolloW This is something sent to me in an email by @trnknyc Masculinity is such a fragile concept. 1:40 PM 20 May 2015 CBD, Denver, United States 다 17 *17 NEVER BE GAME OVER @milkandcooki Follow i need a tactical grip on my man soap so i won't drop and shatter my fragile masculinity 9:25 AM-31 Mar 2015 わ 다 1,250 ★1,643 Man Grenade Bath Blaster epper and Rosemary pure essential ots help to refresh and invigorate dt the soul in and enjay the bath of hera' with its explotive rush of Black Belle Jar @BelleJarTeam Follow Traditional masculinity seems... fragile 3:21 PM 1 May 2015 わ 다67 ★73


On September 23rd, BuzzFeed[5] published another compilation of tweets mocking products displaying overtly macho themes (shown below).

Ultra liquid dish soap BUILT FORMEN SOAPY WATER Makes our finest soapy water for dishes and other tough projects HERO CLEAN Dish Soa HERO I. EAN 6.99 Big Gay Christopher @onebrightlight Follow Masculinity is so fragile, episode number 543,679 4:25 PM - 12 Sep 2015 わ ロ2,478 ★ 2,125 OTTER MAN CHOCOLAI "Absolutely no sharing petmited) y) 『世界の終わり』 Follow Today in Fragile masculinity 12:52 PM 12 Sep 2015 다26 ★13 cin Dandruff iller Kiter ORIGINAL SOURCE TINGLE ampoo XXX MINT emma beale @bealerrr Follow masculinity is so fragile their soap has to be marketed as something that leads to pain and death 6:44 AM-18 Aug 2015 わ 다23 ★19

That day, Twitter users began using the hashtag #MasculinitySoFragile[2] in tweets mocking American machismo culture (shown below). Meanwhile, several news sites published articles about the hashtag, including Bustle,[12] AskMen,[3] The Mary Sue[13] and Mic.[14] According to the Twitter analytics site Topsy,[22] the hashtag was mentioned over 80,800 times in the first 24 hours.

Bailey Follow 浀@the_author_ #MasculinitySoFragile men haven't learned how to separate criticism of masculinity as a construct from criticism of them as individual men 8:23 AM - 23 Sep 2015 わ 다 1,616 ★ 1,798 blige '- @THECAROLDANVERS Follow #MasculinitySoFragile that some men feel that to prove themselves as a "real man" they have to be disrespectful to women and demean them 10:50 AM 23 Sep 2015 わ 다 377 ★358 Brandon Evers @BrandonEvrs Follow #MasculinitySoFragile Straight guys live in fear of being objectified/harassed by gay guys. Basically being treated the way they treat girls 10:32 AM 23 Sep 2015 わ 다 1,304 ★1,246 meek's inside voice @delafro Follow #MasculinitySoFragile that a very intelligent, secure. confident woman who provides for herself is seen as "intimidating" & a threat. 11:07 AM 23 Sep 2015 277 ★229

Meanwhile, other Twitter users began hijacking the hashtag with sarcastic tweets mocking social justice issues.[7][8] Additionally, critics of feminism began posting similar tweets with the hashtag #FeminismSoFragile[9] (shown below).

Doctor Ethics @ltalyGG Follow #MasculinitySoFragile in a nutshell MASCULINITY IS SO FRAGILE! BUT AREN'T YOU THE ONES WHO ADVOCATE FOR SAFE SPACES, SPEECH POLICE AND TRIGGER WARNINGS TO BE INSTITUTIONALIZED TO PROTECT WOMEN FROM THEIR OWN FRAGILITY? WOW THAT'S HARASSMENT AND TRIGGERING! YOU'RE HURTING MY FEELINGS RIGHT NOW! WE ARE STRONG INDIPENDENT WOMEN WHO YET WANT TO BE SHELTERED BY ANYTHING THAT REMOTELY CHALLENGES OUR OPINIONS RETWEETSFAVORITES 2:58 PM -23 Sep 2015 Following Chloe Price @Dekashoko #MasculinitySoFragile they try to ban posters that show people who're in better shape than them. hang on a second Follow Miranda Fay @mirandafay I committed an act of civil disobedience last week and it felt glorious @VagendaMagazine @EverydaySexism pic.twitter.com/4jl8vbnulU 5:45 AM-22 Apr 2015 RE YOU BEACH BODY EADY? THE WEIGHTLOos COLLECTION ep tp men わ 185 ★204 RETWEETS FAVORITES 659 7:20 AM -23 Sep 2015 924 I'm Not Google @RemyNorth # Follow #feminismSofragile it has to start new HTS like #masculinitySofragile every 5 seconds to vent the movement's deluded, cartoonish hysteria. RETWEETS FAVORITES 76 106 5:58 AM-23 Sep 2015 23

On 4chan that day, a thread about the hashtag was submitted to the /pol/[6] (politics) board, where many accused the tweets of being a type of flamebait. Also on September 23rd, Redditor frozen-silver submitted a post titled "Some irony from the #MasculinitySoFragile" to /r/TumblrInAction,[4] featuring a screenshot of a #MasculinitySoFragile post juxtaposed next to tweets defending the use of trigger warnings (shown below).

#MasculinitySoFragile that the mere act of observing its fragility is enough to send men into a rage-spiral, which actually proves the point 8:12 AM 23 Sep 15 56 RETWEETS 72 FAVORITES I have a 15-minute academic presentation, and I use a trigger warning. You know how long it takes? ~10 seconds. 8:15 AM 18 May 14 1 RETWEET 3 FAVORITES 18 May 14 If 10 seconds out of my short presentation is enough to make my audience a little safer, how is 2 lines on a syllabus a terrifying burden? わ

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