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More Passion More Energy More Footwork (TikTok Dance)

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More Passion More Energy More Footwork is a reference to a viral video and dance trend on TikTok in which a homeless man, known online as Billy the Quid, was dancing to a remixed version of the song "Faded" by ZHU (Sosa UK Remix) while the man filming it told him to have "more passion, more energy, more footwork" and to keep dancing. The audio of the video was then used as a backing sound for videos of animals and people dancing with various reasons given via on-screen text.


On July 27th, 2023, TikToker @gorillatime00[1] uploaded the TikTok video in which they were filming a homeless man known on TikTok as Billy the Quid dancing to the ZHU Sosa UK Remix of the song "Faded" while giving Billy directions on how to dance and to keep his energy and footwork up. The TikTok earned over 1 million likes in one month with the comments comparing their own dancing to that of the man (shown below).


♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎


On August 13th, 2023, TikToker @Bradley_Declan[2] used the audio in his dancing out on the street, with captions adding the context as having it be how they act after they cry their eyes out at 3 a.m. This version, while showing off the use of including context to showcase the reason behind the dancing with a caption, earned over 430,000 likes in two weeks (shown below).

@bradley_declan My hair looks quesionable but happy to say these legs can be magical #foryoupage #foryou #fypシ ♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

The audio sample was later used on August 22nd by TikToker caaaileigh[3] to be the backing sound to her horse doing rhythmic jumping, with the end syncing up with the horse being done jumping. This usage of the audio to showcase an animal jumping around pretending it was listening to the words earned over 750,000 likes in one week while inspiring other animal-themed videos to use the audio sample (shown below).


fancy footwork from cisco 🕺

♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

On August 25th, the song including the man's "more passion, more energy, more footwork" lyrics was uploaded to YouTube by the channel makeitviralx, receiving over 28,000 views in five days (seen below).

Various Examples

@thecrazydoggirl Officially obsessed with this sound #trendingsound #dogsoftiktok #lorahops #viralvideo ♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎


♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

@decslatt More energy #fyp #moreenergy #morepassion #dance ♬ original sound – MORE ENERGY 😎

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[3] TikTok – Caaaileigh

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