Sneako X Is My Savior Y Is My Favorite Z Is Woke meme

Sneako "X Is My Savior. Y Is My Favorite. Z Is Woke."

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Sneako "X Is My Savior. Y Is My Favorite. Z Is Woke" is a phrasal template that's based on a Sneako clip from a Twitch stream in which he was parodying his idea of liberal Sheeple by staring into the camera and saying, "I'm Trans and I'm Gay. Fauci Is My Savior. Hillary Is Woke," among other woke stereotypes. The phrasal template and meme became prominent on Twitter in early 2023 when it was paired with a TikTok screenshot of a split-screen overstimulation video featuring a car video game in the bottom half. In the top half was Sneako Staring, also known as the Sneako Stare. Meme creators replaced the "X," "Y" and "Z" of the phrase with other nouns and people to parody and criticize Sneako's statements in the video.


On September 29th, 2022, TikToker[1] @sneakoclips335 posted a video that was a clip from a currently unknown Sneako Twitch stream placed above video game gameplay. The video is currently the first known posting, however, it's likely that it was reposted from a since-deleted "Sneako clips" page. The video was reposted again on October 1st, 2022, by TikToker[2] @sneak02.0. On January 28th, 2023, Sneako then posted the video to his own Twitter[3] account (@sneako) with the caption, "Social media is designed to rot your brain." The tweet gained roughly 10,800 likes in three months (shown below). Additionally, a watermark reading "RABBIT / HOLE" is visible on the video, currently having an unknown origin.

I'm trans and I'm gay. Logan Paul is my savior. KSI is my favorite. I wanna watch Lil Nas X. I like what's on the trending page. Beh beh beh beh. Prime is good. Beat my meat. Lock me down. Inject me. Inject again. I'm gay trans and I am boosted. Fauci is my savior. Hillary is woke. She-Hulk is my favorite movie. Yes. Yes. Good. I'll stay inside. I'll take another one. Twerk on the devil. Hahahaha. Woke. Good. Yes. Ee ee ee ee. Sneakita. I'm a they.

Although the video was reposted by Sneako in January 2023, it didn't receive humorous criticism and memes until April 2023. This started with a quote retweet posted by Twitter[4] user @LadPsycho on March 29th, 2023, who compared Sneako's speech (which many perceived as highlighting Sneako's anti-LGBTQ+, transphobic and anti-vax beliefs) to the lyrics of Radiohead's "Fitter Happier,"[5] gaining over 260 likes in one month. Then, later on March 29th, Twitter[6] user @woomy_irI quote retweeted @LadPsycho, editing Sneako's video into the Radiohead song, earning roughly 1,200 likes in one month (shown below).


Going into April 2023, humorous criticism and memes about Sneako's video surfaced en masse. For instance, on April 1st, 2023, Twitter[7] user @ledumb_deep compared Sneako's staring face to Erratas, gaining roughly 5,000 likes in three weeks (shown below, left). On April 21st, Twitter[8] user @lmNOTcatholic QRT'd Sneako, writing, "this is the funniest video of the year for no reason. My brain randomly says 'Twerk on the devil. HAHAHAHA. WOKE.' like 3 times a day," gaining roughly 13,000 likes in three days. Then, on April 23rd, Twitter[9] user @lmNOTcatholic tweeted the first usage of the "X Is My Savior. Y Is My Favorite. Z Is Woke" phrasal template, writing, "Karsen Rundquist is my savior. A24 is my favorite. I wanna watch Ari Aster…" The tweet received roughly 5,600 likes in one day (shown below, right).

Deepfried @ledumb_deep MADVILLAIN 5:03 PM Apr 1, 2023 Β· 75.5K Views rob @lmNOTcatholic. Apr 23 Karsen Rundquist is my savior. A24 is my favorite. I wanna watch Ari Aster. I like the letterboxd top 250. Animation is Cinema. P--- in Boots. Give it a 5. Favorite it. I'm gay trans and I have letterboxd. Brie Larson is my savior. Greta is woke. Last of Us is my favorite movie Oeml W ...

Going into late April 2023, the phrasal template gained usage along with the split-screen video screenshot which became an exploitable. For instance, on April 24th, 2023, Twitter[10] user @FakecelSlut tweeted an alien version of Sneako speaking in an alien language, earning roughly 1,900 likes in less than a day (shown below).

Chat @FakecelSlut Zoblie Boing is my zkibob. klingi is my soblkig. i wanna watch ziblili. i like whats on the yimpo zimbly. im zblay, xoyo and i am zlooobed. xumblo is my savior. gesvba is woke. ze-boing is my favorite movie. 7:43 PM. Apr 23, 2023 41.8K Views BIT namow on OGml W

Various Examples

John Wakefield @VellowVperedist Princess Peach is my savior. Coins are my favorite. The Mushroom Kingdom is woke. I want a fireflower. I like the tanooki suit. King Bowser is extreme. Go to World 8. Find Bowser. Dump him in lava. YAHOO. I'm an Italian plumber and I hate goombas. M 7:31 PM . Apr 23, 2023 10.7K Views nemow on oem V @LadPsycho Hideaki Anno is my savior. Gainax is my favorite. I wanna watch Mamoru Oshii. I don't like the MAL top 250. Animation is Cinema. FLCL. Give it a 10. Favorite it. I'm gay trans and I have Anilist. Satoshi Kon is my savior. Yuaasa is woke. Belladons if Sadness is my favorite movie BITT 2:35 PM β€’ Apr 23, 2023 40.3K Views nemow on OGml W @doulbedoink TV is not good for me. I need to eat vegetables before desert. I have to do my homework. Mrs Nelson is woke. I can't skip basketball practice to play video games. Fortnite is not better than books. READ READ READ. I need to stay quiet during nap time. 6:19 PM . Apr 23, 2023 32.3K Views BIT namow on OGml W Footbeat (2011) @sakiv6601. 21h I'm literally him. Ryan gosling is my savior. Drive is my favorite I wanna watch blade runner 2049 I like what's on letterboxed B-b-b-b-b the Batman is good Beat my meat lock me down inject me inject again Real Literally me and boosted Driver is my savior Barbie is woke OGml W yuri @GRIFFS quandale dingle is my savior. i do the daily wordle. kid named finger is my favorite. i wanna watch will smith slap chris rock. i like whats on youtube shorts. t-the one piece is real. morb me. morb me again 2:00 AM - Apr 24, 2023 217.4K Views namow on OGM V


BIT namow on: ocml W

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