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/r/Meth is a subreddit created in 2009 to host discussions about methamphetamine. Some of the most common posts on the subreddit see users share their experiences on meth, ask for advice on taking meth, share photos of their pipes and crystals and discuss getting sober, with many users encouraging sobriety. Memes about meth use are also common on the forum and sometimes gain viral spread outside of Reddit. As of October 2022, the subreddit has over 111,000 members.


On October 14th, 2009, the /r/Meth subreddit was created. The subreddit's description reads:

A place for discussion of the lucrative methamphetamine. Perfect for when you've been hitting the pipe 72 hours straight and you're looking to post a life memoir. Minimum 25 combined Post+Comment Karma to be able to post here

On that day, a now-deleted Redditor made the first post to /r/meth,[1] titled, "Tweaking." The content of the post has been removed. The second post on /r/meth[2] was made on September 1st, 2010, by iamauser and is titled, "I use.." In the post, the user writes, "Is it me or are meth addicts looked down on? Honestly Ive told people I used and they would look in disbelief because I go about a somewhat normal life. But then people look down upon me. I dont harm anyone or effect anyone elses lives. So what gives?" The first two comments on the post link to resources that help people get off drugs.[3][4]

The subreddit saw increased use over the following years as users made posts discussing meth, including sharing their experiences, sharing videos and photos of themselves doing meth and sharing photos of their meth crystals and paraphernalia[5][6] (examples shown below).

Constantly drinks energy drinks Urine is so pure it can be resold as the same product The CHAD absolutely no sleep Has blue light shining ба directly into eyes 24/7 Meth Smokes extra lil rush, for that Has no need for a bed, therefore no risk of Stacy seeing his cringey bed sheets Has to keep moving so as to stay awake. Has never stayed still in his life. Extremely fit as a consequence Lives life to the fullest. Never misses a moment Hardbass constantly blasting into his ears- when they get too damaged he just turns it up louder Shocks his n------ with a car battery the moment his eyelids even slightly move over his eyeballs. Espresso intraveinously pumped into his bloodstream. His heart now produces espresso instead of blood Bells to alert bystanders that he is coming. If they impede his movement for even a moment he may die For him, sleep is an esoteric concept that reaches beyond his comprehension r/meth- Posted by u/oldickfart 3 years ago Say what you want about my meth habit now, Grandma, but when you need an original Xbox completely refurbished at 4 am in a snowstorm, you'll be whistling another tune. nsfw Puz LUCE [CKAT Posted by u/lylaminxx 8 months ago 9223 good morning my degenerate friends

Memes about meth, as well as discussing quitting meth and the dangers of doing meth, are also common on the board. On August 25th, 2019, a user posted to /r/meth[7] sharing the story of how they overdosed the previous night, gaining over 1,700 upvotes and 370 comments in three years (shown below).

Posted by u/Nlmbnobody 3 years ago Overdosed last night ST 4 nsfw Had been up 4 days, didnt quite realize how wired i was and kept chasing a rush like an idiot. Took my last dose around 2:30pm, around 4pm started having chest pains. By 6pm, my heart was racing, and my left arm went numb. I was at a family gathering, Ha. I obviously hadnt been smoking any cigarettes by that time, and i had taken an aspirin, because i knew what was going on. I didnt allow myself to exert any physical energy, stayed that way until about 8pm and then made it home. I took a shower, to see if my circulation got any better, but it was only worse. At 9:30pm my wife took me to the ER where I told them I was Overdosing on meth, and i needed to be monitered, i showed them the massive amount of crystals i was sweating from my palms. They werent surprised, i guess its frequent in my area. They were so nice to me surprisingly. I got to my room, and then had an xray, and blood work. My Heart Rate and Ekg actually were decent, but my BP was through the roof. By 11 or 12, i dont even know, i was in so much pain, i really thought that was it. My entire body was numb, and severely tingling, like when your foot falls asleep to the point where it hurts, but 100x worse and in my whole body, i mean stomach, face everywhere. I thought i was having a heart attack by this point my heart was racing and my vision was getting blurry my body was turning grey and i felt like a dumptruck was on my chest. I was insanely weak, could barely call for the nurse. I hit the button, and managed to say "get somebody in here please". What seemed like forever, the nurse finally came in, i saw her approach me and then i passed out. Woke up 40 minutes later, heart stable, but still in pain, and really really high on meth nonetheless. I was stable for a while, and they sent me home. I didnt have a heart attack. I have an appoint with my family doctor this week. I also quit smoking cigarettes. Im still in pain, still sweating f----- rocks basically. My circulation is back, which was the worst part of the whole thing. Im going to be taking it very easy the next little while. Gave my stash to a homie. Got me some really really good bud. Gotta take aspirin for a while. Yall be safe out there. Dont chase that f----- rush yall. Do your s--- and get on with it. Much love.

On May 21st, 2020, Redditor KushyMcgee posted a video to /r/meth[8] where they pour their meth down a toilet, writing, "2 years straight of daily use and sweeping my problems under the rug come to a halt. Time to live life again for a bit. Fuck yall ✌," garnering over 2,700 upvotes in two years and becoming the top post of all time on the forum as of October 2022 (shown below).

Online Presence

Outside of Reddit, /r/Meth has gained notoriety through viral reposts of memes and posts from the forum. It has also been discussed in the media. On March 11th, 2022, NBC News[9] discussed /r/meth in an article titled, "The internet's meth underground, hidden in plain sight," expressing concerns over the board.

On May 1st, 2022, Instagram[10] user memetides shared a meme from the board, garnering over 1,900 likes in five months (shown below, left). On September 9th, Instagram[11] user salsasenor shared one of the top posts from the board,[12] a wide-eyed selfie of a man titled, "Been up for a week." The meme was reposted by numerous accounts over the following days, including Instagram[13] user evilpostr on September 12th, garnering over 6,300 likes in a month (shown below, right).

somebody offering you coke after you've already upgraded to meth Woah. This is worthless! r/meth u/Peachestabby1 16d. Been up for a week Join

On October 6th, Twitter[14] user @GRlFFS posted a meme from /r/meth that mocks Adderall users, garnering over 22,000 likes and 2,200 retweets in a day (shown below).

yuri @GRIFFS r/meth is beefing with adderall r/meth- Posted by u/Lysohurtsme 1 day ago ⁹8 Adderall fans always on their high horses memes nsfw So true!!! GO F--- off I don't believe in that made up nonsense ADDERALL XR 25 mg C

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