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Saw Con

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Saw Con refers to posts mentioning fictional event named "Saw Con" or "Sawcon," made with the intention to lure readers into inquiring about the event, with the author or other comments proceeding to reply "saw con deez nuts" or similar responses," which, when said aloud, sounds similar to "suck on these nuts." First gaining popularity together with Ligma and other similar jokes in July 2018, Saw Con variation maintained popularity through the following year.


The earliest known usage of "Saw Con" format was posted in a tweet by Twitter[8] user @Rhymestle on June 17th, 2018 in response to a "Ligma" joke (shown below). However, it is likely that the format had been used prior to this, either offline or in private chat.

Iron Rhyme @Rhymestyle Jun 16, 2018 B 34 BardockObama Today 11:47 PM Dawg did you hear what happened with ligma? Who Ligma my balls 15 t 81 686 Yinzer Prinny @GuardianPrinny Replying to@Rhymestyle Good thing he didn't ask you about SAWCON. 12:34 AM Jun 17, 2018 Twitter for iPhone


On July 2nd, 2018 by Twitter [1] user @moobesor8 in a conversation with Twitter user @Lol_masamune (shown below, left).

On July 24th, 2018, Urban Dictionary [2] user SarcasticHandjob defined the "Saw Con," "'Saw Con' when said out loud sounds like 'Suck on', and should be followed by 'deez nuts!' , very much ligma." The post received more than 250 upvotes in about a year and a half (shown below, right).

RGF ZENMA - ZGZ - SSC - F$B - DMG MOOBESOR Jul 2, 2018 Down throw RAR Nair PP jab turnaround grab down throw SAWCON airdodge read dair with falcon 4 ti 1 10 AOI MasaBOOne why are you tweeting my clips loser @LOL_masamune Jul 2, 2018 1 1 RGF ZENMA - ZGZ - SSC - F$B - DMG - MOOBESOR . Jul 2,2018 Wait did you already land this 1 2 AOIMasaBOOne @LoL_masamune Jul 2, 2018 what is sawcon again t1 2 1 RGF ZENMA ZGZ - SSC - F$B - DMG MOOBESOR @moobesor8 Replying to @Lolmasamune SAWCON DEEZ NUTZ 1:23 PM Jul 2, 2018 Twitter for Android > TOP DEFINITION Saw Con "Saw Con" when said out loud sounds like "Suck on", and should be followed by "deez nuts!", very much Ligma. Brady: Hey man, you ever been to Saw Con? Chad: No. What's Saw Con? Brady: Saw Con deez nuts! #ligma #deez nuts #goteem by SarcasticHandjob July 24, 2018

That day, Twitch [3] user phiggins_ shared a clip entitled "xQc invites Harbleu to SawCon." The post received more than 58,000 views in about a year and a half (shown below, left).

Two days later, on July 26th, Redditor [4] retardo shared the video on the /r/OverwatchTMZ subreddit. The post received more than 540 points (98% upvoted) as of October 2019.

On July 28th, Redditor[5] FortressX "Sawcon" and "Saw-Con" were included on the "Ligma Variants Masterpost" on the /r/Ligma subreddit. The post received more than 785 points (100% upvoted) in about a year and a half.

The following day, Redditor[6] dijiboy123 shared in the /r/madlads a screenshot of a conversation from YouTube comments that includes the joke. As of October 2019, the post received 35,000 points (94% upvoted) and 250 comments (shown below, center).

The following year, On October 6th, Redditor[7] -the-bourgeoisie- shared a screenshot that included the joke in a text conversation between two sexual partners. The post received more than 83,000 points (88% upvoted) and 1,000 comments in two days (shown below, right).

GAMERFOR DAYZ 10 hours ago ARE U DIAGNOSED WITH LIGMA? Reply 1 Rafi Acuy 10 hours ago what's ligma? Reply 1 Someone you don't know Rafi Acuy ligma balls Reply 23 minutes ago Rafi Acuy 18 minutes ago but what is ligma? is that something from Saw Con? Reply RekSai88 2minutes ago what the f--- is Saw Con? do you serioushly not get it? Reply Rafi Acuy 1second ago sawcon my d--- Reply R eoo Rogers LTE 4:59 PM 69% Messages Details Hey babe, I'm so sorry but I think I might have ligma You might want to get yourself tested H-------- isn't that like updog?!?!! No, not that bad. It's kinda like sawcon Oh f---, how can you be such a bofa?!?!! Ik, I think I got it from Joe Who the hell is joe??? iMessage WE WON, MR. STARK.

Various Examples

Have you guys heard of sawcon I need to know No SAWCON THESE NUTS Jesus Christ No Trump: I'm considering moving our military operations to Saw Con. Reporter: Saw Con? Trump: SAW CON MY F------ NUTS BRUH 700 100 700 THE WHITE HOUSE SHINGTON 2EN Netflix 02:27 48% S Salomander He also has ligma Why does he sleep like this Adorable Is ligma like saw con Saw con?? OMG NO SAW CON MY BALLS Read 02:27 NOOOO HEJDJNFNDJDKD iMessage
Paroos Today at 3:57 PM Anyone going to saw con? day at 3:57 PM Saw Con? What is it? Paroos Today at 3:57 PM SAW CON DEEZ NUTS gottem boys oday at 3:58 PM I don't even know where it is. Yeah, also that So what is saw con Saw con these nuts Imao Crap P4 Do you guys know saw-con? 20:0 No 20:06 It is about the movie Saw 20:06 Really 20:06 No 20:06 What is it 20:06 Saw-con dees nuts 20:06

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