Seems Kinda Gay to Me

Seems Kinda Gay to Me

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Seems Kinda Gay to Me refers to a screenshot taken from a Filthy Frank video in which the character Pink Guy says "I don't know, seems kinda gay to me." The screenshot has become a reaction to moments of either implied homosexual content or uncool behavior.


On September 27th, 2017, Filthy Frank posted a video in which he attempts to have Pink Guy save him from death by giving him a book called "Francis of the Filth," which is a book written by George Miller, the man behind the Filthy Frank character (shown below). Understanding that Miller is giving him a book he wrote, Pink Guy says, "You're selling out?" to which Frank says "It's not like that," and Pink Guy says, "It's kinda gay."


On September 30th, 2017, the "It's kinda gay" clip was isolated and posted to YouTube by user Robert Zack Jaidyn Norris-Karr (shown below).

On April 18th, 2019, Redditor Nelsson-Bean[1] posted the screenshot to /r/dankmemes making a "Mods are gay" joke, gaining over 14,000 points (shown below, left). On April 25th, Redditor makatoka_[2] posted an anime meme using the image, gaining over 3,300 points in /r/Animemes (shown below, right).

When you get asked to be a mod. Idunno man, seems kinda gay to me SORRY, BUT SHE'S MY GIRLFRIEND amakateka dunno man, seems kinda gay to me

On June 12th, 2019, Tumblr user 30-minute-memes[3] posted it in response to a screenshot from WikiHow, gaining over 800 notes (shown below, left). On July 2nd, Redditor[4] TheWhiteAnon posted a Black Mirror joke with the image, gaining over 5,400 likes (shown below, right).

Part 1 of 3: Things That Don't Mean You're Gay wiki How uExpe Apcide Idunno man, seems kinda gay to me Karl: Come on, Danny. It isn't gay, it's almost like p---! Me: I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me

Various Examples

When I try to listen to K-pop Idunno man, seems kinda gay to me Straight man: No James I'm straight. James Charles: I DON'T KNOW, SEEMS KINDA GAY TO ME Mods: *Do anything* The entire sub: "Seems kinda gay to me" 2 Understand that having a same-gender encounter does not necessarily mean that you are gay. Smoking one c-------- does not make you a smoker.1 Of course, there will always be people out there who say that smoking one c-------- does make you a smoker. Don't listen to them. Sexuality is defined by who you are sexually attracted to, not your actions Many people who later identify as gay have had heterosexual encounters, some of them quite satisfying. Many straight people, too, have experimented with people of the same gender, out of curiosity or attraction. Some straight people may even have sex with others of the same gender, but this doesn't necessarily mean they are sexually attracted to them, or that they are not straight I DON'T KNOW, SEEMS KINDA GAY TO ME What Did Do? I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me LADBIBLE 2 MIN READ John Cena Admits To Getting An 'Accidental Erection' While Wrestling I dunno man, seems kinda gay to me


dunno man, seems kinda gay to me

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