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memecenter logo


MemeCenter was a meme-sharing website founded on January 1st, 2012 and hosted in the United States. The site focus lied mainly in common repetition of popular images and memes, such as rage comics and advice animals, along with original content from various users and artists. Over many years Memecenter has be substantially increasing posts that were made by original artists.


MemeCenter was created by Ben on January 1st, 2012. During the launch of the site, the creators collected a large number existing memes from around the internet in order to bring traffic. In the summer of 2012 this resulted in enough user submissions to keep content going without the admins having to find content elsewhere, putting the site's focus on producing its own content.


MemeCenter allowed its users to easily generate and share memes on the website through a variety of tools, allowing options for creating rage comics, demotivational posters and image macros, amongst others. On February 19th 2013, MemeCenter published a harlem shake video of their staff on their Youtube channel:

Black Santa

In December 2013, many user of MemeCenter changed their profile pictures to a black man wearing a Santa outfit.
On many comment threads, users stated that "Black Santa is taking over, you will be assimilated."

The Like Face

MemeCenter upvote system made use of a " derp-eyed " smiley instead of a usual arrow or thumb up, which was based on the standard derp rage face commonly used in rage comics. This face became a popular icon among the site, leading to various modified gifs and images with it, commonly used on the site to show post appreciation.


Ban Images

Whilst ban image aren't exclusive to MemeCenter, more than several variations of ban images which usually contains images from the three admins of MemeCenter (Ben, Mustapan and Clairvoyant). The image is usually used towards those who either posted something that is against the rules (e.g. porn, gore etc.) or those who obviously troll in the comments


Swag Center

On April 1st 2014, MemeCenter changed its logo for " SwagCenter ", along with pictures of Nicki Minaj, Justin Beiber and Miley Cyrus. While a lot of users knew it was a prank, many others were actually convinced that the new logo was permanent.


Distorsion's 45

45 is a recurrent inside joke among memecenterians and remains still active to nowdays. 45 takes origin in an old thread of one of Distorsion's posts (a famous local user with an avatar of L from Death Note) where the members of the community were asked to give the answer to a mathematical problem resulting in many, many comments with the number 45 in it. Afterwards, some users mock this event by creating reaction gifs, images and posts, all related to the infamous « 45 thread ».


Throughout their journey on the site, MC users have the possibility to achieve different tasks in order to earn trophies. The difficulty of the task changes from trophy to trophy. It can involves mysterious tags, various formalities or cultural references. Once the users earn it, the trophy can be exposed on theirs profiles. Up to now, about fifty trophies have been found by users but according to the admins, there is more to discover.

The End of Memecenter

Since 2015 Memecenter began a sharp decline in its userbase as well as an increase in infighting with the remaining content creators. One of the site's relatively oldest users: Awesome5 a known troll, has used the site's security vulnerabilities to run scripts to have bots make numerous bogus accounts to follow people he disliked to have them banned. This wound up getting out of control where many new users were subjected to this since there was an automatic ban script in place to ban users for suspicious activity.

The final blow to the site occurred in July of 2022 when the site was taken down and now appears as a 502 GATEWAY error. According to the remnants who fled Awesome5 on a few discord servers, to them it is "good riddance".

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