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Schaffrillas Productions is a YouTube channel, mainly specializing in YouTube Poop videos but also featuring more standard commentary-based videos, that was created in 2015 and has since accumulated more than 130,000 subscribers and 20+ million video views, becoming one of the most prominent and recognizable current-era creators of YTP. The channel and its videos are noted for their high saturation of often obscure references to popular culture via sampled video and audio clips, and marked by the recurring use of certain themes, references and characters, most notably the self-voiced caricature of Matt Damon from the children's animated series Arthur and the villainous giant crab Tamatoa from Disney's Moana.

Notable content and recurring jokes, references and characters

Matt "You'll never eat lunch in this town again" Damon

The earliest recurring mascot featured in the channel's content and initially used as its representative icon on YouTube is an animated anthropomorphic animal version of famous actor Matt Damon that originated in a 2007 episode of the long-running children's animated series Arthur, entitled "The Making of Arthur" and guest starring the real Matt Damon as himself. The animated caricature of Damon possesses noticeably more detailed and less cartoonish features, closely resembling those of his real-life counterpart, than the rest of the show's characters, resulting in an arguably jarring appearance that could easily be characterized as an example of the "Uncanny Valley" phenomenon.

The main running gag involving the animated Matt Damon as portrayed in the videos of Schaffrillas Productions revolves around the line "You tell Arthur Read that he'll never eat lunch in this town again!", which was originally spoken in a scene merely imagined by Arthur while worrying about how poorly Damon might react to his film project submission, with these fears ultimately being disproven by the end of the episode, but is repeatedly taken out of context in its YTP appearances, portraying Damon as actually hating Arthur and occasionally using variations of the line against other people as well. Several videos on the channel use or otherwise reference the line without containing any other presence of the Matt Damon character.

The Arthur cartoon, with particular emphasis placed on Matt Damon's guest role and the episode surrounding it, was the subject of Schaffrillas Productions' first YTP collaboration featuring content made by other creators, as seen above.

Tamatoa and "Shiny"

Tamatoa is an evil giant crab from the 2016 Disney animated film Moana who has, since his debut in said movie, become another major mascot for Schaffrillas Productions, eventually surpassing the Matt Damon character in prominence and currently serving as the channel's official icon as a YouTube user. The channel's creator has repeatedly expressed an obsession with Tamatoa and his associated musical number, "Shiny", which has been referenced countless times in his YTPs and used in no fewer than seven AMV videos syncing footage of other popular villains such as Palpatine from Star Wars and Aku from Samurai Jack with the song. The number has additionally been the subject of another major collaboration organized by Schaffrillas Productions (shown above), whose release was timed with the one-year anniversary of that of Moana. More recently, the character of Tamatoa has been reintroduced into an ongoing semblance of a continuing storyline occurring throughout the channel's videos at the end of The Incrediboiiiis.

"Back in the nineties…"

"Back in the nineties, I was in a very famous TV show." is the first line of the ending credits theme from the Netflix mature animated series Bojack Horseman. The line and its musical accompaniment appear in some shape or form at the end of nearly every video on the Schaffrillas Productions channel. In many cases, the line is altered to reflect actual events from the 1990s relating to the specific video's subject matter; a DuckTales poop, for example, features the lyric as "Back in the nineties, the show was cancelled.", referencing the discontinuation of the original DuckTales series.

Oscar the Sharkslayer

On September 27, 2017, Schaffrillas Productions released "Sharp Talk", his longest YouTube Poop video up to that point and a parody of the 2004 DreamWorks animated film Shark Tale. Towards the end of the video following several minutes of various YTP-typical random events and gags, the poop takes a sharp and decidedly dark turn to a more relatively coherent narrative which sees the main character of Shark Tale, Oscar the "Sharkslayer", orchestrating and successfully committing global genocide upon all sharks in existence via orbital bombardment represented using footage from Captain America: The Winter Soldier and inexplicably set to the tune of the Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius theme song. Subsequently, the video ends with Oscar assuming governmental rulership of underwater society in a sequence directly parodying the ending of the seventh episode of the third season of Rick and Morty, complete with the musical accompaniment of "For the Damaged Coda".

On January 1, 2018, Schaffrillas Productions proceeded to release a "Year 3 Trailer" video teasing multiple future YTPs of his and the events that would be transpiring therein, among these the return of Oscar the Sharkslayer as a major recurring villain, whose presence in the trailer video parodies that of Thanos in the trailer for the then-upcoming Avengers: Infinity War. This video also concludes with Matt Damon ominously delivering the line "It's time for Arthur Read to eat lunch in this town again.", parodying "It's time for the Jedi to end." from Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Since then, Oscar has indeed made multiple further appearances in subsequent Schaffrillas Productions videos, with "The Incrediboiiiis" in particular setting up a major ongoing conflict between him and Tamatoa.

Revenge of the Senate

"Revenge of the Senate" is another major YouTube Poop series by Schaffrillas Productions, based on the Star Wars franchise, with most of the footage used taken from Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and centered around the saga's overarching antagonist, Senator/Chancellor/Emperor Palpatine A.K.A. Darth Sidious. The title of this series is derived from an infamous line delivered by Palpatine in the aforementioned film with which he declares himself to be "The Senate", and which is repeatedly reiterated in different contexts and variations throughout its videos. The Revenge of the Senate videos make heavy use of the licensed Star Wars parodies from the stop-motion sketch comedy Robot Chicken, generally portraying Palpatine's character in a very similar comedic light, and from the second installment onward, also inexplicably feature purple McDonald's advertising character Grimace as a major villain.

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