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Paul "GypsyCrusader" Miller is an openly racist alt-right activist and streamer who gained online notoriety with his streams in which he dresses up and acts as Joker on Omegle, often asking provocative and racist questions. In November 2020, clips of GypsyCrusader streams received spread and became a viral subject of discussions on iFunny, Twitter and imageboards. In September 2021, Miller was sentenced to 41 months' imprisonment over possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

Online History

On October 12th, 2018, a fight between far right group Proud Boys and Antifa took place near the Metropolitan Republican Club following a live event featuring the Proud Boys movement founder Gavin McInnes.[1][2] The fight broke out following a conflict between Paul "GypsyCrusader" Miller and a member of Antifa who allegedly knocked a phone out of Miller's hand while he was filming the Antifa protest.

Following the events of the night, after which two members of Proud Boys were sentenced to four years in prison, GypsyCrusader became a subject of doxing. Miller was then interviewed by news broadcast OAN in which he talked about his prospective about the incident (shown below).

In the year, GypsyCrusader became active on Instagram as gypsy_crusader88 (this and later accounts banned) and Telegram,[3] becoming an alt right activist. A number of incidents involving GypsyCrusader were reported online, including an incident of him calling for death of US representative Ilhan Omar on Instagram[4] in April 2019 and Miller wearing a Boogaloo mask and shouting "They don’t have a right to protest!" at a Black Lives Matter rally in May 2020.[5] Also in May 2020, FBI visited Miller's house after he called for an armed protest against the COVID-19 lockdown in New Jersey.[6]

On August 16th, 2020, GypsyCrusader launched a Twitch[7] account, later streaming on YouTube,[8] Dlive[9] and on[10][11] after his accounts became banned. During his streams, GypsyCrusader often wears a Joker costume and copies his mannerisms (version from the 2019 eponymous film), with the first documented instance of this being an August 21st, 2020, stream.

On October 6th, 2020, GypsyCrusader[12][13] posted an "origin story" in which he talked about the changes in his views and his radicalization that followed the October 2018 fight at the Metropolitan Republican Club and the events that followed, including Miller being doxed, losing his job, being banned at his gym and the FBI visiting his house.

Starting in October 2020, clips from GypsyCrusader streams started gaining spread on several online platforms, particularly on iFunny and Twitter. For example, on October 29th, iFunny[14] user Langley posted a clip of Miller's stream that gained over 1,800 smiles on the platform. On November 7th, Twitter[15] account @WeirdestMp4s posted the clip, with the video gaining over 85,700 views, 1,300 retweets and 9,600 likes (shown below).

In November 2020, multiple viral clips of GypsyCrusader were posted on iFunny[16][17] and Twitter.[18][19]

On November 26th, 2020, YouTuber sensitive soci3ty uploaded a video named "The Tragic Story Of Gypsy Crusader – The Real Life Joker" (shown below).

The video recieved over 300,000 views and 22,000 likes in 3 weeks.

Arrest and Imprisonment

On March 2nd, 2021, Miller was arrested by FBI for being a convicted felon in possession of a firearm.[21] On September 28th, 2021, Miller was sentenced to 41 months' imprisonment over possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.[22]


GypsyCrusader is primarily known for his streams in which he dresses up as Joker and copies his mannerisms, and asks provocative and racist questions to strangers on Omegle. GypsyCrusader is openly racist, anti-Semitic and is a Boogaloo proponent. He is friends with fellow alt right streamer and troll CatboyKami.


Prior to his stream popularity, GypsyCrusader has been actively criticized by antifa groups; for example, in April 2019, GypsyCrusader was reported[4] by New York City Antifa Twitter account (@NYCAntifa) for calling for death of U.S. Representative Ilhan Omar (tweet shown below, left). On November 15th, 2020, @NYCAntifa reported[20] about Miller streaming on Omegle (tweet shown below, right).

New York City Antifa @NYCAntifa 000 Paul Miller, a Far Right Islamophobic scumbag who was invited to speak on Gavin Mclnnes's show and who assaulted folx at the Met GOP Club in NYC last year, is openly calling for the murder of Ilhan Omar on his @instagram account, "Gypsy_Crusader88." gypsy_crusader88 584 views gypsy_crusader88 This woman should be killed shes a terrorist If you dont like me saying so idc she is a risk to all of us this is how it started in the UK #jesussaves #forgodsglory #stopcensoringopposingviews #bringbackalexjones #imwithher #Banislaminthewest#alexjones #infowars #memes #thinking #freealexjones #lol #haha #comedy #honeysmacks#jesussaves #forgodsglory #stopcensoringopposingviews #bringbackalexjones #imwithher #Banislaminthewest #thematrix 8:57 PM Β· Apr 9, 2019 - Twitter Web Client NO ORA A New York City Antifa 000 @NYCAntifa Let's check in with New Brunswick, New Jersey, Nazi and Boogaloo Boy, Paul Miller. What's he up to these days? Oh, just creeping on teens on the "Talk to strangers!" app, Omegle, and posting the videos on his Parler account captioned with slurs. Paul Miller @gypsycrusader - 8 hours ago 835 Gay n Jaitwuve omegle Talk to strangerst 0004 0:00 /0:59 21 2:04 PM - Nov 15, 2020 Β· Twitter Web App

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