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#McDStories was a promotional Twitter hashtag created by fast food chain restaurant McDonalds in mid-January 2012. McDonalds hoped that users would use the hashtag to share fond memories but consisted mostly of criticism and general negativity.


The campaign began on January 18th when the official McDonald's Twitter account[1] began using the hashtag #MeetTheFarmers, highlighting unique profiles[2] of three different farmers who supply the company with potatoes, lettuce, and beef. The hashtag #McDStories was then used to point people to the main Supplier Stories section of their homepage.



Nearly immediately after the hashtag campaign was launched as promotional posts on Twitter, users began telling either horror stories about the food, the employees, or the conditions of local restaurants. WebProNews[3] was the first to pick up on the tweets on January 21st, 2012. Over the next several days, the hashtag's failure was covered by the Huffington Post[6], the LA Times[7], Forbes[8], the Telegraph[9], The Next Web[10], Mashable[11], and the UK Daily Mail.[12] Between the 20th and 24th, McDonald's stock went down 3%[13], and on the 25th, Twitter Sentiment[14] registered 68% of the tweets with the #McDStories hashtag were negative.

#MCDSTORIES HashTracking.com Report 246 tweets generated 199,903 impressions, reaching an 87 retweets 14 @mentions audience of 161,168 followers within the past 24 hours Calculated from up to about 1500 tweets | Generated Wed Feb 01 2012 17:3611 GMT-0500 145 original twee (EST)

By January 25th, the @McDonalds account had been completely rebranded[15] for a new campaign for a popcorn chicken product, which went off with much less negativity. The same day, Buzzfeed[16] highlighted some of their favorite horror stories.

Official Statement

Rick Wion, the social media director for the company, admitted on January 25th[4] that the campaign was a failure within the first hour. While the official McDonald's Twitter account only used the hashtag twice, during the two hours of promotion, it was used over 1600 times. However, tweets with the hashtag only accounted for 2% of all McDonald's mentions that day.[5]

Notable Examples

乡Follow 』- Esam Sultan @esamsultan I remember in Kent with @fabrebash4 years ago he nearly choked on bones in his nuggets. They gave him £2 refund so all was good #McDStories 2:58 PM-24 Jan 12 via Twitter for iPhone Embed this Tweet Following healthy_food @healthy_food @McDonalds cheeseburger a few years ago I ate a and got food poisoning so bad that I had to get hospitalized. That is my #mcdstories 7:52 PM -24 Jan 12 via web Embed this Tweet と! Follow Michaela Louise @4LifePretty My brother finding a fake finger nail in his fries. #McDStories RETWEETS 4:56 PM-18 Jan 12 via Mobile Web Embed this Tweet
PETA @peta Follow #McDStories: Liquid chicken nuggets 13 Retweeted by Kaylee Buxton 50+ bit.ly/qA6Tkp Who's hungry for @McDonalds? RETWEETSFAVORITES STOP SOPA {와 5:38 PM-18 Jan 12 via HootSuite Embed this Tweet Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Follow Chef Michael Smith @chefMICHAELsmth Long road trip> bored> pulled through McDonalds drive thru for a Big Mac just so I could toss it out the sun roof at 140km/hr! #McDstories 3 16 RETWEETS FAVORITES 5:45 PM-31 Jan 12 via web Embed this Tweet Follow Kendall Thornton @kendallSF I almost had a McDonald's relapse...then I saw the #McDStories campaign. Cravings gone, forever. read.bi/yACzE4 4 FAVORITES RETWEETS 1:37 PM-24 Jan 12 via web Embed this Tweet

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@Quentin Things don't exactly work that way.

The truth is, the food is poorly made. However, the source of this issue does not lay in the overarching corporation of Mcdonald's (like would qualify a total shutdown), it's reliant in the working conditions of each individually owned branch; every store of McDonald's has its own manager, and therefore it's run its own specific way. Therefore, you could have some McDonald's from the slums that is a borderline rat's nest, but you could also have one that serves the highest quality of food imaginable.

So, because of the franchise's industrial based roots and history of basis in densely urban areas, the food [i]is[/i] poor quality. However, the corporation is not solely to blame, and this little event was a bit disproportionate in my opinion. Oh well. With those figures and the quality of this article, I can't argue with the memeticism of this specific event.

+1 confirm.


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