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#McChicken is a Twitter hashtag referring to a video of a man masturbating with a bread bun, purportedly taken from a McChicken sandwich ordered at the fast food restaurant McDonald's. The shock video was widely discussed online after it began circulating on social media in late August 2016, becoming a subject of mockery in communities like Black Twitter.


On August 27th, 2016, a 7-second video of a man vigorously masturbating between a McDonald's hamburger bun began circulating on Vine.[1] Although the original video was subsequently removed, mirrors were immediately reuploaded on a variety of websites. Additionally, a censored, audio-only version was uploaded by YouTuber TheCrazyGinger (shown below).


That evening, the video began circulating on Twitter, leading the hashtag #McChicken[7] to trend worldwide on the social networking site.

hrznひJefferyひleader& @HrznLMN Follow When you click the #McChicken trend thinking you finna get a discount, but you see why it's really trending 12:27 PM 28 Aug 2016 わt3. 380 516 CATCHPHRASE JONES @TySenpai Follow "We going viral tonight baby, bout to drop that tape on the timeline'·#McChicken 6:22 AM -28 Aug 2016 다 577 689 jack @scobes Follow "be my mcchicken" 12:09 PM-28 Aug 2016 わt3899 1,162

Additionally, several celebrities tweeted about the trending hashtag, including actor Seth Rogen and comedian Hannibal Buress (shown below).

Hannibal Buress @hannibalburess Follow My lense is messed up because I saw Mcchicken trendin and saw the vid and thought "this can't be it" and started looking for something else 5:38 AM - 28 Aug 2016 わ다 161 681 Seth Rogen @Sethrogen I really hope that Sausage Party in no way inspired this #McChicken thing 8:55 PM 28 Aug 2016 3,518雙7,728

On August 28th, the video was sticked to the front page of the /r/BlackPeopleTwitter[6] subreddit. Meanwhile, Twitch user FragileHedgehogVoHiYo looked up why the hashtag was trending during a live stream and inadvertently showed the uncensored McChicken video to his entire audience.[3] On YouTube, several vloggers posted reactions to the video (shown below).

Also on August 28th, Urban Dictionary[2] user A Random My Guy submitted an entry for "McChicken," defining it as "when as person takes a McChicken and starts to jerk themselves off." In the coming days, several news sites published articles about the masturbation video, including BroBible,[9] The Mirror,[10] Yahoo! News,[11] Mashable,[12] Inquisitr[13] and UpRoxx.[14]

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