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Everybody Hates Chris is an American semi-autobiographical sitcom based on the teenage years of comedian Chris Rock. It premiered on September 22nd, 2005 on The CW. The series has immense popularity in Brazil, known as Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris, with fans continuing to share quotes, catchphrases, scenes and memes of the show's years on social media.


The series Everybody Hates Chris takes place in the 1980s and portrays the protagonist's difficult childhood in Brooklyn, New York. The show was created by the Comedian Chris Rock[1] and Ali LeRoi[2], premiering on September 22nd, 2005, and running for four seasons before being concluded on May 8th, 2009.


Everybody Hates Chris has an approval rating of 95%[3] on the review aggregation website Rotten Tomatoes. The show was also elected as one of the best 10 television shows of 2007 by the American Film Institute.[4]

Online Presence

The show's online presence began in the format of clips posted by fans on YouTube[5] in 2008. For instance, on March 27th, 2008, user @tobidotman shared a scene in which Chris is trying to get an invite for a "spin the bottle" party game. The video garnered 1 million views and 2,100 likes in 14 years (seen below).

Brazilian Fanbase

In Brazil, the series was translated as "Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris," first airing on RecordTV[6] in October 2006 and, as of 2023, reruns are still regularly broadcast on Sundays due to its immense popularity in the country. The series won the heart of the Brazilian audience, as it portrayed relatable issues like financial difficulties, living in dangerous neighborhoods, teenagers having to work from an early age and much more.

The website Anti Cult[7] explained in an article that the family in the series could have also been identified as a "Brazilian family in some city in Brazil." On November 15th, 2020, Twitter[8] user @ajclassic created a thread diving into the reasons behind the show's extreme success in the Latin American country. His tweet received 157,300 likes and 24,100 retweets in three years (seen below).

Anthony J. Nov 15, 2020 @ajclassic. Follow So did a deep dive on Everybody Hates Chris popularity in Brazil. Apparently because there isn't many Black shows in Brazil the show became a phenom in Brazil. Tichina Arnold is the most famous American actress in Brazil. Anthony J @ajclassic. Follow The TV industry in Brazil is apparently very colorist and racist and most content with Black Brazilians is crime related shows. Everybody gravitated you Everybody Hates Chris because most Brazilians are working class and EHC is a show about A Black working class family 2:55 PM - Nov 15, 2020 16.3K Reply ↑ Share Read 27 replies

The show was so well received in Brazil that the actress Tichina Arnold,[9] who plays Chris' mom Rochelle, visited the country at least four times, as she explained on February 27th, 2020, during an interview for A Little Late With Lilly Singh. The full interview was uploaded on YouTube,[10] garnering 231,353 views and 14,000 likes in three years (seen below).

Tyler James Williams vs. Brazilian Fans

Todo Mundo Odeia o Chris is so widely loved by Brazilians that some of them flood all social posts of the actor who plays Chris, Tyler James Williams,[11] with Portuguese catchphrases from the dubbed version of the show. The actor addressed his opinion of the Brazilian fans in a March 2016 interview for The Rich Eisen Show, saying "I love Brazil, you guys are amazing, but I don't know what's going on there, it's so confusing." The full interview was uploaded on YouTube,[12] garnering 25,000 views and 343 likes in seven years (seen below).

The willingness of Brazilians to keep commenting on the actor's social media account made him write a message in Portuguese on September 16th begging Brazilians to stop flooding him with comments about the show. The Twitter[13] post (seen below) reached 40,900 likes in 24 hours.

Brasil eu te amo, eu realmente fazer, mas se você não parar spamming meus comentários estou indo para começar a bloquear você. willtylerjames 88,5mil curtidas willtylerjames BR For those who don't speak Portuguese, disregard. Just had to clear something up to some fans internationally Ⓒ ver todos os 260.076 comentários Olha os comentarios amor do insta dele @yvesmatheus matha KKKKKKKKKKKKKKK a zoeira não pode parar perigo? KKKK Seguir perigo ? Comprou o tradutor com o COISA DO PERIGO KKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK ISSO SÓ PODE SER Comprou o tradutor com o 17 sem Adicione um comentário...

This event led to Tyler James hiding his comment section on Instagram for many years to avoid the flood of Brazilian comments (examples of the comments seen below).

www. 32,5mil curtidas willtylerjames willtylerjames #RePlaySeries ver todos os 24.482 comentários ( sua! sau os br precisam ser estudados, eles não param Cara... elas estão tão na Seguir 20 sem Cara... elas estão tão na sua! Cara! Elas estão tão na Adicione um comentário... cara ela tá tão na sua Cara ela tá tão na sua Cara ela tá tão na sua Maaaaano kakakakak so brasileiros comentando Cara elas estão tão na sua As irmãs do greg Cara elas tá tão na sua 000 Judah is excited about RePlay and CMBB. You should be too willtylerjames 85,3mil visualizações willtylerjames Judah's excited you probably should be too. #ReplaySeries on @go90 and #cmbb tonight at 9 & 10pm on CBS #workwednesday ver todos os 6.718 comentários Batman ? Negrito Faz tempo que não posta nada...perigo te vendeu o celular e não prestou mais ? Seu pai e mesmo o is Judah ( 1 I Seguir fruta. :v 4 sem Negritooo -------- ta sumido suco de _Omg his dogs name Adicione um comentário... Negrito Faça de seu totó, um trator 900 DOUBLE BUILD willtylerjames 27,8mil curtidas Pona, U Brasil e Toda de tiro? combinar com a calça? Comprou a calça com o perigo ? Eterno Chris... aprontar não quer uma camisa pra Tá com cara de quem vai aprontar vai aprontar Esses buracos da sua calça é Seguir ta com cara de quem To com cara de quem vai quem vai aprontar 7 sem conhece o maicao 14 A cara de quem Ta com cara de Adicione um comentário... 000

Terry Crews Memes

The American actor Terry Crews, who plays Chris' father Julius in the show, was made into a notable meme on September 9th, 2016, after Twitter[19] user @MrDanielCabral shared a picture of Crews in his wallet, which he placed there to remind him not to spend money frivolously (seen below, now removed).

Daniel The Goat @MrDanielCabral Follow I keep this pic of Terry Crews in my wallet so I can see it when l'm about to waste money on things I don't need lol 12:47 AM-9 Sep 2016

The success of the meme turned Crews's picture into an image macro meme, especially with Brazilians, with overlay text referring to ways of saving money. For instance, the catchphrase in Portuguese "Se eu não comprar nada, o desconto é maior" (If I don't buy anything, the discount is bigger) is often used alongside pictures of the actor. Facebook[14] user @ReinaldoGottino[14] shared the image macro on November 24th, 2017, garnering 3,500 likes and 737 shares in six years (seen below).

Se eu não comprar nada o desconto é maior.

Produtos Ivone

One of the show's fictional products, known in the Brazilian version as "Produtos Ivone," is often used as a template for memes about characters and celebrities that never age. For example, in this Memeroid[5] meme posted by thaislla on January 10th, 2014, she uses a scene from the show in which Chris' mom Rochelle is selling a product that offers rejuvenating abilities, using Robert Pattinson from Twilight as a reference (seen below).

-OMG! - 4 Se quiserem ter essa cara quando tiverem 110 anos Acreditem ou não, esse safado tem mais de 110 anos Mas ele tá conservado! Sugiro que comprem produtos Ivone.

Meu Marido Tem Dois Empregos (My Husband Has Two Jobs)

"Meu marido tem dois empregos" is a recurring catchphrase said by Tichina Arnold's character Rochelle in the Portuguese version of the show. It translates to "My husband has two jobs," implying she doesn't have to deal with stressful situations. A Portuguese version of the scene was uploaded to YouTube[16] on February 3rd, 2011, receiving 55,695 views and 350 likes in 12 years (seen below). The catchphrase also was popularized as an image macro meme in 2013, using Rochelle's face with overlay text.

Cara Ela Tá Tão Na Sua (Dude, She's So Into You)

In the second episode of the first season, "Everybody Hates Keisha," Chris is explaining how his best friend was always supportive every time he would interact with a girl by saying "Dude, she's so into you." The catchphrase was turned into a copypasta meme, being one of many used to flood all of the actors' social media when they post a picture with a female friend or partner. For instance, iFunny[18] user @otaldomello shared a screenshot featuring Vincent Martella, the actor who plays Chris's best friend Greg, in an Instagram post with a girl, with the comment section filled with the Portuguese quote "Care ela tá tão na sua." Uploaded on 29th, 2020, the post received 64 likes and 3 comments (seen below).

vinman17 Bellagio Hotel & Casino ar 1.094 curtidas 110 sen 000 marlontejada Cara ela tá tão na sua há 3 semanas kah_bermanelli Cara ela tá tão na sua há 3 semanas __aliciarodriguees Cara, ela tá tão na sua há 3 semanas anna.guercio Cara ela tá tao na sua há 2 semanas taylaaoki Cara ela tá tão na sua há 2 semanas luanamoreiraoficial Cara ela tá tao na sua! há 2 semanas beapegoreth1 Cara, ela tá tão na sua há 2 semanas fabio_1.6 Cara ela ta tão na sua há 2 semanas makkelle Cara ela ta tao na sua há 2 semanas

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