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Yuritarded, also known as Yuri Tarded, is a false named used in a practical joke based on a wordplay of the pejorative expression "you're retarded." This is commonly used when the prankster prompts "Do you know Yuri?" The mark of the prank responds, "Who is Yuri?" Finally, the prankster states the punchline: "Yuritarded" (similar to Ligma, Saw Con, Joe Mama)


The practical joke has existed prior to its internet usage. As such the earliest available usage of the expression comes from ForgeHub.com[1] user sleekzero on September 30th, 2010. Responded to a thread about the "funniest gamer tags," sleezero offered, "dixie normous" and "yuri tarded" (shown below).

dixie normous yuri tarded. both hilarious! sleekzero Legendary Messages: 15 sleekzero, Sep 30, 2010 #43 Likes Received:


Over the next decade, the phrase continued to appear on various platforms. For example, on March 15th, 2017, Instagram [2] user @phillippines_ball_ posted a series of photographs of two cats and wrote, "Yuri Tarded" (shown below, left).

The following year, December 15th, 2018, iFunny [3] user viper_king shared a text conversation that featured the joke (shown below, right).

phillippines_ball_ ° Follow phillippines ball_ Yuri Tarded 136w 20 likes MARCH 15, 2017 Add a comment... Post MMS Do you guys know Yuri? 7:51 PM Isabella (Izzy) MMS Yuri what 7:52 PM Ladies and Gents we gottem MMS MMS Yuri Tarded 7:52 PM Isabella (Izzy) MMS ? 7:53 PM MMS Read it 7:53 PM Isabella (Izzy) MMS Ok thanks 7:53 PM Isaiah Ooooohohohohohoggohogoho you got her Lmaooooo MMS 7:56 PM

On October 9th, 2019, Redditor TheMofoHeister shared a text conversation that featured the joke on the /r/ligma[5] subreddit (shown below, left).

On October 14th, 2019, Redditor[4] strugglingpaint posted a Joe Mama joke on the /r/dankmemes subreddit that received more than 35,000 points (89% upvoted) and 230 comments (shown below, right). They captioned the meme "Heard about yuri?"

TheMofoHeister Today at 1o:26 PM Christ did guys you know Yuri just died? Cedited The Bloody Hand of Scallop Creek Today at 10:55 PM Who is Yuri? And sorry to hear TheMofo Heister Today at 10:55 PM @The Bloody Hand of Scallop Creek YURITARDED!! The Bloody Hand of Scallop Creek Today at 10:55 PM Well damn got me TheMofoHeister Today at 1o:55 PM damn right I did Heard about yuri? (.redd.it) submitted 10 days ago by strugglingpaint 236 comments share save hide give award report crosspost get spooked 69% 4:20 AM Messages Dad Details Did you hear about Joe? What's Joe? Who's Joe* Joe Mama Wait Well, well, WelI, how the turntableso

Various Examples

Do you know what happened to Yuri? Jetzt Yuri-tarded ifu think that will work Fuck Nachricht wird gesendet... Lol nope no money thanks to yuri 16:23 who tf is yuri + 16:33 Yu ritard Yo hi Do you know Candice is she related to mike? No but she's joes brother H i thought he passed away from ligma No he still alive he lives in sugondese i thought that places got renamed to Sugma omegle.com Yeah I think so It's in russia Where yuri lives who's yuri We did it, Mr.Stark we won.
Мом Where are you? I'm with yuri Who's Yuri? Yuri tarded Yuri dopted There's always a bigger fish. toml Soap: Makarovknows...Yuri.. Price Whose Yuri?! AHA Do you know yuri? 5:42 pm No 5:43 pm yuri-tarded 5:43 pm No u 5:43 pm

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