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Ozempic Face is a slang term for common side effects of the Ozempic medication, which is a medicine to treat type 2 diabetes in adults but has also been utilized by people trying to lose weight. The expression "ozempic face" was coined around November 2022 and popularized in 2023 after one of its side effects caused the sagging and aging of facial skin, which was noticed in influencers' and some celebrities' faces who used the medicine.


The earliest known mention of the "Ozempic Face" was posted on November 29th, 2022, in an article written by Jamie Rosen, titled "What is Ozempic Face?," for Town & Country[1] magazine. The journalist said the diabetes drug became "a hot topic among moneyed weight watchers" and, according to one of the experts interviewed, "the speed with which weight loss is happening on Ozempic can also compound the issue, not just for the face, but the body as well."

Medical News Today uploaded an illustration by Jason Hoffman (shown below) explaining how Ozempic can affect a person's face as a side effect of its use for weight loss.

How does Ozempic affect the face Before MEDICAL NEWS TODAY After a hollowed-out appearance increased signs of aging, such as more lines & wrinkles loss of fat, which can lead the skin to become loose & sag


The slang expression slowly grew on the internet in 2023, reaching a peak in interest in late September and early October 2023 as people started to speculate if Meghan Markle's perceived dramatic transformation[2] was a result of using Ozempic. For instance, on September 23rd, 2023, X[3] user @sage1411 uploaded a picture of The Duchess of Sussex paired with the caption "The ozempic face is strong here." The post (shown below, left) amassed over 1,000 likes and 56 retweets in five months.

On November 13th, 2023, X[4] user @CiciTee1 uploaded a close-up picture of Markle's face, saying it was an "ozempic face," which received more than 800 likes and 130 retweets in three months (shown below, right).

Royally Sage @sage1411. Follow The ozempic face is strong here. 11:28 AM . Sep 23, 2023 X Cici Tee @CiciTee1 - Follow X Ozempic face. Balding, lumpy skinned but dentures are holding up nicely. When you're close to 50 and claim to be 40 but your saggy assskin betrays your lies. Meghan markle: where are you keeping your fake kids. 4:40 PM Nov 13, 2023

The drug's side effect was also a hot topic for creators on TikTok. For example, on July 24th, 2023, TikToker[5] Dr. Rady Rahban posted a video on his thoughts about the trending expression (shown below, left), which amassed over 1.4 million plays and 17,000 likes in seven months.

On December 25th, TikTok[6] user @mirandadavidso joked about the drug side effect of losing appetite in a skit video (shown below, right), which received more than 7 million plays and 341,000 likes in a month.

@radyrahbanmd Have you heard of “Ozempic Face”? Share your thoughts and comments below. In the past, I’ve spoken about Ozempic and my thoughts surrounding it. Now let’s dive deeper into how it impacts on the face aka “Ozempic Face”. Is Ozempic Face a new phenomenon, or some fancy words for the general effects of rapid weight loss? Here are my 2 cents… #ozempicface #drradyrahban #boardcertifiedplasticsurgeon ♬ original sound – Dr. Rady Rahban



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Nori Reed Works Out LIVE at Union Hall 1/24 @realnorireed. Follow Full deep plane face and neck lift retinol injections brow lift hair treatment and of course Ozempic Adam Conover @adamconover why'd they make the Quaker Oats guy hot X QUAKERUAKER 12:34 AM Nov 2, 2023 -EST 1877- Harvey C @Skinsurrection. Follow Stress or Ozempic Face? 10:45 PM - May 28, 2023 MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN X

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Extra skin grown over previously fat areas will sag. Period. It doesn't just disappear by magic. That's true no matter how or why you lose the weight. If it drops dangerously quickly it might exacerbate the effect, but no matter how you slice it, the human body can make more skin easily but it has no particular way to make it go away.


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