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Meme Lover

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Meme Lover, also known as Meet the Banes, is an adult film produced by Brazzers in which a young woman is introduced to a family whose members are all dressed in the costume of Bane, a super-villain character in DC Comics' Batman franchise prominently featured as the main antagonist in the 2012 live-action superhero film The Dark Knight Rises. Since its release in August 2014, the film has garnered online notoriety and fandom for incorporating many internet memes into its plot and character dialogues, most notably the phenomenon of Baneposting on 4chan.


In August 2014, the American adult entertainment production company Brazzers released an adult film titled Nocturnal Activities, in which a man performs an impression of Bane from The Dark Knight Rises while wearing a pair of women's underwear over his face. On October 15th, YouTuber machinegoblin uploaded a clip of the scene (shown below).

On December 15th, 2015, director Richard Bush created a thread on 4chan’s /b/ (random) board asking viewers to suggest their favorite memes to be featured in an adult film scene titled “Meme Lover” (shown below).

screenshot of a post on a 4chan board made by adult film director Dick Bush asking about people's favorite memes for a future porno


In February 2016, Brazzers released the film Meme Lover, which stars the same actor who performed the Bane impression in Nocturnal Activities. In the film, a man introduces his girlfriend to his parents who are both costumed as Bane, before engaging in sexual intercourse with her while quoting various meme references. On February 16th, YouTuber Trendzz uploaded a safe for work edit of the film, which gathered upwards of 320,000 views and 230 comments (shown below).

On February 24th, Redditor crime_and_oats posted a screenshot of a thread about the film to /r/4chan,[4] where it gathered upwards of 8,200 votes (96% upvoted) and 520 comments in three months (shown below). The following day, Redditor Trionout submitted the film to the /r/WTF[5] subreddit.

various 4chan comments reacting to the meme lover adult movie

On February 26th, YouTuber OfficialDuckStudios uploaded a video of himself reacting to the film (shown below). On March 1st, the internet news site Dorkly published an article about the film. That same day, an edited version of the film was submitted to /r/videos,[6] where it received upwards of 5,200 votes (89% upvoted) and 620 comments.

Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just

On June 1st, 2016, the Trendzz YouTube channel uploaded a trailer for the sequel "Meme Lover 2: Dawn of Just," featuring references to various memes, including Just, Dubs Guy and Damn Daniel (shown below). The following day, an article about the sequel was published on The Daily Dot.[1]

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