Mind goblin MTG card depicting the "creature" and "goblin sorcerer."

Mind Goblin

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Mind Goblin is a Ligma-type joke that involves one person baiting another into asking about mind goblins and then responding "mind goblin deez nuts" ("mind gobbling these nuts?"). The joke saw use online since May 2021, spreading over the following years. Additionally, "mind goblin" is an earlier slang expression coined by Super Best Friends Play used to describe gaming quirks rooted in psychology, such as never using potions or money, looting every container, etc.


Gaming Slang

In gaming culture, and in the Super Best Friends Play community in particular, "mind goblin" is a term used to describe a quirk, usually detrimental to gameplay and enjoyment of the game, rooted in the gamer's psychological traits. A common "mind goblin" is one's perceived necessity to hoard useful items, saving them for "a big moment," often resulting in never making use of them.

The term was coined by Paige Boivin,[1] the wife of Pat Bolvin of Super Best Friends Play YouTube channel, sometime before April 2019,[2] and was popularized by Pat and other members of the channel in subsequent years.

Pat Stares At Perfect Best Baby Ever @PatStaresAt I feel the need to point out that @PeachSaliva is the one who coined the mind goblins term. I think she said it to me on our first date. Sylem @Sylem_G. Jul 3 Replying to @ThrowUpTheHorns and @PatStaresAt Its a term invented by Pat used to talk about parts of a game's design that are a build up of tiny little annoyances that hit some player's psychology harder than others, compounding to not just ruin someone's experience, but to go as far as causing actual anxiety attacks. : 1:24 PM Jul 3, 2023 · 34.3K Views

Bait Joke

On May 20th, 2021, Redditor digbickenergee made the earliest found post with a Ligma-type bait joke exploiting the similar pronunciation of "mind goblin" and "mind gobbling." The post, a screenshot of a Discord conversation in which a person falls for the bait, received nearly 50 upvotes in the /r/Ligma[3] subreddit in two years (shown below).

Today at 1:25 PM the mind goblins you have to fight in winterspring are so annoying Today at 2:00 PM mind goblins ? Today at 2:00 PM 75 mind goblin deez nuts? Today at 2:00 PM GIF


The bait joke received further spread online through the June to August period of 2021. For example, on July 14th, 2021, YouTuber[4] and streamer Sips posted a clip in which he baited the chat into asking him about the mind goblin. The video (shown below) received over 44,000 views in two years.

In July 2021, a three-panel On Your Left meme captioned with the joke format saw viral spread on Facebook[5] and Instagram[6] (shown below, left). On August 22nd, 2021, iFunny[7] user HystericalPosts posted a screenshot of a Snapchat conversation in which a person falls for the bait. The post (shown below, right) was featured and received over 55,200 smiles in two years.

What is a Mind Goblin? Watch out for the Mind Goblins G Mind Goblin deez nuts ME Jesse Murphy Bruh you ever play mind goblins? JESSE MURPHY Nope What's that? Goddamnit F--- you ME TODAY Mind goblin these nuts bitch

Various Examples

bbeg: ever fought a mind goblin before? bard: what the f--- is a mind goblin? bbeg: p You fool, you fell victim made with mematicone of the classic blunders. HEY DID YOU GET TO THE MIND-GOMBLIN BOSS YET IN ELDEM RIMG? MIND-GOBLIN? YEAH - MIND GOBLIM DESE NUTS? @OWLBFARDOGE Rick I love you, but my time draws short. Remember to watch out for the mind goblin. imhoter Mummy-Posting MEMEHOTEP'S MUMMY MEMES Mind Goblin? What's that? Mind Goblin Deez Nutz! Ha Got em! *Dies*
Value & Time @valueandtime Mind goblin = 1, Radioshack = 0 GD ← 10:45 PM Ratioshack 1:04 PM Jun 15, 2022 Today Tf are mind goblins Hey guys. Do you plan on minting mind goblins??? i 10:45 PM✔✓ MIND GOBLIN DEZE NUTS : What is it? More mind goblins? youtube/Geometeus What's mind goblins? Mind Goblin these nuts Imao. amph Today at 2:20 PM does anyone remember any patch where kannas shikigami haunting size was nerfed Shigatsu Today at 2:20 PM I would always trade 4% boss for 40 atk if that's what u asking wagreN Today at 2:20 PM lol dumb question from me when i think about it @amph where kannas shikigami haunting size was nerfed wagreN Today at 2:20 PM yeah it was when they added the mind goblins amph Today at 2:21 PM mind goblin ?? @amph mind goblin ?? wagreN Today at 2:21 PM

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