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Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg

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Kaiserreich: The Legacy of the Weltkrieg is an alternative history mod that explores a world where Germany had won World War I. The mod was initially released on Hearts of Iron II in 2006, but was ported to Hearts of Iron IV on December 1, 2016.


After being announced in December of 2005,[1] Kaiserreich was released initially for Hearts of Iron II in 2006. The mod received critical acclaim but remained relatively obscure. The mod was then released on the Steam workshop for Hearts of Iron IV on December 1, 2016.[2] This was when the mod became known to more people, as Hearts of Iron IV is more user-friendly than Hearts of Iron II.

History of the Timeline

The mod takes place in an alternative universe, where Germany had won World War I. The timeline of the Kaiserreich universe remains consistent with the normal timeline, until January 8, 1917. There is an extensive timeline on the Kaiserreich wiki[3] which explains major events in detail until 1936, which is the year the mod starts.

The US never joined World War I due to Germany revoking its policy of unrestricted submarine warfare. France, Italy, and the Balkan allies in the Entente had all surrendered to Germany by 1919.This led to The Treaty of Versailles which radically changed the landscape of Europe. Some of the demands include: Belgium becoming a puppet of the Germans, Italy being balkanized into numerous Italian states, the defeated Balkan nations of Greece, Romania, and Serbia forced to make various territorial cession to Bulgaria and Austria-Hungary, and French cession of some colonial holdings and some border provinces to Germany. Also, Russia's provinces of Belarus, Ukraine, and the Baltic states, and Finland all became part of the Central Power's sphere of influence as part of the Brest-Litovsk Treaty. The Peace with Honour was signed with the remaining Entente combatants which maintained the status quo with the only demands being that the remaining Entente must recognize the treaties and demands made already.

In this timeline, The Soviets led by Vladimir Lenin are defeated in the Russian Civil War, and Marxist-Leninist Communism never becomes widespread and is instead replaced by Syndicalism. In 1919, The war-weary French government was defeated in a coup by a Syndicalist uprising, and the remaining French government goes into exile in their remaining colonial holdings in North Africa. A similar fate happens to Britain when in 1925, the government is overwhelmed by a Syndicalist uprising and the Royal Family is forced to flee to Canada and assumes control of the state.

After this, Germany stood as the unrivaled superpower of the world until 1936.


Situation At the Start of the Mod

Due to the nature of the game, nothing beyond 1936 (with a few exceptions) is set in stone. This is because there are various events which impact how the game plays out, so the game is different every time. In Europe, The Commune of France, Union of Britain, and The Socialistic Republic of Italy have formed an alliance known as the Third International and are rivaled to Germany. The remnants the Entente consisting of Canada (along with several other former British dominions and colonies), The French Republic in North Africa, and the Kingdom of Sardinia look to reclaim lands lost during the revolution from the Syndicalist nations. The German Empire leads Belgium, Ukraine, Belarus, and The Baltic States as well as all of her colonial holdings in an alliance known as the Reichspakt (formerly called Mittel-Europa). These are the main factions of the game.

Online Presence

r/Kaiserreich was launched on February 25, 2013, and reached 10,000 subscribers on January 14, 2017.[4] The mod currently stands as the 2nd most subscribed mod on the Hearts of Iron IV Steam workshop (the first spot goes to Millennium Dawn, a mod set in 2000).[2] The game also has a Wiki with over 250 pages.[3]

Every Man A King / Share the wealth

These two sayings originate from the Louisiana governor Huey Long, who wasn't assassinated in this timeline and would become the head of state for the right-wing rebel nation during the Second American Civil War, American Union State. "Every man a king" is a catchphrase that was used to represent Long's populist economic policy. The catchphrase is frequently used as a meme about Huey Long; However, it can also be used in any situation just replacing the "king" part with something else. "Share the wealth" is the name of Long's economic program. The name is used similarly to "Every man a king," but less frequently than the former.

THE No men kings One man a king One man several kings EVERY MAN A KING

Direct Rule From London

"Direct rule from London" refers to a decision a player can make as the Union of Britain regarding the autonomy of Scotland and Wales. Oswald Mosley, who is a Totalist in this timeline, meaning he supports an authoritarian version of Syndicalism similar to how Communism in our timeline works, is required to make the decision pop up, so the meme is usually associated with him. The meme is used similarly to "Every man a king" with the "London" part being replaced with something else to better suit the situation.

you have been visited by oswald mosley the centraliser centralised government and nationalist propaganda will come to you but only if you comment "direct rule from london" DIRECT RULE FROM LONDON!

Break the Chains / Solidarity Forever

"Break the Chains" is a catchphrase used by left-wing political organizations such as Syndicalists expressing their desire to metaphorically "break the chains" or be free of their capitalistic oppressors. Used typically when the subject matter is something Syndalistic, but can be used in any situation just like the other memes above. "Solidarity Forever" is a song originally by Ralph Chaplin often that speaks of the importance of unions to help the workers stand versus capitalistic opponents.


Reclaim the Birthright

"Reclaim the Birthright" refers to a catchphrase where the Entente (usually Canada) looks to retake their lands from the Syndicalist nations.

Your majesty! The Second Weltkrieg has begun! Now is the time to reclaim the birthright! Well, are you going to do something? DO SOMETHING SYNDICALISTS ARE TAKING OVER EUROPE!O 0 know just what to do. Commonwealth of C... Entente King Edward VIll 75% Tories Social Conservatives Any elections byevent CN REIL Expansion Canadian Kaiserreich Player Starter Pack BATTLE OF ENGLISH CHANNEL THE BRITISH COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS TOGETHER British-Canadian Imperial Federation when?" OUT IN PUBLIC Come all You Bold Canadians TheDrprunesqualilor 88K views 5 years ag According to military historian Donald Grave recording of it know, but it's very NOT ACCEPTABLE Intervene in Americ E A "Canada should be able to core [insert US State] for [dubious historical justification ] Lobbying the British Exiles Listening to Heart of Oak BEWARE OF THE SERPENT ○YouTube" atlantic canada sea shanties a, Being a Syndie Selling shigs to other Daminions Pasning the Home Reles Quality Troining Division Organisation: +10.0% it Some amles might pride themselves in having a lot of blokes running around with fifles, but we pilde ourselves with having one of the mosf disciplined and erganised armles the world knows. Where mass conscripted Germans and Syndicalist miitlas tee ogainst a few volleys ef gunfee, we stand agalnst the fires of Hell with a stiff upper Ip Why can't I core Britian as Canada?"

Of note, all of the memes above are usually typed with spaces between each letter similar to "Aesthetics".

Corneliu Zelea Codreanu's Meathooks.

This meme originated from Corneliu Zelea Codreanu, the leader of the fascist Iron Guard Romania. Codreanu and his party were infamous for various atrocities, the most known being how he would kill Jews by impaling them on meat hooks. It is known as one of the more disturbing memes originating from the Kaiserreich subreddit and discord server. It often involves replacing characteristics of Iron Guard Romania such as its navy, weaponry, and appliance with hooks. Iron Guard Romania in entries is sometimes depicted as a pirate or fisherman due to this meme.

Die Wacht am Rhein

Die Wacht am Rhein (The Watch on the Rhine) is a German patriotic anthem with roots in the rivalry between the Germans and the French. The song is iconic as it is played on the main menu of the mod itself. The main showdown of the game is between Germany and the French Commune, and the song fits the tensions between the age-old enemies of France and Germany perfectly as the game plays out.

@s brauft ein Ruf wie Donnetfil hin! Wer will des Strome«Süter stin? Cieb Taterland maglt ruhig Jem, ell bieder fromm und tark böchütht die

Trotsky's Penguins and Himmler's Chickens

Leon Trotsky was Lenin's right-hand man in the Soviet Union. Following the defeat of the Reds in Russia, he was spared execution and lives out his days in an unknown country. There is a joke among the Kaiserreich community on how he is in Antarctica recruiting penguins to help him take over the world. Heinrich Himmler was one of the leading members of the Nazi party until his suicide in 1945. Since the Nazis never rose to power in Kaiserreich, he became a chicken farmer and desired to breed a master race of chickens (called Haushuhn Herrenvolk).

HFC Soviet Propaganda: Princess Victoria Louise of Prussia (Left) is surprised as Trotskyite forces arrive to restore the Commune of France and crush Mitteleuropa (1941)

What if X won World War 1?

This meme originates from content creators on Youtube such as Alex the Rambler, Drew Durnil, and iSorrowproductions who have gained popularity for their commentaries on Hearts of Iron 4, other video games created by Paradox Interactive, and their mods such as "Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg". It is a parody of the mod's introduction: "What if Germany won World War 1?" and the titles of other mods which took inspiration from the idea such as: "What if Russia won WW1?", "What if Austria-Hungary survived WW1?", and many others. Parodies include: "What if Tesco won WW1?", "What if Germany lost WW1?", and "What if Belgium won WW1?".


Betraying the Revolution / Syndicalism with X characteristics

Betraying the revolution is a meme originating from the Kaiserreich subreddit and Discord server and "Syndicalism with X characteristics" is a play on Mao Zedong's statement "Socialism with Chinese characteristics." "Definitive proof that X will betray the revolution" or "Syndicalism with X characteristics" are common captions of screenshots of the game. Betraying the revolution can be achieved by three means:

1. By hiring figures such as Oswald Mosley or Lavrentiy Beria to turn the country into a totalitarian state.

2. By a socialist state incorporating conservative or libertarian ideals like private enterprise or monarchies.

3. By a socialist state helping or joining a faction such as the Reichspakt or the Entente who are actively attacking socialist factions like the Third or Fourth Internationale.

The reverse of 2 or 3 is sometimes called "betraying the reaction".

HOW TOTALIST ARE YOU? 1:Totalist-Lite 2:Totalist Regular Nationalism is quite good for governance, Centralizatizing Syndicates is okay I guess even if it doesn't match our ideals. s:Pingu :Super Totalist The Irish had it coming! They were all reactionaries and Biritain must be united! 4:Mega Ultra Deluxe Totalist What do you mean you don't like Comrade Beria? I WILL MAKE MOSLEY LOOK LIKE A F------ AUTONOMIST wherever lam. Iimust also rapes

Enemies on all sides! / Not Yet Lost

The quote "Enemies on all sides" is a reference to a focus which the AI and player can choose as Switzerland. During the Romandy crisis, Switzerland seeks protection from neighboring countries or can submit itself to French syndicalism. If all nations neighboring the country refuse to send help, Switzerland will gain a significant nationalistic boost and turn into the Swiss State, abandoning their neutrality and effectively having enemies on all sides.

Unfortunately, the offensive power of the Swiss State is quite insignificant compared to its larger neighbors which ultimately forces the Swiss to turn their country into a gigantic fortress backed up into a corner, desperately trying to seize land at any occasion.

The quote "Not Yet Lost" is attributed to one of the focuses Poland can take. The focus can boost the National Unity and the power of their partisans, rendering Poland incredibly hard to capitulate. The quote is often paired with screenshots of capitals surrounded on all sides yet refusing to give up even after the rest of their country has fallen to enemy forces.

The quote "Enemies on all sides" and "Not Yet Lost" are also paired with other countries who often take a more suicidal approach in diplomacy and warfare such as Expansionist Russia, the United States, the German Empire, National France, and Hungary.

Fuck it, I'm Genghis Khan now!

"Fuck it, I'm Genghis Khan now!" is a false quote attributed to Roman von Ungern-Sternberg known as the Mad Baron, after proclaiming to be a direct descendant of the Khan dynasty. Roman von Ungern-Sternberg was a Russian soldier known for its fierce fighting, blind luck, divine aspirations, and suicidal courage during WW1. In Kaiserreich, Roman von Ungern-Sternberg can lead the Mongolian Khanate, proclaim himself as a descendant of the Khan dynasty, and claim all of the former lands of the Mongolian Empire.

Helping Russia deal with the Bolshevik threat Declaring a new Mongol Empire and conquering China

Soviet anime and Disney propaganda

Soviet anime is a reference to the "Soyuzmultfilm" focus which the Soviet Union can take under Nikolai Bukharin's leadership following the 2nd Russian Civil War. "Soyuzmultfilm" or "Union Cartoon" in Russian is an animation studio with the sole intent of producing syndicalist propaganda and films for the whole world to see. The studio is made up of Russian cartoonists, American defectors, and Japanese volunteers. This has led the community to believe that manga and anime originated from Russia, not Japan in the Kaiserreich universe.

During the 2nd American Civil War, the Pacific States of America can select Walt Disney as one of its ministers if the ruling party of the country is conservative.

Kalserreich shitpost mile Khruschev weet Makhno Kaiserreich shitpost ister Sadistic Mosley Kalserrelch shitpost Kaisarreich shitpost ervice serrech shitpos nowden Reed Surprise Glais ich shitpost aicRe Avoid tbe vre of a Syndie hieky:

The Welsh Union has capitulated!

"The Welsh Union has capitulated!" is a common pop-up in Kaiserreich known for its annoyance among the community. If the TUC of the Union of Britain goes autonomist under Niclas Y Glais's leadership, then Wales and Scotland will be released as puppets of the union. The Welsh Union with only one port, one province, no divisions, and one city is pretty easy to capitulate. Since the AI often retrieves divisions from foreign occupied territory, the Welsh Union will capitulate to enemy forces, then be rescued by the British army, only to capitulate again to enemy forces.


Ma Clique

The mod was given a recent update that added more detail to China, one of them being more detail to the Ma Clique. The Ma Clique is a Muslim warlord clique in northwest China in the mod. A clip of a magazine showing Ma Hongkui – the leader of the clique – as liking 'wives, song and ice cream' and 'detests reds' appeared in the announcement for the update. This led to a large amount of memes dealing with Ma Hongkui, his love of 'wives, song and ice cream' and his opposition to both Syndicalism and the aforementioned Sternberg.

CHINESE WARLORD Moslem General Ma detests Reds, likes wives, song and ice cream For the second time since Sun Yat-sen's Natio alists killed olf the Manchu kingdom, China's ex- isting government is in retreat-southward again as during the Japanese invasion,but this timedriv en back by Soviet-aided Communists. For the see- ond timealso-as during the chaotie decade follow ing 1916-a Chinese type of provincial dietator known as warlord is beginning to come back into ominence. Most impressive of these is General Ma Hung-kwei·250-pound ruler of Ninghsia_a province as big as Arizona but with a population (750,000) smaller than Boston's-which lies in northwest China's arid sheep-ranging country be tween the Great Walland Outer Monolia.General Ma's pictures make him look all puf and posture, but he is tough and rutless. He began his rule in 1932 by beheading 300 unlueky landit chieftains, after seizing their power. As for Reds, he says, 'I have always had one answer for Communists-kill them all," Ma runs Ningheia like a feudal state, collecting local tariffs and conscripting his own troopa while paying political fealty (but no taxes f the Nationalist retreat continues, Warlord Ma's autonomy probably wl become eomplete; meanwhile he is a block of in the sagging Nationalist structure. One fifth of his subjeets are soldiers, defending Ninghsia and a Nationalist line in neighboring Shensi pr ince. Communist agitators and invaders steer clear of Ninghsia, mainly because they know that Ma Hung-kwei's peasant soldiers are ough, well trained and always ready to ight for their homes. strength ALTHOUGH THE GENERAL IS FAT AND 8 HE HAS PLENTY OF ENERGY FOR SWORD GAMES WITH HIS TROOPS HALT, Sternberg! MADE B MA GA

Every ideology a X

The mod contains in total ten different ideologies. "Every ideology a X" is a series of edits associating a person or a work of fiction with each ideology of Kaiserreich by quoting said person or work of fiction. The portrait varies with each ideology.

Paternal Autocrats Any elections by event et's hope the government will save us from the worst! Authoritarian Dem. Any elections by event. Damned Socialists! National Populists Any elections by event. This is a disaster! Social Democrats Any elections by event. Reach an agrecment, but keep the reforms to minimum. Totalists Any elections by event Allow formation of the First Women's Division of Death Syndicalists Any elections by event. We shall celebrate the democratic ideals! Radical Socialists Any elections by event. hese are extreme times and we need a shot o Bolshevism, Nikolai Bukharin! Social Liberals Anyelections by event. The constitution quarantecs frecdom and stability! Social Conservatives Any elections by event. Who cares about Afghanistan? Market Liberals Anyelections by event. Let the money flow... wint けう me and DigimonOtis suppot the government of Egypt, and detest the ape like protesters and their Campaign Of Fear. #jan25 324PM-28 Jan 2011 wint idri president obama orders assassination of the man who holds a "COWBOY ISNT REAL" sign outside of the longhorn steakhouse wint dril i refuse to consume any product that has been created by, or is claimed to have been created by, the (Keebler Elves)) wint dnl me and the boys pooled together our total life savings of $1789.34 in a last ditch effort to rescue the failing quiznos brand from the rink wint 礻dril ell, i'm planning a move. the democratic people's republic of korea?? strongest cops in the game. flat out. Make our cops look like s--- ddri farm boss: yyoure so good at cleaning the pigs' ass holes. please let us pay you me: no. i won't allow my work to be corrupted by the dolar wint @dril mail 1000 envelopes addressed to "The Desert" and watch endless waves of government pawns march to their death #ANARCHY2012 #sand Ci wint @dril arrest hitler for racism me and six or seven other worked up, wild eyed heteros are gonna bust up a gas station with grappling hooks to protest obamas new hoagie tax 53AM 9Sp 2012 wint dri don't tread of me", the famous words of that good snake who doesn't want to get stepped on, the noble slithering bastard I relate to most Paternal Autocrats Any elections by event Your frier,d i* Communist who brings you Communist books First of all, you must tay uway fron this friend Authoritarian Dem. C) MEMRI TV Any elections by event. if we kill the poor there will be no Communists National Populists Any elections by event. Yes, I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews. I hate the Jews Social Democrats MEMRI-V Any elections by event. They hand out drugs and alcohol free of charge Totalists Any elections by event. First of all, I won't allow anyone to say Josef Stalin" without the titie Sheik MEMRI-TV Syndicalists Any elections by event. The Soviets had more perseverence than the Americans. M Radical Socialists Any elections by event. He will be a plastic fip-flop shower shoe MEMRI-TV wornb Social Liberals MEMRI-TV Anyelections by event. The next day when he woke up, his arm was up his ass all the way to the elbow N MEMRI TV Social Conservatives Any elections by event. The Zionists implemented the fidget spinner in order to turn our children away from Islam IMEMRITV Market Liberals Anyelections by event. Are there any economic benefits to female circumcision? Yes

Princess Victoria Louise

A submod on Steam was created that allowed Princess Victoria Louise (sometimes spelled Viktoria Louise), the daughter of German Kaiser Wilhelm II, to be the leader of France if the Germans create a puppet-state there. The Kaiserreich community has often referred to her as a waifu and she has become a meme among the community.


Boris Savinkov

When the Russian government collapses, the country is given several options. One of those options is to have Boris Savinkov seize control of the Russian government as a fascist dictator under the NRPR. As a result, Savinkov has become a well-known character in game. Most of the memes surrounding him deal with his irredentist and expansionist foreign policies, with the quote "All is Russia" being prominent.

mile Sweet Sadistic Tsundere Maika Sakuranomiya Kaho Hinaia ister Sadistic Imouto Oneesan Miu Amano Sadistk Tsundere avinkov Vozho Борис Викторович Савинков Nat pop

Organic Kingdom / Portuguese Integralism

"Organic Kingdom" refers to a national focus for the Kingdom of Portugal, that allows them to implement more policies in line with the Monarchist and Catholic ideology of Integralism (already the leading ideology at the start of the game). Reddit users – most famously afonsom98 – became well known for posting memes on the topic, mostly about Portuguese irredentism and the monarchy, and accompanied by references to the phrase "organic".

The King and His Country The Organic Kingdom ONLY A ORGANICREALM IS A GOOD REALM Organic Good for Portugal Good for you

Blessed Karl

Karl I of Austria (the real-world last Emperor of Austia and King of Hungary) is the in-game leader of the country. In real life, he was beatified (blessed by the Roman Catholic Church) by Pope John Paul II on October 2004. He is often memed by the community, referred to by his Catholic title of Blessed Charles (or Karl), and potrayed positively.

Blessed Charles of Austria-Hungary Emperor, Layman Venerated in Catholic Church Beatified 3 October 2004, Saint Peter's Square, Vatican City by Pope John Paul 21 October Feast Attributes Imperial attire Medals What's the population of Hungary? -Danubian -What's the population of Austria? - Danubian -What's the population of Croatia? Danubian -You've passed your geography test DO IT FOR CHARLES ojene

Ottoman Yo-Yo Ban

In March 2019, a leak from the Kaiserreich developers came out showing an in-game event from the Ottoman Empire, where Islamic Muftis in Damascus blame the local droughts on Yo-Yos[7]. The player controlling the Ottomans then has the option to either ignore the issue of confiscate all Yo-Yos to appease the religious leaders. This later led to several memes about the leak.

Nation-Wide Corruption Terrible relations with almost every neighbour and the actual risk of war-on-all-fronts Several Economical and social problems that were there for centurie:s Bunch of Arabs crying about a children's toy TRANSLATED B)Y The Zionists implemented the yO-yo in order to turn our children away from Islam

Propaganda Posters

The community has also produced plenty of fictional propaganda posters often based on real-life propaganda posters.


Union of Britain Flag Submissions

Around September 19th and 20th of 2018, several users of r/Kaiserreich uploaded their own requests for a potential new flag of the syndicalist Union of Britain. The community quickly made this a meme withing a matter of hours, by creating flag submissions mocking the absurdity of the genuine requests. This quickly turned into a meta-meme about how quickly the meme formed.

Paternal Autocrats Any elections by event. Authoritarian Dem (CD Anyelections by event. National Populists Any elections by event Social Democrats Anyelections by event. Totalists Anyelections by event. Syndicalists Any elections by event. Radical Socialists Anyelections by event. Social Liberals Any elections by event. Social Conservatives Any elections byevent. Market Liberals Any elections by event This is the rightful UOB flag (G.redd.i) 1 385 submitted 4 hours ago by sirdavid17 38 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Meme My idea for the UoB flag (imgur.com) submitted 4 hours ago by Shadeusx 7 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost 2 160 Suspestion My proposal for the flag of the Union of Britain Gredd.i) Meme The best UoB flag redesign (iredd.it) Susgestion the most realistic UOB flag redesign imo (i.imgur.com) 3 191 submitted 5 hours ago by Ricbolog1310 21 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost 4 124 submitted 3 hours ago by JakeFeatherston a 8 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost 5 99 submitted 3 hours ago by hlary like nothing ever happened SPOILER 10 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Meme The more forbidden truth (.redd.it) 6 122 submitted 5 hours ago by Ctsako Monarcho Communist gang 18 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Meme alright time for the only legitimate uob flag G.redd.) 7 81 submitted 4 hours ago by MatmatahBZH independent brittany when 6 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost S AM Hom Every (leftist) ideology a UoB flag redesign (i.redd.it) 8 70 submitted 3 hours ago by LeZeppelin426 12 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost UoB without the Union Jack (iimgur.com) 9 183 submitted 9 hours ago by Captain_Legend 12 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost My reaction when people are debating whether or not to use the Republican flag for the Union of Britain. (i.redd.it) 10 submitted an hour ago by 819gaming Totalist/Crypto-Longist 8 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Meme Jumping on that sweet UoB flag karma train. (redd.i) 1 39 submitted 2 hours ago by Agencourt 6 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Image Union of Britain Flag My Design G.redd.it) submitted 3 hours ago by ufuksat Best Waifu Viktoria Meme My flag for a Totalist UoB (iredd.t submitted an hour ago by TheGreatfanBR DIRECTRULE worst rule 3 comments share save hide give gold report crosspost Suspestion My suggestion for a new UOB flag (iredd.it) 4 33 submitted 2 hours ago by Eiplecoco Internationale comment share save hide give gold report crosspost

Removing Leaders

There are multiple times in which certian country leaders were removed from the mod by the developers and replaced with someone else. This generally led to a reaction from the community. Some noteworthy examples of this were Charles Curtis (known for preventing the US from going into civil war, called the Compromiser) and Jose Agripino Barnet (Market Liberal leader of Cuba). Sternberg still leads Mongolia, but no longer does he have the title Ghengis Khan II.

First they came for Justo, and I did not speak out Because it was necessary for the Americas rework Then they came for Plínio, and I did not speak out Because it was necessary for the Americas rework. Then they came for José, and I did not speak out Because it was necessary for the Americas rework. Then they came for me - and there was no one left to speak for me Devs New Updates

Fan-Made Sequel Mods

Fans have been making submods for Kaiserreich for some time now, but recently fan-made sequel mods have been becoming popular, notable examples being Krasnacht and Kalterkrieg. Currently both of these mods are work-in-progress and have not been released yet, although they both have subreddits.

Kaiserreich has no 'official' storyline beyond the 1936 start date, so all of these mods are unoficcial to the Kaiserreich storyline.


Krasnacht is a work-in-progress mod set in a world where, after the Second World War, the German Empire and Entente have been defeated, and the world is divided between the Syndicalist western bloc, and an eastern bloc led by a nationalist Russia. The mod has a subreddit[5].

irasnacht krasnacht TWOLOGHT OF THE BODS Posts ORTHOT - VIEW Posted by u/JaneTheMemeQueen Deputy Vozhdina 3 months ago 137 Krasnacht Frequently Asked Questions Announcement COMMUNITY DETAILS r/krasnacht Greetings everyonel We thank you for submitting your questions last week. Before we begin, we just want to remind our subscribers that we are doing this as we have had to change quite a bit of lore, both out of a change of heart and due to 0.8 (this will most likely be the case for all future updates to Kaiserreich as well). Here we will compile all the questions that were submitted to us from last week's post, as well as adding in response to new questions that come in Anyway, let us begin... Does the Vozhd have any heir presumptives? 1.9k Subscribers 15 Online ACold War Scenario mod in the Kaiserreich universe based around this question: What would a Cold War between the International and Russia look like? SUBSCRIBE https://new.reddit.com/r/krasnacht r Russia that the Vozhd will apoint Mikhail Levitov livasngch hot new rising controversial top 11ded wiki Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. English search Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. username password BECOME A RE DDITOR and subscribe to ohe of thousands of communities. remember me reset password Krasnacht Frequently Asked Questions Announcement (self.krasnacht) Submit a new link 132 submitted 3 months ago *by JaneTheMemeQueen Deputy Vozhdina announcement 31 comments share save hide report Submit a new text post Forbidden Knowledge Teaser (self.krasnacht) 61 submitted 2 days ago by KaisermachtLong Live Savinkov! [M]- announcement 24 comments share save hide report reddit premium Similarities between Bose ideology and Maoism? (self.krasnacht Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. 1 18 bmitted 7 hours ago by sharingan10 Say it louder we want browder 9 comments share save hide report Get Reddit Premium The Bolsheviks spirit lives on... (i.redd.it) 2 126 bmitted 4 days ago by Reof icode thing and ban you i code thing and ban you 4 comments share save hide report krasnacht subseribe 1,887 agents ofthe Vozhd O 16 browsing their local Union newsletter This is the subreddit for the Krasnacht mod for the grand-strategy game Hearts of Iron 4; a cold 1,887 agents of the Vozhd :0 What would Star Trek be like ITTL? (selif.krasnacht) 3 36 submitted 4 days ago by CGTM 5 comments share save hide report What is the Rritich economy like and how is it doina2


Kalterkrieg (formerly known as Nachkrieg before a name change) is a work-in-progress mod where, after the Second World War where the Syndicalist powers have been defeated, the former territories are divided between the German Reichspakt and the formerly exiled Entente. The mod has a subreddit[6].

Kalterkried Shadow of t Secono melikrieg KRGmod Posts VIEW SORT HOT -7 I like the colour blue DUCTNEJ000 ENH i 5 days ago + Posted by u/MPHJ List of Leaks, PRs and Updates from r/Kalterkrieg Since the mod has been moved to a new subreddit, I feel like I should make a list of old leaks and updates from r/Kalterkrieg, just in case new fans come here and don't know what's going on COMMUNITY DETAILS 72 r/KRGmod 988 Subscribers The official subreddit for Kalterkrieg: Shadow of the Second Weltkrieg mod for Hearts of Iron 4 21 Online Progress Reports 2.s. https://redd.it/8roz5t 1. https://redd.it/8m SUBSCRIBED CREATE POST 2. https://redd.it/8r6s8e 3, https://redd.it/8v5 COMMUNITY OPTION https://new.reddit.com/r/KRGmod KRGMOD hotnew rising controversia top gilded Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. | English search Welcome to Reddit. Come for the cats, stay for the empathy. username password BECOME A REDDITOR and start exploring remember me reset password login List of Leaks, PRs and Updates from r/Kalterkrieg (self.KRGmod) I like the colour blue Submit a new link 75 submitted 15 days ago * by MPHJ-7 11 comments share save hide report Submit a new text post Country selection screen leak from discord (Willy III. is back) (i.redd.it) 153 submitted 2 days ago by butter_connoiseur - announcement 29 comments share save hide report A few questions (self. KRGmod) reddit premium submitted 35 minutes ago by Red_Dreadnought comment share save hide report Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Radicalism and Christian Democracy in Kalterkrieg (self.KRGmod) 2 34 submitted 1 day ago by Alpha413 10 comments share save hide report Get Reddit Premium Flag of the Reichspakt (i.redd.it) 138 KRGmod submitted 2 days ago by bijon1234 10 comments share save hide report 988 readers subscribe O 20 users here now The official subreddit for Kalterkrieg: Shadow of the Weltkrieg mod for Hearts of Iron 4 created by Flizzyclone Head Coder How far into development is this mod, and how old is it? (self.KRGmod) 4 18 submitted 2 days ago by TheSeagulls 3 comments share save hide report Does Edward VIII have a son? (self.KRGmod) 5 46 submitted 3 days ago by Red_Dreadnought 7 comments share save hide report a community for 17 days message the moderators MODERATORS Is there a United Nations equivalent in KRG? (self.KRGmod) Carmain2K14

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