The Mysterious Mr. Enter

The Mysterious Mr. Enter

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The Mysterious Mr. Enter (real name Johnathan Rozanski), also known as John Enter, is an internet critic who specializes in reviewing animated productions.. Since he began reviewing in 2013, Mr. Enter has gained a reputation as a divisive caustic critics in the online community.

Online History

Mr. Enter began his reviews on Youtube[1] with a video review of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic part 1 & 2 on February 22nd, 2013[2].

Originally, Mr. Enter's reviews only covered MLP:FiM episodes. On July 6th, 2013, Mr. Enter started his animated atrocities series which covers various animated episodes which he considers terrible[3][7]. On August 28th, 2013, Mr. Enter started his Admirable Animations Series which focuses on exceptionally well made animated shows and episodes[4].

On July 17th, 2014, Mr. Enter announced that he is starting an animated project[17] titled Growing Around which was inspired by the animated short Flipped Flopped that he reviewed back in July 12th, 2014[18]. A Deviantart Group dedicated to the project is currently has over 330 members and 540 watchers[19] as of April, 2015. The project is being led by Mr. Enter, Nayolfa[20], and MissyMeghan3[21].


On January 12, 2015, Viacom took down his Youtube channel due to copyright infringement. Mr. Enter took to Deviantart on the same day to express his situation regarding the takedown[5]. His Channel was later restored on January 28th, 2015, which he also announced through Deviantart[6].

Online Relevance

Since his career began, Mr. Enter has gathered a significant online following. His Youtube account has gathered over 98.000 subscribers and more than 27.000.000 views in the 2 years since his review series began. Mr. Enter also has a Dailymotion account where he would upload videos that couldn't be put in Youtube due to copyright issues[8]. His most popular video, "Top 25 Most Disturbing Episodes of Kids' Cartoons", has gathered over 1.4 million views since it was uploaded on November 18th, 2014.

Mr. Enter is active on social media sites such as Tumblr[10], Facebook[9], and Twitter[11] with the latter having more than 4.400 followers as of April, 2015.
A TVtrope page dedicated to Mr. Enter was submitted on December 16th, 2013[12].
Mr. Enter has an exceptionally big presence on Deviantart with his dA page gathering over 5.700 watchers with more than 3 million page views as of April, 2015[13].
Mr. Enter owns a Patreon page which is currently backed by 46 patrons and is generating more than 100 USD per review as of April, 2015[14].

Animated Atrocities Notebook

The Animated Atrocities Notebook is a template Mr Enter made for the purpose of reviewing bad animated productions. It has seen heavy usage on Deviantart and around the internet[15].

100 Show Episode # Year Writer(s) Director/Editor(s) ringe-lnducing AudiO: ringe-Inducing Visuals Lackluster Writin nnoyance: Disturbing Content (Out of Place Unnecessary Cruelty Rancid Morals ther Notes:>

1001 Animations

Similar to the Atrocities Notebook, the 1001 animations is a template created by Mr. Enter for the purpose of reviewing well made animated productions. The template has since been used by his fans and is compiled into a dA gallery titled "1001 Animations You Must See Before You Die"[16].

Series Episode#: Year Writer(s)>

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Okay, let's just keep this article calm and neutral alright? Don't put Paper Jam Dipper or TheAnt as editors. I will admit I like this guy and his reviews but I'm not trying to push a positive agenda, just don't want anything horribly biased either way coming in. I'm not sure I'm equipped to edit it myself to bulk it out but I'll be available to even out the tone if bias comes in.
On that note, I'm legitimately not sure he's had enough impact to warrant an article, but if he has the article needs a lot more work and detail before it's "good to go". As mentioned I don't think I could bulk up the article, but I might be able to add to the image gallery with some fanart off DA or something (I probably won't do this now but you can bet I will if PJD and friends start dropping hate macros and stuff, just to keep it balanced).


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