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Poop Sock

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Poop Sock is a slang term for a sock one uses to defecate in. Originally, it spread in MMORPG communities for games such as World of Warcraft as players would reportedly not leave their computers to go to the bathroom and instead defecate into a sock. It has become a copypasta in recent years, usually with the set-up "Mom found my poop sock."


While the idea of a "poop sock" existed prior to the existence of the internet, it first saw definition online on Urban Dictionary on March 26th, 2003[1] (shown below).

8 poop soc a socked filled with poop that one usually uses to hit another person with Those tricker treaters were covered in poop juice after i hit them with my poop sock. by Rossdawg March 26, 2003


In 2005, the term "poop sock" became more associated with the MMORPG community. An October 24th, 2005 definition of the term on Urban Dictionary[2] defined it as both a sock one defecates in, and a derogatory term to make fun of players who make tremendous strides in a short amount of time, as though they never stopped even to use the bathroom (shown below).

TOP DEFINITION poopsock 1. A sock that is used as a temporary contained for faecal matter. 2. A vital part of any dedicated EverQuest player's equipment. A poopsock eliminates the need to go all the way to the bathroom, which wastes valuable levelling time. 3. An insult used to refer to an obsessive MMORPG player who gains an unusually high number of levels in one da SpawnSlayer13 is such a poopsock. He got from level 1 to 60 in the space of a day. #poop sock #mmorpg #everquest #peebottle #otaku by serial experiments lain October 24,2 005

In 2008, Blizzard, the developers of World of Warcraft, discouraged "poop socking" (defined as the practice of playing for lengthy periods of time and neglecting basic hygiene) after a Swedish player collapsed after a lengthy period of play.[3] The practice was mocked in the South Park episode "Make Love, Not Warcraft," as Cartman has his mom collect his poop as he plays the game (shown below).

Mom Found My Poop Sock

In the 2010s, several forum posts about people finding the poster's poop sock appeared online. Such threads appeared on IGN[5] and Bodybuilder[6] forums in the early 2010s. On March 31st, 2016, an anonymous 4chan user posted "Mom found the poop sock" to /b/ (shown below).[4]

Anonymous 2016-03-31 05:45:13 Post No. 676862094 22676883823 22876863843 26768638463267686385222876840 2676866185 676867107 2676867850 676868645 >6768698 mom found the poop sock Anonymous 2016-03-31 05:48:02 Post No.6768626 What would one use such a thing for? Anonymous 2016-03-31 05:48:48 Post No.6768627 The what? File: 1457829692008s.jpg (3KB, 125x125px) Image

This became one of the more well-known posts about poop socks, appearing in /r/classic4chan[7] and twice in /r/greentext[8][9] in 2018.

Various Examples

MOM FOUND THE POOP SOCK imgfip.com It's over. Mom found the poop sock SO UR MOM FOUND THE POOP SOCK? makeameme.org FINDSTHEPOOPS0CK the date is Wednesday, September 12th 2018, I'm afraid this will be the last message I'll be able to send, for my mom has found my poop sock. I'm terrified and in great danger. Goodbye Me My mom My dad The poop So

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Might also be worth mentioning that this term is also what provided the namesake for the Anti Poop-Socking page on TV Tropes. It's linked in the prior sentence, but to potentially save you a trip into the void, it's essentially about those messages newer games (and some older ones) use to remind you to take a break if you've been playing for a while.


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