Just your average rentoid
amazon prime subscription
already 10k in consumer debt but
look at those cool gaming skins
gilds comments on r/politics
top-tier Chapo trap house
patreon member
top-tier Chapo trap
patreon member
spends $200/mo on
weed and craft beer
to cope with the
horrible economy
owns every funko-pop


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Rentoid is a slang term started on the subreddit /r/LoveForLandlords,[1] where users frequently roleplay as stereotypically bad landlords, used to refer to bad tenants who pay rent, but are annoying, presumably because they're anti-landlord, leading the landlord to want them gone anyway. The term is used to mock those with left-leaning politics and people who are anti-landlord.


On October 18th, 2019, /r/LandlordLove was created as a space for those with bad landlord experiences to share them, as well as create memes and share articles about landlords acting poorly.

On May 3rd, 2020, /r/LoveForLandlords was created to, according to the About Community section, "appreciate the essential role of landlords in society." On May 3rd, a now-deleted user posted, "Rentoids: please do not use the word "landord", or at least don't use a hard "R". It's our word. Consider using "landlawd" or, even better, the phrase "person of means" to the subreddit[2] (shown below, left). This is the first known use of the term on the site.

Rentoids: please do not use the word "landord", or at least don't use a hard "R". It's our word. Consider using "landlawd" or, even better, the phrase "person of means". Thanks in advance (which is also when you should pay rent).

The term, as well as others used on the subreddit, is part of the forum's official wiki[3] (shown below, right).

LFS Wiktionary for inexperienced landlords to join the fun! Landchad/chadlord: A landlord who stands up for himself and other landlords. Landlet: A weak, easily walked on landlord who Simps for poor people, also see: Uncle tom, traitor. Slum pill: The rea


The term gained massive popularity on /r/LoveForLandlords, mostly used in ironic shit posts. On May 14th, 2020, /u/Bongjame made a post to /r/LoveForLoandlords[6] titled, "Just your average rentoid" along with a Soyjak meme, garnering over 1,100 upvotes in 8 months (shown below).

Just your average rentoid amazon prime subscription donated $250 to bernie to fight the system already 10k in consumer debt but look at those cool gaming skins Disney+ subscription weekly Uber Eats orders gilds comments on r/politics spotify premium subscription top-tier chapo trap house patreon member 50k of debt from useless degree spends $200/mo on weed and craft beer onlyfans account to cope with the orrible economy netflix subscription daily 5 dollar coffees from starbucks owns every funko-pop owns latest iphone and already on second pair of airpods buys designer brand clothing recommended by product shill on r/MFA "We're just barely scraping by"

On August 14th, /u/antiwarus made a post[4] titled, "Rentoids after finding out we are unbanned (again)" referencing two alleged bans the subreddit has gone through, along with a video of a liberal Wojak raging and throwing a laptop at the wall, garnering over 2,600 upvotes in 5 months (shown below, left). On September 8th, /u/Speedvolt2 posted,[5] "Just evicted 12 single moms for in--st (they let their child suck on their t--s, disgusting). Reminder to always strike against rentoid degeneracy" along with an image of a strong man flexing, garnering over 1,800 upvotes in 4 months (shown below, right).

SESSIAN GAV 1SEXUAL TRANSGENO PEDOSEXUAL Bernie LGBTP npr SERA Posted by u/Speedvolt2 Shah 4 months ago Just evicted 12 single moms for i----- (they let their child suck on their t---, disgusting). Reminder to always strike against rentoid degeneracy.

Various Examples

One of my rentoids caught me raiding "their" fridge and started complaining. Sorry bubs! My house, my rules! @ i.imeur.com/3@aKhw... rent is due in a week rentoids Tenant who "can't afford" rent NETFLIX Has internet AND a netflix subscription Drives a car starter pack.. xmazonDe\wefö Spends all their money on drugs Fridge Rentoid put in their place Eden @PodierEden The day my husband asks me to pay halves on rent is the day I pack my bags . free ronaldinho@ @yshealthy and go where? You can't even afford half rent Me when the government tells me I can't evict my rentoid Rentoids be like: Wants to Punch people in the face Can't even make a proper fist Eject the Rentoids GUYS MY LANDLORD JUST SABOTAGED LIGHTS just pay f------ bills HE MIGHT BE IMPOSTOR!

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Gleaming Steel
Gleaming Steel

in reply to ZombieTav

I'd say it depends.

Average person who just has a second house for whatever reason (such as by buying your own house and later inheriting your parents' when they die) and would rather not outright sell it? Eh, that's a bit harsh to say.

The companies and gigarealtors who build those apartment complexes filled with 10ftx10ft commie-cubes in California/NY/etc… Fuck em. At that point you're basically just a squatter that's protected by the police state instead of fucked by it.

There are many reasons why Taxation of land ownership is the only acceptable form of taxation, and gigacorps squatting on land is the biggest of them all.


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